RWBY: Dragon's Heart

What do you do, when you suddenly die, only to wake up in front of a gorgeous fox lady that's offering you a second chance at life? No memories of myself, my parents, friends, lovers, nothing. No problem. I have a feeling I was someone who wouldn't pass up that opportunity. I just wonder who I'll end up becoming..

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Dragon; fated meeting I

"Yiiiiin.. It looks good right? Right?" Shia asked, the bounce in her step contributing to the mounds on her chest nearly breaking free of their confines.

"Yes, Shia.. You look good in that. Just stop hopping around. Yue looks like she's going to kill you." Yin replied, and true enough, the little vampire was giving Shia and Yin death stares.

Or more specifically, she was glaring murderously at their chests. Yue looked down at herself and grabbed Yin's, to see if she was under an illusion.

"You grew... again.." Yue jealously squeezed the firm but soft flesh that dwarfed her hand.

"Large Ds, I think. But yes. Can you let go? A bunch of guys have started to hunch over to keep their dignity.." Shia swallowed a lump in her throat and reached her own hand out, as if possessed, tuning out Yin's voice.


"Gah!" Shia recoiled, waving her hand, which had been smacked away by Yin.

While Yue huffed and pulled her hand away with a vexed expression. After they returned to the Inn, Hajime greeted them with a warhammer slung on his shoulder.

"Hey. How was shopping?" Hajime greeted, setting the hammer down.

"Shia and Yin got new clothes. Got annoying stares." Yue replied, sitting down next to Hajime.

"Ah, yeah. None of the clothing suited me. Too tight. Same with Yin." Shia scratched the back of her head.


Hajime looked over to Yue, who had been gripping the nearby wooden railing too hard. She looked at Hajime impassively, but he knew better than to say anything. Though he heard Yin snicker.

"...Okay, great. Shia, I made this for you. Just pump mana into the handle and the shaft will extend. The head's also a gun." Hajime ignored the firey look Yue was giving Yin behind him and gifted Shia the warhammer.

"Let's go test it in the Raisen Great Canyon then. Any more leering and I'll burn this shithole to the ground." Yin muttered as she walked outside.

"Was it really that bad?" Hajime raised his brow, hearing several small cracking noises as Shia slung her hammer over her shoulder.

"I'll break their fingers.. sloooowly~" Was the last thing he heard before Shia left the Inn.

After that, they left the village behind and began to search for the Dungeon within the Raisen Great Canyon. It became somewhat of a camping trip, with the occasional training sprinkled in. On the third day of searching, they took shelter inside a cave, after Shia smashed and shot the Wyvern monsters Yin managed to wrangle. While they were setting up a fire, Shia called out to them.

"Hey! Guys! Come here!!" Shia shouted out from a small nook within the cave.

"Do you forget toilet paper or something?" Hajime asked.

"No! Just come here! There's something over here!" Shia replied loudly.

'Oh I know this one.. The troll dungeon. Eh.. skip. I can just learn gravity magic from them after they get out. I wanna see the limits of my transformation.' Yin hummed and walked over with Yue and Hajime.

As soon as they arrived, they saw 'Welcome! Miledy Raisen's Exciting Great Labyrinth 🎵'

"The hell is this..?" Hajime stared at the plaque hidden in the cave.

"Well, we found the entrance. You guys go on ahead. I want to practice my transformation." Yin shrugged and stepped away.

"Eh!? I wanna see it!" Shia exclaimed while turning back.

"Later. I'll go find the exit and wait for you guys." Yin waved them off, though Hajime nodded slightly.

"Probably thinks she'd carry us.. Hmph! Alright, let's show her." Hajime clenched his mechanical fist and opened the turning door.

"Mn. Let's go." Yue followed in after.

Shia simply pouted Yin's way and followed them inside. After they all went in, Yin chortled, before breaking out into a fit of laughter. She wisely avoided the troll dungeon and meeting that annoying golem in charge of it. The EXP is the one thing she'd miss, that is, if Golems actually give any. Seeing that they were going through Hell though, she decided to at least give them a ride on her back after they were flushed out.

