RWBY: Dragon's Heart

What do you do, when you suddenly die, only to wake up in front of a gorgeous fox lady that's offering you a second chance at life? No memories of myself, my parents, friends, lovers, nothing. No problem. I have a feeling I was someone who wouldn't pass up that opportunity. I just wonder who I'll end up becoming..

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[Status- Yin Xiaolong Race: ? Dragon/Human hybrid Lv: 50 Age: 13


HP: 10,000/10,000 MP: 0/0 Titles: Prankster, Child Prodigy, Clan Founder Skills: Accelerate- Lv: 9, Observe- Lv: 7, ? Dragon's Wrath- N/A, Singing- Lv: 9, Dismantling- Lv: 8, Repair- Lv: 7, Cooking- Lv: 9, Unarmed- Lv: Expert-03, Blades- Lv: Expert-02, Axes- Lv: 9, Spears- Lv: 6, Small arms- Lv: 9, Weaponsmithing- Lv: 7

Strength: 120 Vitality: 80 Agility: 135 Perception: 50 Intelligence: 60 Aura: C+ Class


Techniques- Self Taught Unarmed

Awakenings- Mortal: Blood, Bone marrow, Internal organs, Reproductive system, Skin

Mythic: Heart (Pending)]

Funnily enough, the first thing Yin did once she realized she was in a foriegn apartment, was to check her status and allocate her points into Strength. It bugged her how it always lagged begind Agility, due to her speed-enhancing Semblance. She figured her aura had much to do with it, boosting her agility higher than her other stats. As soon as she dismissed the status screen, another popped up.

[Recorded message- 'Backstory' -Play message?]

Yin sighed before hitting the play button. Seeing there was no skip option made her a bit uneasy but she was optimistic about being able to keep calm until the backstory part. Only to see the Fox Goddess start to dance. A familiar one, at that. With the song and everything. Her lips formed a thin line as the dance went on, only to form into a gape as she realized who was singing the song.

"Wa-Wait.. Am I singing the song..? No fucking way.." Yin covered her face with her hands as the dance ended after two minutes.

["Yo! Did you like the little hint and show? I'm sure you noticed how it was you that was singing there, right? Well, that's your backstory here. Natsume Okada or Okada Natsume is your name on this Earth. And you're a singer-slash-voice actress. You were scouted as a child due to your parents' connections in the entertainment industry.

You just finished a tour and you'll be attending a highschool in Shinjuku, where in a week from now, you'll be transported to another world. With mad gods, kemonomimi girls, evil schemes and OP magical powers. Officially, your reasons to attend this Highschool is to reconnect you with your childhood friend, Shizuku Yaegashi. Don't worry about the memory stuff, I've taken care of it all. You'll have some minor memories added to your head regarding Japanese language, Singing, Shizuku and your 'Parents' in a few minutes, so you won't be completely lost whenever people ask you certain things. I also left a uniform for you in your dresser.

Natsume's got a few albums out, so feel free to give them a listen. They're all songs you'd sing too. Anyways! You have a cellphone on the table, a few billion in Yen on your online banking account and a luxury condo. I have the school address, along with your schedule in your cell. Sent you another message too, because it's a tad more serious. You'll get it the day of the summoning. Ciao~]

And with a final flirtatious wink, the fox Goddess' video ended.

'She wasn't lying about luxury..' Yin thought, surveying the condo.

It, of course looked over much of Shinjuku, where dawn was starting to break. There was a large flat screen satelite television, expensive furniture and game systems. Down the hallway there were three rooms, a master bedroom, a huge bathroom, with a jacuzzi bath and what looked to be some kind of crafting room. A few work tables and tools in neatly sorted bins off to the side of the room.

'Actually this gives me an idea. I already know how to make some mechashift weapons but I've always liked some modern guns, like the Steyr Aug. I should get blueprints before I leave' Yin thought to herself in anticipation as she picked up a cellphone from the living room table.

"Five in the morning huh? When does school start again?" Yin asked herself, thinking back to her past highschool days.

