76 They Can't Take Away My Happiness This Time

Jennica had never felt so fabulous. This dress cost more than what she made in a year and the makeup was flawless. Her golden brown tresses were coiffed to perfection and she didn't even want to think about how much the jewelry she was wearing cost. It was probably worth more than her life.

"Voila! You're done, my little masterpiece," the stylist said with a satisfied look on his face. "Why don't you go downstairs and show off how good you look."

She didn't have nearly enough guts to try and 'show off' in front of the son of one of the richest men in New York so she went down the stairs meekly and silently. Aaron didn't even comment, just nodded and indicated for her to follow him.

He didn't speak at all until they had been in the car for fifteen minutes. "I assume that idiot told you what to expect."

Jennica was a bit startled to hear Aaron refer to her neighbor as an idiot and it took her a minute to respond. "Yes, he told me to smile and nod."


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