And thus, after putting their gear away, Yin activated her transformation.

[#%@* Dragon's Wrath: Activated. Priming... complete]


A loud, prideful roar echoed throughout the Raisen Great Canyon as a rather large Black Dragon flew up, catching a Wyvern in its mouth and devouring it whole. Yin flew up, spreading her powerful wings, the speed of her flight slowing down into a glide, casting a shadow below, where orcs and other monsters could be seen fleeing in terror. She decided then and there to practice her magic.

Bright blue beams descended from above, scorching the rocks and any monsters it touched, turning the lucky ones into slag from the intense heat. The canyon became a death zone, due to the balls of fire, ultra hot beams and sea of blue flames bathed the rocky crevices. Though the one responsible was sitting on top of a large cliff, looking down at the inferno beneath her.

'Fire magic's pretty flexible in how I can mold it. Beams, lasers, fireballs, flares.. And after all that, I still havr more than half remaining. I'd say I turned a quarter of this place into a dead zone too. About.. ten kilometers, give or take. I can probably take out a larger portion if I nuke it with a giant fireball.' Yin thought to herself, her wing's fingered claws rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

'If this were normal RWBY, I could solo the series easy. With the exception of that Whale Grimm, maybe. But my Mom's level is ninety. Same thing with Summer, Tai and Qrow. Elite Veteran Huntsmen level. My Remnant's a higher tier for sure. I wonder.. how strong is Salem and Ozpin..?' Yin pondered to herself for a while before taking off, to find the Great Dungeon's exit.

'It was supposed to lead to a river, right? So.. aha! There we go.' Yin spotted a river within a nearby forest, swooping down and looking at the water as animals began to flee from her.

Just as she landed, she felt a small explosion not too far away. And three people surfaced nearby, carried by the river's powerful current, only to be scooped up in Yin's arm-wing.

"Kf.. Lucky you..! We went through Hell in there!" Hajime yelled as he pointed an accusatory finger at Yin.

Yin simply shrugged and brought them to land. Though Shia needed CPR, since she wasn't breathing. Both Hajime and Yue looked directly at Yin, expecting her to do it. Yin shook her head helplessly and undid her transformation, squatting in front of Shia naked before doing mouth to mouth resuscitation.

"Mmph..? Uuugh..? Yin? Oh my~" Shia's face lit up at the sight of Yin's exposed form before she grabbed her face and kissed her deeply.

"Mmnh~!" Shia closed her eyes and kissed Yin, despite her expressionless deadpan face.

"No looking." Yue covered Hajime's eye with a small frown.

"Sh..iaaa-wh.." Yin called out as Shia tongue sneakily attempted entry into her mouth, before being lightly bitten by Yin.

"OWW! You bih my tonh.." Shia complained, sticking her tongue out.

"I was giving you CPR, you horn-dog.. Let's go back to the village. I'm sure you guys are exhausted after all that work." Yin suggested as her clothes quickly appeared on her body.

"...I need a bath.." Hajime grunted.

"Eh..? Wait I missed the Dragon form!!" Shia whined.

After they returned to the village, they settled in for the night. Yue got to scrub Hajime clean and had him all to herself that night. While Shia, being as down bad as she was, used her body to clean Yin's back. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you see it) Yin was completely unperturbed by this, since she hadn't reach the 'Heat' stage in her development yet. So Shia was trying in vain.

After that, they talked to the Guild Receptionist and decided where to go next. Since Miledy had graciously pointed out where the next Dungeons were. The closest one, was the Guryuen Volcano, with the town 'Fuhren' being the stop to go to first, before heading to the Dungeon. The Guild lady offered Hajime a job going over there but he declined, looking at Yin.

"You wanted to learn that magic, right?" Hajime asked, excitement evident in his voice.

"You wanna exchange a ride for it?" Yin smirked back as Shia's ears perked up.

