RWBY: Dragon's Heart

What do you do, when you suddenly die, only to wake up in front of a gorgeous fox lady that's offering you a second chance at life? No memories of myself, my parents, friends, lovers, nothing. No problem. I have a feeling I was someone who wouldn't pass up that opportunity. I just wonder who I'll end up becoming..

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Bunny Tribe

"Hah!" Hajime threw a right hook, which Yin diverted with her wrist before throwing a straight jab at his sternum.

Hajime's metal arm quickly covered his chest, though he slid back a few feet from the force and ducked a reverse roundhouse thrown at his head. He kicked right back while Yin's body was still turning from the kick. Unfortunately for him, she hadn't stopped turning, using the momentum to spin on the balls of her feet, Yin's body rose, throwing the meanest uppercut Hajime had ever seen.

"SHH-" Though he blocked with both of his arms, the punch had been strong enough to force them back, leaving him open to attack.

As soon as he saw her right foot stomp forward, Hajime used an evolved movement skill he called 'Light Speed' to get away from the haymaker Yin had thrown. Good thing too, given the wind pressure resulting from it was no joke. Hajime huffed, hearing Yin click her tongue.

"That would've hurt like hell if it hit.." Hajime grumbled.

"Considering how you keep me up at night when you clap Yue's almost non-existant cheeks, I'd say you earned a punch like that." Yin retorted, smirking in amusement at Hajime's blush.

"That said, you're getting better. You're a good gunslinger but sometimes, beating the shit out of your enemies with your bare hands.. Yeah, just hits the spot." Yin declared with a satisfied nod.

"You say that.. But all you ever use are your fists." Hajime remarked, taking a seat on a nearby rock.

They had recently just left the dungeon, ending up in a grand canyon. It seemed like magic being projected quickly fizzled out, apart from the more powerful spells. Though it was hardly an issue, even when faced with a horde of orcs. Hajime shot them to pieces, Yue used high tier spells and Yin simply beat them to death. Seeing Hajime overly reliant on his guns, Yin got to work on training him. While nearby, Yue was in the hummer, with the AC on full blast.

"I have guns. The ones I made and a non-magical one. Actually, I think you'd cry in jealousy if you saw that baby." Yin said, watching Hajime raise his brow.

"Hold on, lemme guess. Anime?" He asked.

"Nope. Game. Pretty good one too. Janky when it first came out but the story and gameplay are amazing." Yin replied, watching Hajime think.

"Japan or the West?" Hajime asked again, thinking of several different games.

"The West. Another hint. The one who originally used the gun had a prosthetic arm, just like you." Yin watched Hajime's eyes slowly widen.

"No fucking way.." Hajime stood up, his exhaustion seeming to vanish.

Yin simply shrugged and held out her hand, the Malorian Arms pistol appearing in her palm. Hajime shot forward, staring at it, as if he were trying to assess it. Everything, down to the last detail, was perfect.

"I'm so jealous right now.. I gotta make my own version." Hajime growled, biting his thumb nail in frustration.

"We can do that later. For now, we should get the hell out of this canyon." Getting up, she put the pistol back in her inventory and got in the back of the Hummer.

"Tch. Fine, fine." Hajime said, getting in the driver's seat and taking off.

Their peaceful ride hadn't lasted long though. Given the desperate cry for help from a curvaceous bunny girl, who was fleeing from a monster that looked like a two-headed T-Rex.

"I finawwy found somewan~! Please save me~!" The girl cried out with a distressed, teary-eyed expression.

"Finally found someone? She's saying something odd." Yue hummed.

"She does look kinda troublesome-" Hajime was cut off when Yin grabbed his cheeks.

"Are you really gonna leave a curvy kemonomimi behind? What kind of Otaku are you? Fraudjime.." Yin shook her head ruefully before rolling down the window and sitting on the door, pulling out Fatalis.

"Eh~!? What's that!?" The bunny girl asked, before a violent gust of wind knocked her down.


