RWBY - The madness of Lappland

Feelings towards a psychopath are similar to walking on a broken mirror. Once you decide to step on it, you have to carefully place your steps to avoid falling on sharp shards at the same time don't let the broken mirror break under your weight. Only being slow and gentle will not destroy the broken mirror, but its shards will injure your feet. In time you will learn to walk on it and the moment you stop feeling pain then you will be able to see the beauty of this shattered world you are walking on where her blood mixes with yours and the reflections of the light show you, yourself in each broken shard of the mirror. Only then you will understand that the moment you stepped on the broken mirror you lost your ability to escape and became part of this shattered world. So will you choose to love a psychopath even if it hurts you? Will you choose to risk shattering her mind even more? Will you become the only visible person in the reflections of her mind ? * the photo does not belong to me, if the original author would like the photo to be taken off, please write in the comment. My English is terrible, most of this work will be written in translators. Of course, all the original characters and stories in fan fiction belong to their original creators.*

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Vengeance is like the eye of the tiger - it sees only a narrow slice of reality.

Pov 3 person

After this question the atmosphere in the room became tense . The silence was piercing , even the fall of a pin would sound like the bang of a gunshot . Sienna's face darkened instantly and after lowering her head , a shadow covered the upper part of her face . Only a pair of her amber cat eyes shined in the darkness . Even if the guards standing a few steps behind her throne could not see the expression on Sienna's face . Still , From the very atmosphere in the room , they wisely decided to give up their curiosity .

Unfortunately, the man who asked the question could not enjoy the opportunity to be ignorant . With his forehead covered with sweat, he lowered his head unable to look Sienna in the eye. Nevertheless, he felt her gaze on him and his faunus self-preservation instinct began to work , as shown by his dog tail , which hid between his legs .

Even if he knew that Sienna would not kill him or punish him for that question , the very feeling of her gaze , the very realization that he had destroyed her good mood after she was already so happy was enough to make him feel bad . Just when he was about to open his mouth , probably with the intention of apologizing or defending his question , Sienna finally answered .

Sienna : " What kind of question is that ? We will proceed as we always do . First we will find out the reasons for this situation and then , if we confirm that she has betrayed or deserted without reason , we will prosecute her and apply the punishment she deserves . If Lappland escaped fully knowingly and without the intervention of external forces , then she will face death . "

Said Sienna in a firm and resolute voice . At that moment she sounded like a true leader , but her eyes shining in the shadows did not express firmness , rather a mixture of anger and annoyance was visible there . In the end, however, it was hard to say whether she really thought what she said, or whether she was just saying what others wanted to hear . It was clear from her firm and dispassionate voice that this would happen . But people who knew Sienna's heart knew that she would do anything to obstruct the possible execution of Lappland .

Ultimately, however, what Sienna will do will only become clear after the investigation into the matter . As for the meaningfulness of the investigation it matters when there are situations that justify the behavior in question. Running away does not quite mean treason . All the more to run away not from the mission but from time off and not to appear for a new mission may be to hide from an unspecified threat , which does not so much as threaten the individual , but can threaten the entire organization .

Such situations are rare and it has only happened a few times . The first time it happened was when one of the members working in Atlas began to be spied on by SDC. In order not to give away the location of the hideout or the identities of other members , he did not contact or visit the White Fang meetings which led to an immediate accusation of treason . Of course, it was only after the death of this member that the truth was learned, but it was already too late and the White Fang thus lost an important member . In addition, it also affected the morale of the people who knew about it.

That's why from that moment on such cases are investigated before a verdict is passed, even more so in the case of more important members. And everyone in the room knew it . Investigation is not mandatory but is needed to prevent unnecessary losses and mistakes . Besides with Lappland mental state , she was considered unfit for duty . If necessary , Sienna could even consider Lappland's case as a morbid inability to continue serving under the White Fang . Nonetheless , it needs to be investigated , they need to know what she did and with whom to be sure that there was no desertion and treason .

