21 Argument (1)

Mia soon reached the office, Thanks to the driver she was five minutes quick.Walking into her office,she noticed the gazes of her co-workers.

Why was everyone giving her attention?She thought

It couldn't be because of her resumption after the so called vacation she was given.

She walked into her working department avoiding their curious gazes.She was still in her trance like state when her best friend called.

"Hey babe"

"Babe, I'm getting goosebumps"She shared her current feelings as it seems to her that she was now the spotlight in her workplace.

"Oh! I see so the night went well"Laura giggled oblivious of what Mia was talking about.

Hearing Laura, she remembered how she had to sleep with that short bridal nightgown and Alex's teases.

"Babe! What you really did wasn't at all funny"Mia scolded, She couldn't believe her best friend would go all the way shameless asking about "The Night" she never had.

"You were on the verge of having the morning, when you were interrupted "Her subconscious snapped as a matter-of-fact.

The scene between her and Alex kept coming like a rollercoasting ride.

It felt as if she never had control over her body.

"So President Yang....."Laura couldn't complete her words when Mia interrupted

"I'll hang up now...."

"Wait! I never knew you had the intention of making your marriage certificate go viral.

"What!? You...."Mia was unable to continue when Laura voice rang once again.

"You sound surprise,didn't you post it on the internet?x


"Though,it was posted using your previous account,but seeing you clueless,don't tell me you and President Yang took hold of one another's account?"

Entering each other privacy?That was something she couldn't think of at least Not Now!

Her previous account?It's been a week she had logged in.So how come?

"I....."Once again Mia was interrupted in her speaking process.

"I consider that something to be proud of,you know despite him (President Yang) rumored celibate there are a lot of girls who are anticipating to beautify on President Yang's bed so now they would know he's taken,And moreover the flies lingering around you would lessen"

"Tha....."Laura once again interrupted,making Mia sigh

it seems her best friend still have a lot to sayಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ

"If you didn't post it,it might be someone else for it to be posted using your account it might be your darling husband,But you know girl, it's been just a day since you two got married so gently question and demand "Laura said before the call beeped.

Mia was stucked between asking Alex or not.Moreover,Alex wouldn't just login or hack her account just to post their marriage certificate when he had his. Moreover without telling her.

Even though there marriage wasn't based on love, there should still be a quality communication between both of them,Right?

So of not Alex, Who will?

She was brought out of her trance like state hearing Elsa's mocking words

"It seems this time your ill tricks really worked in caging the god of the business world "Elsa mocked.

"With my so called ill tricks,, I caged President Yang,Who did your ill tricks cage?The crazy man I met under the Starbucks bridge?"Mia shot back at her.Now it was no news that she had married President Yang,So what was the use of playing the dumb card?

Looking at her watch, she figured out it was almost lunch time,she stood up to leave when she once again heard Elsa's voice

"Think about it, if you could be abandoned by your very own father, why can't the devil also abandon you?"Elsa said.

They had now become the center of attraction as the employees mummured between themselves

"She was abandoned by her very own parents?"one employee muttered

"It seemed to reflect on her"Another employee voiced out.

Elsa let out a smirk what she wanted had happened, she was awaiting Mia come back, bit Mia just passed a smile as she left for the managers office.

**Managers office

"Sir" Mia called as she got to the manager's office.The manager passed a smile to her, looking at the smile plastered on his face she felt the need to disfigure that face of his.

"Sir, I would like to excuse myself "She stated.

"You're free to"The manager said.

It seems the news of her being married to the god of the business world really took a turn on her manager's attitude towards her.

Unlike now that he agreed, before the manager would have either found one fault in her work, looked down on her or prohibit her from going out, threatening her about cutting her salary.But here he was giving her a care-free smile,asking her to go.

"I've permitted you"She heard the managers voice again

"En..." she muttered before leaving his office and grabbing the lunch box as she went out of her workplace.

**Xander's Corporation

Getting to his office she was politely greeted and given the title "Lady Boss" as if afraid that Alex would go berserk if she wasn't given the respect.

Checking her phone, she could see that the news was among the top one on the trending, hot page, she glanced through the comments as she avoided his secretary's envious looks.

"What Laura said was indeed true, their are women,ladies who would want to beautify President Yang's bed"Her subconscious reasoned.

She walked into his office as she glanced through, it had good interiors and was large, having couches and a glass table for any visitors he wanted to have a word with. She could also tell that his office had a room, Considering it's large space and expensive style.

Unlike those times she hadn't glance through his office as she had no time .Still glancing through, her eyes fell on the man staring fixedly on his laptop looking ever so gracious, she bit her lips as she made her way to drop the lunch box on the glass table.

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