A loud release of energy echoed throughout the canyon, followed by visceral splatter sounds. The DMR Railgun splitting the beast in half with ease. The bunny girl held her ears and looked at the corpse in shock as the Hummer came to a stop.

"I think you put a sizeable hole in the canyon too." Hajime stated, sounding impressed.

"Ignore that. Bunny girl, go get 'er, Harem Protagonist." Yin teased with a wide grin, much to Yue's disapproval.

"She'd only be a burden.." Yue pouted, watching the Bunny Girl sprint towards them.

Hajime scratched the back of his head. While he didn't really care one way or the other if they had an extra passenger, he only really trusted two people right about now. Though, if Yin hadn't helped him with his previous way of thinking, he may have seriously considered leaving the girl here. That, and for some odd reason, he felt as if he should uphold his 'Otaku' card and ackmowledge the bunny girl was at least cute.

Boing~ Boing~

The large, bouncing chest certainly didn't factor into his decision. Nope, not at all. Yue was glaring daggers at him for no reason..

"THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME~!" She yelled as she lunged at them.

Hajime braced himself for an imminent hug, only to be brushed past as the Bunny Girl practically tackle-hugged Yin into the Hummer. Her large chest pressed into her face hadn't helped Yin process what had happened.

"Hm..." Hajime's brows twitched as he turned behind him to see the girl straddle Yin.

"I changed my mind. She's okay." Yue closed her eyes and said with a faint smile.

"Nnnngh~!" The girl moaned in pain as Yin forcibly pushed her head back, freeing her face from the confines of her sizeable chest.

"Get off, first of all.. Second, why didn't you hug him?" Yin asked, looking a little flustered.

"Bweeh.. He looks scary. And you killed it, so as thanks, I-" Yin covered her mouth with her palm and looked over to Hajime, who simply sat back in the driver's seat.

"Well. You wanted to stop for her, right?" Hajime muttered, still embarrassed.

"Haaah~" Yin sighed, moving the girl off her and uncovering her mouth.

"Please help me, Great One..!" The girl pleaded, bowing her head in what looked like respect, even perhaps reverence.

"Take it from the top, explain who you are first." Yue demanded, though looked interested, given she hadn't jumped on Hajime.

"O-Oh! Yes! My name is Shia! Shia Haulia. I have a certain gift. The inherent spell, 'Prophecy' lets me see into the future. And I came here after that wave of magic.." Shia quietly muttered the last part while staring intently at Yin.

"It even escaped the dungeon?" Yue asked in surprise.

"Yes! The effects were felt far and wide. The Demons thought it was humanity and vice versa. But I knew it was.. um.." Shia nudged her head toward Yin, who sighed.

"Yin. So you want me for something?" She asked, folding her legs and thinking to herself.

"Yes! Please, Lady Dragon.. Save my family!" Shia pleaded, head bowing low.

'This opportunity was supposed to be Hajime's. At least the beginning of his romance with Shia. I was expecting to kick back and watch him get a harem. Too bad I'm not at that stage in puberty yet.. Shia's rather pretty.' Yin thought to herself as Shia explained the situation regarding her tribesmen being captured by the Imperials.

'Actually, now that I think about it.. I have a type? Curvaceous women? Strong women? It'd explain Gray..' Yin hummed, noticing the Hummer getting quiet.

"Ahem.. Yin?" Hajime called out, turning her attention to the three of them, who were staring at her expectantly.

"Hm? What is it?" Yin asked.

"Do you want to go help her people? I'm no hero, and it definitely sounds like a pain. But Yue is interested. Plus, you're the one she asked. She's even... er.." Hajime coughed and looked away.

Shia had been hugging Yin's waist like she were a lifeline. Her face buried in her stomach, where Yin swore she could feel her breathing get heavier. She almost heard Shia muttering something to herself as well.

"...Oooh... six-pack.."

"Yeah, I guess we can make a stop. If they're as docile and cute as this one, they'll definitely need the assist." Yin shrugged and pet the Bunny Girl's head as if she were a pet.