If it is confirmed that Lappland unconscionably betrayed the secrets of the organization or collaborated with enemy forces , Lappland will be killed . But if nothing of this sort was found , and Lappland herself did not hide because of an unknown threat , Sienna will quietly be able to play the card of Lappland's insanity. However, if Lappland was forced into hiding by a third force, Lappland will most likely be able to return to service after dealing with this force . Thus Sienna's answer was the most neutral and truthful in the situation.

Sienna : " That's all for today right ? "

Asks Sienna to which the still nervous man nods to confirm . Sienna herself did not even look at his confirmation as she had already got up from her seat to move towards the exit. Walking past him Sienna did not even look at him , but walking right past him she said a few more words .

Sienna : " Find out why such important information came to me only now . "

After these last words Sienna together with her guards left the throne room , leaving the poor man with the scroll in his hand alone with his thoughts and the next task . While the man was thinking about his decisions , Sienna after walking through several corridors whose style was identical to the throne room stopped in front of a solitary door at the end of one of the corridors .

After passing through the door and leaving her guards on the other side , Sienna found herself in the comfort of her room . Her room, despite its size and furniture worthy of a white Fang leader, was in complete disarray and chaos . The state of her room resembled more the room of a teenager than that of an adult woman of such a serious position . Empty liquor bottles surrounded the unmade double bed . On the floor from time to time lay some papers or clothes.

Closets and chests of drawers that should hold things in them were in several places open, which showed that they were quite empty, or the things laid in them were random things, scattered in chaos. The books lying by the bed or on the dresser were not tactical or political books, but romances with sharp and mature themes. The book that stood out from between the clutter was the " Ninjas of love " , lying directly on one of the pillows .

The one place in the room on which there was partial cleanliness and order was the desk . Lying on it were several papers and maps . In addition to this and a pair of suggestive black women's panties, in the corner of the desk were two frames with photos. The first one showed the younger Sienna and her sister . The second showed a disgruntled, eleven-year-old Lappland , hugged by a smiling Sienna .

Looking at the pictures , Sienna silently approached the desk . Feeling the underside of the desk with her hand, Sienna pressed a button that made a hidden drawer slide out . From this drawer , Sienna pulled out her , private , protected from eavesdropping and tracking scroll . However, when she was about to enter the contacts and connections , Sienna noticed that someone had already tried to connect to her .

Her surprise was even greater when she discovered that less than twenty minutes ago, the person she had just wanted to call called her. With a gentle raise of her eyebrows , Sienna called back the contact signed as Ms. Belladonna . The connection was established immediately , however , Sienna with a smile already guessed that perhaps someone else also had information about Lappland . After all Lappland appeared in the Club of a former member of Ms. Belladonna team .

Sienna : " I see that information about Lappland has reached you too . Or perhaps you are calling about another matter ? "

Said Sienna with a smile while sitting down on her desk . All her earlier anger disappeared or was well hidden under this happy news .

Kali : " Fortunately yes , but unfortunately I don't call because of it . I'm calling to explain why Lappland disappeared . "

Listening to Kali's voice , Sienna noticed that the other party did not even try to hide the coldness and flustration in her words . It was totally unlike Kali , and Sienna sensed it . Just as , she sensed the allusion and message of those words .

Sienna : " Are you suggesting that I or someone in the ranks of the white Fang is responsible for this ? "

Asked a disgruntled Sienna trying to clarify the situation first before letting her temper act . After all , these accusations were serious . However, the one who tells her this is Ms. Kali .

Kali: " I know that you have nothing to do with this . However, as for the involvement of some people from the white fang in this I am sure . "

These words were followed by a short circuit in Sienna's brain . However, Kali did not stop and continued .

Kali : " Along with the information about Lappland , I have also received a lot of information about the very situation in which Lappland disappeared . She was captured and detained by a troop of white Fang led by one of your leaders . They almost killed her during her capture . "

Kali : " I don't know what they did with her after capturing her. I also have no idea why they did it . However, I heard that in the process of catching her they didn't spare her unnecessary violence , so they probably weren't nice after catching her . And I'm rather sure of it after hearing what conditions they kept her in , and what condition she was found in . "

With every word from Kali , Sienna's body heated up more and more . Even though her mind is empty , her heart was speeding up and the rage was boiling inside .