"Hell yeah. That's like.. every boy's dream!" Hajime exclaimed before they both dapped each other up.

"Let's go then. Meet you outside the wall." Yin said before walking out. "Heh? What strange kids.." The Guild Lady muttered in amusement.

"Yue, Shia hurry up and get any things you wanted here before we leave." Hajime demanded before hurrying outside himself.

"Hehe.. He's so cute when he's excited.." Yue sighed dreamily before nodding at Shia.

"Eh..? What was the ride par- ...OH!!" Shia stopped, mid-sentence before sprinting out. As soon as she crossed the wall, off to the side, she saw Hajime climbing atop a Black Dragon's back.

Shia was mesmerized. The Bunny Beastman staring into the purple-amber eyes of an Apex predator. Though, unlike the fear that comes with encountering such a fearsome monster, she felt an overwhelming amount of safety and desire to be near her. Shia slowly approached and gently touched Yin's scaley face, feeling her face heat up.

"Beautiful..." She muttered, only to hear snorts of amusement nearby, courtesy of Hajime and Yue, who had already sat atop Yin and was waiting for her.

Yin snorted too, ignoring the red faced Bunny Girl's studdering protests and placing her on her neck before spreading her wings and starting to fly away. She faintly heard a familiar guard screaming in fear but opted to ignore that too and focused on giving them a smooth flight. Though throughout the trip, she felt Hajime and Yue getting a little frisky with each other while enjoying the view. Shia kept hugging her neck and rubbing her scales, which she had to admit, felt good.

The flight only lasted about an hour, thanks to the absurd speed Yin had went once she heard Hajime and Yue making out. She could stomach them kissing, maybe even groping. But nobody was going to reach first base on her back.

After they landed and Yin released her transformation, they walked into Town. But were immediately set upon by lecherous stares directed at Yin, Yue and Shia. If that wasn't annoying enough, some rich Young Master, had come out of nowhere, smelling of sweat and farts.

"O-Oi.. brat. I'll give you a million Luta. Gimme that R-Rabbit.. That blondie and other busty one too. I'll make them my concubines.." The Young Masterdemanded, breathing heavily.

"Wow. A real life discord moderator. I can't believe I actually-" As Yin was about to step up, Shia had already surprise dropkicked the Young Master.

"Buh-!!" He squealed as he flew over twenty feet into the street.

"..Re-Reg-" The Young Master croaked out in pain.

"Absolutely not. That girl wasn't trying and the white haired and black haired one scare me." The bodyguard declined with a serious shake of his head.

"Good choice." Yin commented as they continued on.

"Let's just visit the guild, get the lay of the land and get the fuck out. The high of riding a Dragon is being ruined by these assholes." Hajime scoffed as they continued walking.

"Sure, sure. I heard there were other towns on the way over. We can head there after the guild stuff." Yin replied, still a bit shocked at how defensive Shia suddenly became.

After handing the town's Guildmaster the letter from the last one, they got the backing of the Adventurer Guild and more details about the Great Dungeon's location. For another month, they traveled. Crossing beautiful mountain ranges and a lake. Between travel time, they trained, crafted and went monster hunting. And the deadline for when Yin would leave them grew closer. Yue and Hajime kept their emotions to themselves, but if you knew them, it was obvious they were going to miss her. Shia, was a lot more obvious regarding her feelings towards Yin leaving. She rarely stayed separated from her for longer than a few minutes.

As they entered a town named 'Ull', Yin picked up a very familiar feeling. As she carried a sleepy Shia into the Inn, she ignored the sudden appearance of their old teacher, Aiko and some of their old classmates and wholly focused on the presence of someone nearby. Someone who smelled like a Dragon.

'If I remember correctly.. Tio? Hmn. Smells like a Dragon.. but lesser. More than a Wyvern, that's for sure.' Yin hummed before she was shaken by her teacher.

"Okada-san! You are Okada-san, right!?" Aiko demanded an answer.