'Hey #@%:$ get the fuck out here!!' An aggressive male voice echoed in her mind.

"Barely remember shit.. I have a feeling highschool fucking sucked though." Yin remarked, shaking off the unpleasant feeling in her head.

"I'll just take it easy this time. Not that the opinions of most of them will even matter. I need a little break from going around Anima with Ren and Nora anyway." Yin muttered before checking her school schedule.

Seeing that class began at eight but her introduction into the school started at seven-thirty, Yin decided to turn the television on and flip through the channels. She soon settled on some anime that looked like One Piece in its later seasons.

'Next time I come to another world I should try to bring Nora, Ren and Vernal along. After I give an explanation anyway. Mom's curious about the dungeon near our last camp. We've been all over the place for the past two years so it's been kinda hard for Nora to make her move on Ren.' Yin thought, only half paying attention to the One Piece clone.

'It'd also be hard due to the pretty obvious crush Ren has on me. He's gotten better at masking it but I'm almost afraid of it continuing on when we mature.. Sorry Ren. Some others might say Looks female enough but I like curvy women. Not leering at Gray when she walks around with barely any clothes is hard enough right now. Will I just jump her when I hit sixteen? Shit.. Will I jump Yang when we meet again? I know Yang's gonna have a killer bod when she gets older-' Knowing where her train of thought was going, Yin shivered and shook her head rapidly, as if to shake the thoughts out.

"Uh-uh.. Nope. That's it, time to occupy myself.. I'll get the blueprints to guns after I deal with school but there's a few techniques I can pick up here. Martial arts." Yin's eyes shone in excitement as she pulled up her cell and went looking for videos on YouTube.

-Shinjuku Yamabuki High-

A cute short teacher walked into the class just as all the students had sat down. Being a serious and dedicated teacher, Aiko Hatayama's presence demanded respect. Or so she'd like to think. In fact, Aiko was just too cute and earnest to be rude to. And if you were rude to Aiko? Shizuku, Kaori, Kouki and Ryutaro would set you in your place.

"Ahem! Good morning, class!" Aiko greeted.

"Good morning Ai-chan-sensei!" The class greeted back, making Aiko flinch and pout.

"Hey! None of that today! We have a new transfer student today. I know some of you may be.. excited but please don't overwhelm her. You can come in, Okada-san." Aiko called out before the door opened and a long haired beauty with tanned skin and ruby red eyes stepped in, standing beside Aiko.

""OOOOOOH!"" The class erupted in excitement, taking Aiko back at the enthusiasm, though she had prepared herself for it to an extent.

Natsume simply smiled and surveyed the classroom. Specifically at the back, near the windows where all protagonists usually sit. There was a rather normal looking guy that sat there, staring owlishly at her. Then there was another voice that cut through the class.

"Natsume-chan!" Yin internally cringed as a pretty girl with a ponytail stood up and wrapped her up in a hug.

"Ah.. haha.. Hello Shizuku.. chan." Yin greeted back, awkwardly returning the hug.

[Skill: Acting- Lv: 1 unlocked]

'Piss off! This is so damn awkward..' Yin felt her smile strain.

"Ahem! If I may, Yaegashi-san?" Aiko 'sternly' warned, huffing in annoyance at the class' exaggerated reaction.

"A-Ah sorry Ai-chan-sensei. I haven't seen Natsume-chan in a long time." Shizuku apologized after composing herself and letting Yin go.

"Good. Now, would you like to introduce yourself to the class, Okada-san?" Aiko asked, looking eager.

"Right. Hello, my name's Okada Natsume. I do work as a singer and voice actress but I wanted to attend school while I was off work. Please take care of me?" Yin introduced with a twitching brow.

The class then erupted yet again in a series of questions.

"What's your favorite song you did!?" "Aren't you the voice actress of Mordred!?" "How big are those puppies!?" "Eh!? Who just said that!?" Were some of the questions Yin heard.