Kali : " I have testimony from one of the people involved in all this . Now I just need to see some things with my own eyes and confirm how many people were involved ."

After these words, Sienna's brain went back into action . After getting down from the table , she started pacing around the room with the scroll by her ear . Her face did not betray conviction , but it was hard not to believe Kali . No , Sienna believed Kali . It was more about Sienna not wanting to believe that something like that happened behind her back .

Sienna : " You tell me , that it happened behind my back ? "

Sieena asked calmly, but it is hard to tell from the tone of her voice and the expression on her face what she really felt. However, she was certainly not happy with what she heard . Sienna knew that it was not impossible , but she knew how difficult it would be to hide this kind of thing behind her back , unless a few high-ranking people were involved in this . If Kali is telling the truth , then several important people in her ranks must have been responsible , and this is quite a problem because what to do in this situation ?

Kali : " You are not able to control the actions of every member or group . I understand this , I myself in the past helped Ghira to lead people and I still help him as a wife . I know how much you believe and trust all your people . However , don't forget what our world and reality is . "

Said Kali in her typical motherly way . Unfortunately this did not calm Sienna , rather the effect was the opposite . It was no longer about betrayal itself or acting without orders , now it was about hurting her Lappdumb , she os the only reason why she choose to lead the white fang . And now someone from the organization , which she runs for Lappland , has hurt Lappland. To say that she was close to exploding was like saying nothing , Sienna's rage boiled inside , held only by rationality . Even the knowledge that Lappland would avoid the fate of the traitor could not silence the rage .

Sienna : " Which one is it ! Tell me who have the courage ? "

Shouted Sienna hitting her free , open hand on her desk . The veins on her forehead pulsed , and her skin , despite her dark complexion , turned red with anger . With eyes bloodshot with anger , Sienna clenched her teeth , waiting for an answer .

Khali : " Surely one branch leader is involved . But I myself suspect that one person of high position was not able to keep things secret , even more so looking at the total outline of the situation . That's why I have two more suspects , both are in the position of leader of the branch and I have confidence that they could hide Lappland . I want to meet with you to be able to discuss how to address this situation . Because it is delicate and the wrong approach can be dangerous for us . "

Said Kali when grunts and growls were heard from her side . Sienna had already guessed that it must have been Ghira . However, she did not care what was happening on the other side , at that moment Sienna stood thoughtfully . She did not deny what Kali had told her, because she believed that Kali would not lie to her about such an important matter. Besides , she heard fury in Kali's voice , something that cannot be faked , all the more so with Kali calm character .

Sienna : " In four ..... No , in three hours and forty minutes I will be in Menagerie . "

After these words , Sienna hung up . Holding the scroll in her hand , Sienna walked out of the room startling her guards who stood with their ears pressed against the wall . If looks could kill then the white fang would have already eliminated all its enemies . The look that Sienna presented to her guards made them freeze in place . Although her face was an oasis of calmness, her eyes were full of messages.

Sienna : " Prepare Bullhead , I'm supposed to be at the Menagerie in three hours . "

Said Sienna heading towards the base exit . Unfortunately one of the guards could not keep his thoughts in his head .

Guard : " But even with the fastest Bullhead , without any obstacles and with perfect weather it will take five hours of flight . "

It was just a whisper , but Sienna heard it and stopped . She did not even have time to turn her head , because the eloquent guard stood at attention of his own accord .

Guard : " I will prepare everything for a three-hour flight " .

Said the guard loudly , then he quickly turned around and walked away to prepare everything , most likely saving his skin . Hearing nothing more , Sienna moved on . Her other three guards , followed her like a duckling following ther mother . Or rather , little kittens trying to follow the tiger .