RWBY: Dragon's Heart

What do you do, when you suddenly die, only to wake up in front of a gorgeous fox lady that's offering you a second chance at life? No memories of myself, my parents, friends, lovers, nothing. No problem. I have a feeling I was someone who wouldn't pass up that opportunity. I just wonder who I'll end up becoming..

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Dungeon Rewards

A deafening roar, followed by an immense blast of mana was shot at them from one of the Hydra's heads. Even as Hajime shot at its open mouth with Donner, it only looked a little wounded.

"Shit.." Yin smashed her palms into the ground, upheaving chunks of the earth that acted as a buffer between the deadly mana discharge and them.

"Yue! Take the middle head!" Hajime shouted out as Yin's earth barrier began to crumble.

"Hm! Scarlet Spear!" Yue shouted before firing a flaming spear at the head in the middle.

But it was immediately protected by one of the other heads, that cast a magic barrier around each one, negating the damage. Hajime cursed as the battle quickly became chaotic. Ice, Fire, Poison, Lightning and Wind bombarded the arena, forcing the three to separate.

One of the heads glowed and an intense aura of fear tried to dominate Yin's mind. Yin slid to a stop, staring at the Hydra in shock. It seemed pleased as one of its heads lunged and tried taking a bite out of her, which was only met by the hardest punch it had ever received in its life. The recoil shooting its body back, and one of its deadly fangs flying out of its maw.

"You..." Yin shook, yes.

In fury.

"I've never been more insulted in my life.." Her teeth grit, Yin clenched her fists tightly and began to run at the Hydra.

"Wait! We haven't fully figured out what it's capable of yet!" Hajime yelled out between gunfire.

"Kgh.." Yin forcefully reigned in her anger, realizing Hajime was right.


Rightfully so, as even with that injury, it had recovered and shot a massive blast of fire at Yin, who used 'Mana Hike' to quickly maneuver away from the flames.

"You're proving troublesome.. Little snake thinks it scare me.." Yin snorted before beginning to inhale the same deep blue mana she had when she killed the insect boss.

Hajime and Yue immediately employed their movement skills and got behind a large pillar, just in time for the breath attack to be unleashed.

"RAAAAAAAAAGH!!" A pillar of brilliant blue flames was unleashed from Yin's mouth, covering the giant body of the Hydra in its entirety.

"Tch.. damn, that's busted." Hajime muttered, feeling the sweat drip down his brow.

"Can't eat magic like her." Yue added, squinting at the bright blue sea of flames in front of Yin.

"Huuu..." Yin exhaled, stepping back from the inferno she unleashed upon the boss.

In the bright blue sea of flames, a growing light emerged from within. Yin tried to dodge, but the compressed beams of mana flew into her, rocketing her body back through the pillar Hajime and Yue had been taking cover behind.


"YIN!" Hajime yelled out, through the angry Hydra's roar.

"She has aura. It should hold up.. I think." Yue replied, casting another spell at the smoking Hydra.

"Tch.. Yeah, hopefully. Go check on her, I got this fucker." Hajime said as he pulled out a large Anti-Material Railgun he named 'Schlagen'.

"Mn." Yue nodded, waiting for Hajime to fire before running after where their companion had been blasted away to.


Black lightning gathered at the base of the gun before a projectile was shot out of tge barrel at incredibly lethal speeds. The Hydra had no chance to dodge, and lost one of its head as a result. A fountain of blood, bone and viscera shot out of its eviscerated neck stump as its body recoiled from the agony. Spitting in disdain, Hajime leapt off the broken pillar, reloaded and fired once more into another head.

The Hydra hissed and roared in pain as yet another head exploded into gorey bits and pieces. Its body began to overflow with mana, changing the main head, which was staring the white haired boy down hatefully. As it was about to attack, its body shivered. Its powerful heart skipped a beat.


Hajime felt it too. Behind him. Not wanting to turn his back on an enemy, he called out to Yue.

"Yue..!? What's the situation..?" He began hearing strange noises behind him, tempting him to look.

"A..-Ah..." Yue managed to speak out.


-Seconds earlier-

Yue had went to check on Yin. The blast she took looked serious. While she'd never seen any monster take her aura out completely, she did see her take damage before. A light flickering outline of her body. It even served to fuel her unique ability to speed up and hit harder. But Yue had never seen her in the state she had been in.

Burns, scrapes, bruises and cuts covered her body. Yue rushed to help her up, but something about Yin's appearance made her stop in her tracks. That look on her face she was wearing. That smile.

It was far too menacing.

"Yin? Are you.." Yue stopped as Yin stood up on her feet.

"Fuuu..." Yin exhaled before looking at her.

"You should get back." Yin said as she began to walk forward.

Mana exploded from within her as she activated a skill she hadn't used in a few years.

[#%@* Dragon's Wrath: Activated. Priming... complete]

Different to how it was last time, she felt her body change. Not just that, but her sense of being had as well. Pride filled her very being as she watched her view elevate. Where she used to look up to see the Hydra's heads, now she was the one looking down.

"A..-Ah..." Yue managed to speak out.

There was no time to marvel at herself or look over what changes happened. She already had a feeling what occured, thanks to feeling the two extra limbs attached to her now. All there was time for, was ripping this snake to pieces.


Hajime ducked right before a huge black blur the size of the Hydra slammed its entire body into it. He felt beads of cold sweat run down his back at the absurd surge of mana radiating off it.

