Ruins of the planet Xanadu and the mysterious Stone of Dalvikia Book

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Ruins of the planet Xanadu and the mysterious Stone of Dalvikia


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what lies under the ruins of the planet Xanadu?, what is hiding beyond the city of Zalha , what lies for the hero of this story and what mysteries and theories are beyond the reaches of space the year is 9909 on the ruin of a planet called Xanadu in the storm Galaxy of Xnikla far away from other human civilizations the planet fell under ruins in the year 6550 due to chemical warfare from the neighboring tribes of Dzialian and the Xanakuian these tribes have been at war for 1,000,000,000,000 years and have since left the planet all that is left is some people who have refused to leave the planet due to the danger levels of chemical radiation the hero of this story goes by the name of Zulk and his childhood friend Miazaki who she has gone on countless adventures with him but today is the day that they will face their worst nightmare which is soon to be found out very soon this series will start in 2022 or sooner if the other series doesn't take to longer which it might and i would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me posting time will be the same 5:00pm (PST) and 7:30am (PST) i am also working and going to school so it will be longer for me to post things please leave your suggestions in the comments or leave comments as well but do to the croana virus I'll be posting more frequently than usual so please do look out for the other book series im working on thanks


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