"Ehehe... smells good.." Shia mumbled.

"Just get us out of this Canyon.." Yin said as she shook her head.

The next few hours, they drove out of the large canyon. Any enemy small enough was either ran over or shot down by Hajime and Yin. Anything bigger than the Hummer was blasted to pieces by Yue's magic. They even stopped to save a few of the Haulia tribesman that fled into the Canyon, shooting a multitude of large flying monsters that tried to devour a mother and child.

"Everyone!! I'm back! We've come to help!" Shia exclaimed, piggybacking on Yin's back for some reason, placing her impressively large and soft breasts on her head.


"Shia we're not finished yet.." Yin said, blowing a hole through the head of a flying monster that was trying to flee.

Despite that, she hardly looked uncomfortable, even internally comparing Shia's chest to a parasol or cap. The tribesmen and women began to run to them, gathering around them in excitement.

"Shia! Shia's back!" One of the men exclaimed excitedly.

"She brought help!" Another one, a young woman added.

They were led to a small cave within the Canyon, where a middle-aged man was waiting with two male guards.

"Hello, my Lady. You must be Mistress Yin. I am Shia's Father and the Chieftan of the Haulia, Kam Haulia." The man greeted with an overly polite bow.

"No need for that kind of attitude. Let's get somewhere safer. Talking while monsters swarm us is annoying. Hajime, Yue?" Yin looked back, ignoring the passenger on her back and the strange fearful yet reverent looks the Haulia Tribe was giving her.

"Yeah, just let me put the Hummer in my ring." Hajime responded, a little busy giving Yue headpats.

"Yes, please follow me." Kam replied, beginning to lead them away, up through the Canyon to where the Imperials had been sitting nearby.

They had chased the Tribe into the dangerous Canyon, waiting for them all to either die or return back, to be captured. Yin walked up the staircase, feeling a small group ahead. It seemed Shia also felt their presence too, having tightened her grip on Yin's shoulders subconsciously.

"Relax. It'll all be over soon." Yin stated, seeming completely unbothered.

"Eh..? You'd be making an enemy out of the Empire.. Why would you..?" Shia quietly asked.

"Hah.. You're the one who begged for my help, right? Even going so far as to using your body to tempt me. I'm doing this, because I feel like it. Hajime only agreed because Yue and I are interested. And Yue probably sees herself in you a little." Yin replied, stepping up the last step and looking over to the Imperial guards.

"Oi oi! Seriously!? Some rabbit freaks are still alive." The leader exclaimed, standing up and walking over, looking at Yin, Yue and Shia lecherously.

Hajime put his hand on Donner, his face going stone cold. Yue looked at the men, almost pitying him. While Shia hid behind Yin and gave the guard a dirty look.

"You a Slave Trader? Well, let the big boys handle the rest." The guard demanded, looking at Yin's passive expression.

"Nah. Go home. Or I'll kill you." Yin retorted casually, watching the man's expression shift to anger.

"Naive brat.. Fine! I'll teach ya about the world! First, I'll chop off his limbs. Then I'll rape you and the girls in-" His words got caught in his throat as Yin's hand shot up, fingers piercing through the bottom of his jaw and tearing through his tongue, grabbing the man by his lower jaw and pulling him down to his knees.

"AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHH!!!!!!!!" He screamed in agony, grabbing Yin's arm to try and break free as his bottom teeth were crushed beneath her fingers.

"I didn't think you'd say something so... cliche villain mob. Hajime?" Yin called out.


Hajime coldly snorted, gladly putting massive holes in the Imperial guards. Leaving just one terrified man left, who tried go crawl back to the carriage. Only to be stopped by Yue, who hopped on his back, stomping his head into the dust.

"Thanks. We'll interrogate that one later." Yin said while tearing out the guard's lower jaw and leaving him to bleed out in the sand.

Shia and the Haulia tribe looked at them apprehensively, but gratefully. Thankful, that these monsters were on their side.

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