10 Chapter 10

"Well, I'd say that's about everything there is to see at Beacon." Pyrrha said. "This is where we'll be sleeping tonight."

Beacon was a lot larger than I'd thought it was, and I already thought it was pretty big, so the sun had already set by the time we were finished. But a lot of the time was spent talking to Pyrrha, so I was never really bored.

"Sorry that this took such a long time Aero, I hope it wasn't too boring for you."

"Are you kidding me, worst tour ever." I said in a humorous tone. "No peanuts, no air conditioning, and no souvenirs. Why, I've half a mind to ask for a refund."

"I don't recall you actually paying." Pyrrha said chuckling a bit.

"In all honesty though, thank you Pyrrha. I actually had fun, and really appreciate it." She also helped me get over the whole talking to fictional characters thing, but I think I'll keep quiet about that part.

"You're welcome Aero, I enjoyed myself too. Truth be told, I thought I was going to be alone until my team was assembled. So it was nice to have your company."

I stretched and yawned suddenly feeling a wave of drowsiness wash over me.

"We should go rest for tomorrow Aero, we wouldn't want to be a burden on our members. Who knows, you and I might end up on the same team."

A smile crept over my face. "Fingers crossed."

Entering the ballroom, I noticed that a lot had changed after me and Pyrrha had looked around this place. The tables had been put away, several candles had been lit, and there were countless people lying on the ground. Shit, I forgot about this part. The boys and girls were separated into two different sides, but I didn't mind that. What I did mind however was the idea of a bunch of boys sleeping next to each other, UNCOMFORTABLY close to each other, half of which weren't wearing a shirt.

"Nope." I picked up Aero's blanket and pillow and immediately plopped down in the farthest corner of the room by the window. I could still hear lots of chatter and other sounds as the boys roughhoused with each other. It wasn't all bad though, not like it was just the boys here...I could also see the girls.

"Hot digitty..." These guys fooling around and sleeping don't know what they're missing. Yang wore an orange T-shirt with a flaming red heart in the center and black shorts. These pajamas gave her sort of a casual allure. Hey, think what you want about me, this is probably the last time I'm gonna get such a great view. Looking at Ruby, she wore a grayish black T-shirt and white pajama pants with little roses. Her pajamas looked a little cute and kinda childish. Wait, how old is Ruby again? Hmm, better not take any chances.

I turned my attention to Blake, but the second I did, her head perked up like she'd felt my gaze. I quickly turned back before she saw me looking and pretended to be busy for about a minute. When I turned back to her she was reading her book again.

'Did she see me? Well, that's enough eye candy for now.' I turned my attention to the window and tried to ignore the boys playing around. Staring out into the open night, and watching the dark sky of the new world I was in.

As time passed, more people had started quieting down. I wasn't sure how long it'd take for everyone to start sleeping, but didn't mind it too much. The night sky was breathtaking. In my world, the only thing I could usually see was a murky black sky with stars but here...it was like there was nothing hidden. There were more stars that I'd even thought were possible! Colorful constellations and galaxies shone in the sky, it was like a work of art! "Wow..." I knew there were many differences between Remnant and Earth, but this was still breathtaking to see with my own eyes...

"Hey, you by the window."

"Huh?" I turned around see Jaune walking toward me. 'Oh god he's wearing a onesie. With fuzzy blue bunny slippers! Quick, pretend you didn't hear him!' I quickly averted my eyes pretending to yawn and laying back on my blanket/bed closing my eyes. 'There, that ought to be enough to-'

"Hello? Can you hear me?" Jaune stood over me looking down with an oblivious smile, causing me to let out a resigned sigh.

"Hello Jaune, why did you come over here."

"Huh?" Jaune tilted his head. "Have we met already?"

"No, but..." my eyes shifted to the chest area of his onesie. "Your name is embroidered on your pajamas."

"Oh hey, so it is." Jaune said looking down on it. "Well anyway, I just came over here because you looked kinda lonely sitting by yourself in the corner staring out the window. I thought you could use could use some company and well...I could use some company right now, so...we could both have company."

"Thanks for the thought but...you know what? Yeah, sure, thank you Jaune."

"Really? I mean, great!"

'I'm probably gonna be sitting here for a long time. Company would be really nice while I'm waiting...even if it's coming from Jaune.'

"So." Jaune began, sitting down. "Are you nervous for tomorrow?"

"Yeah." I lifted my hand clenching it to my chest "Nervous is a pretty big understatement if we're being honest here."

"Me too, I mean, our entire lives might be determined by what happens tomorrow." his voice started to waver a bit. "What if we fail? What if all of this is just a waste of time if we're not good enough?"

"If we fail we can just come back next year and try again."

"I guess..." Jaune replied glumly. He looked down at his lap with an unhappy expression like he was thinking of something unpleasant.

"Jaune, why do you want to be a Huntsman?"

"Huh?" he snapped out of his trance from before. "Why I want to be a Huntsman..." Jaune said thoughtfully. He was quiet for a moment and then shook his head. "I don't know, it's just something I've wanted for a long time. To be some great hero who helps people out like the ones I see in stories. I just kinda feel that I should. Like I somehow have to be." He sighed falling backwards onto his pillow. "You know, I've got my family at home waiting for me, but none of them actually expect me to pass. I just wanna prove them wrong you know?" Jaune paused, looking outside the window. "Maybe prove myself wrong too..."

His eyes immediately widened. "Sorry about all that, I didn't mean to lump a bunch of depressing stuff onto you. Great going Jaune." He muttered. "Anyway, why are you staring out the window?"

"If I tell you you'll laugh."

"Come on."Jaune said leaning forward and lightly elbowing me. "I'm not gonna laugh."

"If you laugh I'm going to draw a dick on your face while you're sleeping."

Jaune's expression immediately became rigid. "O-okay, just give me a second." He took a deep breath and slapped the sides of his cheeks with his hands. "Okay! Not gonna laugh!" he said with a serious and nervous look causing me to chuckle.

"I'm trying to find a shooting star so I can make another wish."

"Oh, is that all? I do that all the time. What are you going to wish for? Ah wait, don't tell me, it won't come true then. Why are you trying to make a wish anyway?"

"I'm..." I paused for a second, before continuing. "Trying to make a wish, because I hurt someone."


"I made a wish because I wanted something. I got my wish but...that something was also taken from someone else so it could be given to me, and it doesn't feel right. Now this person is gone, and I don't even know what happened to them."

"Well...hey." Jaune said in a sympathetic tone. "It's not like it was your wish that hurt that person, that'd be ridiculous. I mean, wishes are nice but the never come true...even if you really want them to. They were just unlucky I guess."

"Yeah. Sure." I replied blandly.

I didn't think I'd be talking to Jaune about all this kind of stuff. He's annoying sure, but surprisingly easy to talk to. I know Jaune isn't a bad guy, but I still can't help but dislike him. As a person, he's alright I guess. He'd irk me from time to time in the beginning of the RWBY series, but not too much. However, there were two moments in the show where Jaune earned a small amount of my respect. The first was when he wore a dress to prom to cheer Pyrrha up. That took guts. I don't think I would be able to do something like that. The second was when we see him up late at night training with Pyrrha's video after the fall of Beacon. However, these good moments are far and few in between and not enough to make up for the annoying parts.

"Why are you smiling?" Jaune asked. "Think of something funny?"

"Yeah...something like that."

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