94 A Telenovela Idea

Keeley helped Aiden bring it upstairs and set it on a table in his second bedroom that housed a ridiculous amount of technological equipment she didn't even recognize.

"Do you really want to keep a hamster tank in here with all this…stuff?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I spend most of my time in here. It'd be cool to have the company."

"What do you do in here?" she asked curiously.

"Video games, mostly. I also do some IT stuff from home…and my girlfriend lives in Sweden so we video chat a lot as we game and stuff. We met in game."

She never would have guessed this goofy guy had a foreign girlfriend. The things you learn about people.

"Interesting. Well, good luck with your hamsters. What made you want to get them, anyway?"

"All of my friends have pets now so I wanted one too. Out of nowhere, one of them wanted to get a cat and I was a bit jealous," he explained.


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