"Hey! Save the questions for lunch! Okada-san, you can take the seat beside Nagumo-san." Aiko pointed at the seat in the back, next to the normal looking boy.

Yin nodded, taking a seat next to Hajime. Though the class' reaction quickly changed from awe to annoyance at Hajime. They already didn't seem to like him very much. But now, quite a few were glaring daggers at him.

'Damn they really do just hate him for existing huh?' Yin snorted, getting the attention of Hajime, who looked to be withering from the heated glares sent his way, but also somewhat excited.

'Might as well start up a conversation with him. Don't come across too strong though.. guy looks like he'll combust at any second.' Yin thought to herself before turning to Hajime.

"Eh.. so you're the one who sung Layers right? From Re: Creators?" Hajime asked, seeming to hide his excitement.

'Wait.. I was? The Hiroyuki Sawano song? I guess that Goddess was right about choosing songs I liked.' Yin nodded to herself before smiling at Hajime.

"Yup. I didn't expect that many Japanese to like it, since it's all in English, you know?" Yin answered, immediately seeing Hajime's eyes light up.

"I actually liked learning English and German.. Uh.. when I was.. younger." Hajime looked away and coughed.

-Four hours later-

Throughout homeroom, English and History, Yin had been getting along with Hajime pretty well. Then lunch had finally arrived and Yin was swarmed by the class, specifically an excited Shizuku.

"Hey hey, Natsume-chan? Have you kept up with your kendo practice? I know you've been busy with your work, right?" Shizuku asked, with a particularly proud look on her face.

Yin let out a quick exhale, looking at her blades skill.

"Yeah.. I totally slacked on training with swords. Mhm.." Yin replied, seeing Shizuku stick her chest out in pride.

"You should come to my club then. We'll help shake off that rust!" Shizuku proclaimed proudly.

"Haha! I rarely see Shizuku like this!" The popular boy, Kouki Amanogawa smiled before noticing Kaori was talking to Hajime and giving them a wry smile.

"Ah Kaori, you really are kind." Kouki muttered appreciatively.

"Hm? Why is that? All she's doing is talking to Hajime-san?" Yin asked, feeling her lids droop in disappointment.

"Pff. He's a gutless prick. That's why." Ryutaro, next to Kouki snorted in disgust.

Shizuku just sighed at her two friends before looking at Yin meaningfully. As if she knew Yin immediately developed a poor opinion of the two. Yin shrugged, deciding it wasn't worth arguing with them yet, since she only really just met Hajime. But there seemed to be a consensus shared among most of the class that Hajime was disliked. There were a few she could tell didn't dislike him. Aiko, Shizuku, Kaori, the emo looking guy who left to go eat bread. A few others who minded their own business were included too. But if she were to guess who actually despised Hajime the most? It would have to be the guy absolutely glaring daggers at him whenever he was interacting with Kaori.

Daisuke Hiyama. He was lurking in the back of the class with two of his like-minded friends. Yin forgot their names so she just labeled them 'Background goon A and B'. The way he looked at Hajime and Kaori was like he was a child who had their game system taken away and given to the person they hated the most.

"So how is sitting next to Nagumo? I saw you were pretty friendly with him." Shizuku asked.

"Ah she must be kind like Kaori huh? Nagumo tends to go off on his own. He's avoided clubs and never socializes with anyone." Kouki cut in, with a face that oozed pity.

"He's actually a pretty nice guy. It's nice meeting people who enjoy my work. You should get to know him sometime." Yin replied with a false smile aimed right back at Kouki.

"Eh..? Is that so?" Kouki asked doubtfully.

'This guy rubs me the wrong way. I'll keep an eye out for him and that Daisuke guy when we get transported.'

[AN: Been thinking about an idea that refuses to leave my head. Multiple people transported to Worm as FGO servants. My MC being Jalter. Kill other servants to get their class cards and get their perks. Like if you killed Berserker Heracles you can get his perks, like a pseudo Skyrim perk tree and at the end you get God Hand.

Idk. Something that stuck in my brain when I talked about it with Rey and Geo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]