RWBY: the lustful Kitsune

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What is RWBY: the lustful Kitsune

Read ‘RWBY: the lustful Kitsune’ Online for Free, written by the author Dao_of_Melancholy, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is:


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Her face was the only thing which rehabilitate him from the face of death; blood oozing from his left chest but her voice calling him kept him alive in the hope to return .....can this feeling is something called love ...or it is just a greatfullness towards his saviour.. ............ he is confused about his fluctuating emotions and this snorting feelings...can it be his real feeling or a meare attraction ...he don't know about it..and he wanted the answer ..but only she provide the right answer male lead--- Adharav Dhilak Vanshi ..ceo of ADV creations ( a enteraintment company located in mumbai), director and partner of Dharansh Imperial consortium..having many hotels and restruants under it and many other more sectors . he is called a aloof and cold ceo who struggles to earn market value high ..purely workholic in daylight..in night his hided secreat reveal ...he is a underworld mafia king of imperial kingdom in india and having a highly influential tie-ups with Italian mafia imperials... having a hidded dark past of loss and myseries female lead--- Navya Vishwanath Iyer... doctor ..practically a phisician and a general surgeon..a ongoing pg student of pyschiartic surgeon and Traumatic counsellor ... she is naive and simple girl but at the same time she is bit stubborn and cold ...lossing parents at the age of 15 made her a orphan and some betrayals made her not to trust people very easly.. Their life collided at a end point and which trinister their life.she is his saviour and he is her destiny whic lead to their undestined romance ...❤️❤️❤️ *************************************************** This story purely made out of friction and only for entertain purpose..none of the characters are not having any kind of relation to the living people..The story is purely made out of imagination.no other real content or real incident is outragged here .. This story cannot be rewritten by others ..by under copyright...... by ... adh_aarva ( author) ❤️❤️❤️..wish you guys will enjoy this story ..

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On a world where science and technology are but a vague concept heard in stories, powerful magic is not something only to be found in fiction, but a part of one's daily life. Follow the awakening of a child born among the stars on her journey to explore the universe, as she carves her own path among the myths and legends and creates miracles never seen before. While many crave for power, training themselves to gain strength and influence, a girl standing at the very pinnacle finds herself with totally different challenges than those around her. Some say that with great power comes great responsibility. This story however, is not about responsibility. Add great power on top of a kind, but naïve young child and you get a very different outcome. With great power comes great collateral damage! Now who is going to clean up the mess? ********** Celestial Child is a mix of a mostly western high fantasy setting with Xianxia elements. It includes an overly strong main character, a good deal of romance as well as a bit of comedy. If you like strong main characters and enjoy story writing that has a more relaxed approach, without the protagonist constantly being forced by outside events to heedlessly rush from A to B to C, then this might be for you. While situations and characters will often be a little exaggerated, because I do quite like the occasional face slapping moments, I try to keep it limited to a somewhat believable level, when it comes to character motivations. No 100% chance to meet over the top arrogant noblemen in every restaurant, who try to beat you up just because they get no seat, sorry! Currently paused indefinitely until I figure out what to do with the story and if I even want to continue, sorry. Special Thanks to SeerLight for the awesome Cover image. Go check out his other work @ https://www.instagram.com/seerlight/ Also stop by in our discord if you have any questions or just want to chat @ https://discord.gg/tsEFUrB

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Please update this book.love it. eeeerrrrrrtyyyyytrtuuuiioppidshkddjsrhddududueuusstsnbutsntuaatuanutatumraubb7a7b7arunurn5uautaantuamurm57a5umanutsutannutarua5u uara7mr47 m urarmuumuu5muyyzduwisqqqqqq


interesing prologue. **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************


the novel is on the right track, I just hope to see the protagonist burn the whole WORLD !. ...........................................................


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literally 2/3ds of the chapters aren't actual chapters. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla there is only so much to say about a prologue and 3 chapters as a baby.


so far so good author good story to check out if your looking for a RWBY fanfic. though there are not many chapters just yet I can't wait to see the chapters to come!


Really love the novel keep up the good work Yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yup yes I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yup yes I yes yup yup yes yes I


Obligatory Shameless author review Yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yup yes I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yes I yes yup yup yes yup yes I yes yup yup yes yes I


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