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RWBY Wolf Faunus


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Man reincarnates into a boys body as he watches people around him get beaten. It just so happens that the people getting beaten have animal features while those doing the beating don’t and look like normal humans from earth except their weird hair colors. He hears the people getting beaten saying something about equality for Faunus and some dust company owned by the Schnees or something. He also hears the screams around him grow louder and he can see the blood of the beaten and the smiles of the beaters. He just got reincarnated so how could he already be near death again? Follow this boy as he grows up into a man. See how he struggles and overcomes challenges on his path. MC will be a wolf Faunus because why not. I don’t own RWBY or the pictures used. I don’t know a lot about RWBY in detail, so it’s most likely gonna be AU, but no genderbends


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