"An honest to God Dragon.. Fuck! That class is busted!" Hajime complained angrily as he moved back to Yue, just in time to see the Black Dragon bite down on one of the Hydra's necks and rip its head off.

"Not done yet, Hajime." Yue exclaimed as two heads bit into the Dragon's scaled back.

"Hnh.. Right. Let's back our girl up." Hajime smirked and aimed his Rail Gun once more.

"Mn!" Yue replied, casting a spell.

The two wings on the Dragon's back thrusted out, grabbing the two necks with the claws attached to the tips and raising the heads up just enough to where they can get a clean shot. The two heads were blown to smithereens, leaving the last one futiley attempting to attack the Dragon, to survive.


The main head had its jaw grabbed by the Black Dragon, in both of its claws and wings. Its powerful jaw was forced open as the Dragon began to inhale mana at an insane rate. The mana within Hajime and Yue themselves had struggled to stay within them. This time, the mana was tinted ink black, with ethereal purple mixed in. Hajime and Yue wisely decided to retreat back to the opposite end of the room as the Dragon finished inhaling.


Then blasted a hyper focused beam of darkness and something else out of its maw. It looked less like a breath attack, and more like some doomsday weapon, as it ripped, tore and destroyed its way through the monster. Whatever the black energy touched began to corrode away. But whatever the strange purple aura touched had simply been erased.

The Dragon closed its jaw, letting the remaining body of the Hydra drop to the floor before huffing, either in exertion or anger. Or both.

"Hey.. Sun's getting down real low..." Hajime called out, jokingly yet cautiously.

The Dragon snapped its head in his direction, seeing both of their nervous faces. Luckily, she looked sane enough to recognize them and began to calm down. The intense beating in her chest was starting to hurt, after all. She felt herself begin to shrink, which was actually as painful as she thought it would be. Wings, tail and horns retreating into her body while the excess blood pooled around her and drenched her head to toe.

"Ow... Ow... That... fucking hurt." Yin groaned, falling to her knees.

"I.. er... you good..?" Hajime asked, turning his head and sight away from her, while Yue glared at her.

"Mostly. Why are you.. I'm naked, aren't I?" Yin asked, looking down to her bloodsoaked but naked form.

"Hhmmm..." Yue huffed, still glaring.

"Oh relax.. Hajime likes petite. He's attracted to you, isn't he?" Yin stood up and smirked at the huffy vampire girl.

Before Yue could muster up a response, they had disappeared. The magic circle that teleported them to the boss room glowed, having sent them to a room where a skeleton sat on a throne, holding a precious-looking jewel. Yin smirked to herself and thought of the reward for clearing the Dungeon.

'Creation Magic'

-Two months later-

"Pheeeew..." Yin sighed in delight as she floated atop a pool floaty she had made.

The final floor was essentially a dream house/manor that they'd been living in all this time. There was a waterfall that poured into a large reservoir of clean spring water that they used to bathe and swim in. Which was what Yin had been doing, since there were really no other recreational activities other than help create things with Hajime or teach Yue some martial arts. Yin and Hajime went a little nuts in creating tools from Earth like kitchen appliances, vehicles, weapons, clothing and even some jewelry.

The black bikini with gold Dragon patterns Yin was wearing was one of such things. Not only was it comfortable, but it could take more hits than any armor they'd come across so far and could expand in case she grew even more than she did now.

"Oi! Yin! We gotta pack our stuff in the Hummer!" Hajime called out.

"Finally decided we were prepared enough?" Yin asked, hopping off the floaty and landing, now fully dressed.

"Plus, I have my inventory. So everything I need's there." Yin remarked, walking up to Hajime as he sat on his workbench.

"I know. I have the storage rings too. But uh.. I think this might be too much?" Hajime said sheepishly looking at the huge stockpile both himself and Yin had contributed making.

A jet, a tank, missle launchers, mech suits, armor and a lot of guns.

"Hmm.... Yeah, it probably is a bit too much. But hey, nobody will find them here, right? We can always return." Yin shrugged.

She already had her five most prized creations with her. Apparently, not even guns made from the Hydra could hold up very long with her mana. Luckily, a few scales had flew off her in the battle. With those, she was able to create two weapons capable of handling her mana. A mechashift DMR railgun that transforms into a curved greatsword and a rather huge eight-shot gauss mana revolver. Yin refused to let Hajime name them anything German, settling for two names after a week of thinking about what to call them.

The black scaled Gauss Revolver was able to seamlessly use and switch to any element poured into the hollow tipped ammunition. Yin named it 'Wyrm' for the two Dragon horn-looking iron sighs on it.

The DMR Railgun took a lot of serious effort to make on both Hajime and Yin's part. The end result looked like a weapon fusion straight out of Monster Hunter and RWBY. It was almost two meters in length and weighed over five-hundred pounds. The scales made up the blade part, having been fused together to make a midnight black blade that was nigh ibdestructible. Hajime had went all out on the DMR Railgun parts, using his 'Schlagen' as a base. Due to its particularly menacing appearance and their love of games, they both decidedly named the weapon 'Fatalis'.

Then they argued which Fatalis fight was harder.

The final things Yin had made on her own were her clothes, which were made from the corpses of all the monsters they had killed previously. Including the Hydra. She now had custom made dark blue jeans, a bodysuit/leotard that exposed her hips, black Hydra-scale combat boots and a light red, breathable short coat.

Last, but not least, were two pendants. A Black Dragon and a White Dragon, both in the Yin/Yang position. She was wearing the White Dragon pendant, but the Black Dragon, she needed to deliver to someone as soon as she returned home.

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