"Oh, yeah. I guess so." Yin shrugged.

"Also can you keep it down? Shia is trying to sleep." Yin pointed at the droopy eared, yawning Rabbit Girl on her back.

"Oh sorry.... WAIT!! NO! TELL ME WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING WHILE I WAS WORRIED SICK!!" Aiko yelled, entering teacher-mode.

"Oh here we go.." Yin groaned.

After interrog-questioning where Hajime and Yin had been, along with who Yue and Shia was, Aiko became quieter. She looked rather apologetic, likely seeing it as her duty to protect them both.

"So, what are you doing here, Sensei?" Hajime asked, eating some meat while Shia fed a distracted Yin.

"It's a long story. Would you like to hear it?" Aiko squirmed in her seat.

"Sure. As long as it's done before we finish eating." Hajime replied, seeming to anger the adult man beside Aiko.

It was pretty clear the guy wanted to bed Aiko at the very least, with how obvious he was acting. So Yin hardly paid attention while he began to compliment Aiko and tried to be stern with Hajime.

"Do you remember Shimizu-kun?" Aiko asked them both.

Yin glanced at Hajime meaningfully.

"Hn.. Vaguely. He was quieter than me." Hajime replied, catching the look Yin gave him.

"Well, as a farmer I came to refine the agriculture of lands like these. Shimizu-kun was part of my escort. One day, however, he disappeared. That was two weeks ago. At first, I thought he was involved in an incident, but there was no sign of a struggle in his room. And he's not weak enough to be kidnapped.." Aiko looked downcast as she explained.

"His specialty was dark magic but he also had a great aptitude for other elements too. Before this, he also vanished on several other occasions as well.." Aiko continued, despite Yue humming in pleasure as she ate some curry-like food.

"This is pretty good." Yue complimented.

"In my world there's a food like this called curry." Hajime explained, ignoring the rising anger on the face of Aiko's guard.

"Idiots! Are you even listening!?" He got up and shouted.

"Yuh-huh." Yin answered, still being fed by a placated Shia.

"We're eating, have some manners." Hajime shot back, getting annoyed.

"Manners!? Brat! That's what I should be saying to you right now! How dare you bring a Demi-human to this table!? And that vulgar clothing-" His voice caught in his throat as he saw Yin, who was previously passive, narrow her eyes at him intently.

"Sh... Magic is.. granted by God..! And he saw fit not to grant any to those fil...thy.. inferior.... in.. inf..." The more he talked, the more it felt as if his throat was being squeezed. A cold sweat broke out on his back, soaking his shirt.

"L..Look at those disgusting... ears....." He managed to say, nearly falling out of his chair.

"You're determined to be stupid.." Hajime shook his head, almost pitying him.

"He touched the ears button.." Yue said with a frown.

A heavy pressure clamped around his neck before hurling him back head first into the wall behind him, successfully knocking him out. Yin scoffed, petting the droopy ears he insulted.

"I like your ears, Shia. They're cute." Yin stated, making Shia smile.

"Thank you, Yin~" Shia swayed her head, happily accepting the headpats.

"Alright, let's go." Yin got up, leaving her plate empty.

"Eh!? Wait, Nagumo-kun, Okada-san!" Aiko got up and called out.

"Don't sweat it. We'll still be in town. I'll catch up with you later. It's late now." Hajime waved them off before leaving with Yin, Yue and Shia.

As they left, Yin looked at him seriously.

"Gonna tell her about the Gods stuff?" She asked.

"Yeah. Planned to stop by her room later tonight. Knowing her though, she'll come see us in the morning." Hajime suppressed a groan, much to Yue's amusement.

"Mmn. I felt a Dragon...-like being nearby. Maybe has something to do with Emozu going AWOL." Yin informed.

"Eh..? What are the chances of that?" Hajime asked as they walked back to the Inn.

"Bet you it is." Yin smirked deviously.

[Shia comes back to Remnant.


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