1 Royal College

Debby’s pov

It’s my coronation day, the day I become Queen of Arthis. Nervous cannot even begin to explain how I feel.

One of the maids, Mia was helping me do my makeup, apparently, she’s a better makeup artist than the Royal makeup artist. I should really fire that makeup artist, she’s rude.

“Your highness, I pledge my loyalty to you!” Mia said abruptly, interrupting me from my thoughts.

Well, that came out of nowhere…

I am guessing someone wants to pit her against me, well, I’ll find out later.

“Um…thanks my royal subject” I said and smirked while she smiled.

“So, you’re almost rea…” She was interrupted by a phone call.

“I’ll get it” She went to pick it up.

How on earth did I end up here, let me tell you.

I am a Nigerian, I’ve lived in Nigeria all my life. I’ve never been on a plane before. My parents weren’t poor but according to them, they rather use to money to invest than to travel around since travelling around is a big deal in Nigeria. P.S I have two younger siblings.


I ran to hug my mum as she came to pick me up from school, I just completed my final exam SSCE, which means Senior Secondary Certificate Exam.

We went home while talking. I told her all the drama that happened in hostel. I and my mum got home and my younger sisters tackled me to the ground. Since today is Saturday, dad was at home. I went to hug him after releasing myself from them.

“Welcome back kiddo” I smiled.

Few hours later:

“Your post utme exam is a week from now, are you prepared?” My mum asked after setting dinner on the table.

“Yeah, I have been reading for the exam along when I was reading for SSCE” I said and was feeling two tugs on my skirt.

“Yeah?” Grace, the stubborn one out of the twins pouted.

“You said that you’ll bring Naruto home, you’ve not showed it to us yet.” I sighed.

“Your exam is next week. How about we do it like this … I’ll let you watch Naruto after you finish your exams but if I don’t see you reading, no Naruto. Deal?” I asked giving her that playful-serious expression.

“Yes!” Grace and Glory jumped for joy and ran to watch TV.

One week later.

Phew! My exam went well, admission into University is sure so I can study my dream course, Computer Science.


I received an email from Royal College.

Royal College?

Royal College!!

Why am I receiving email from them?

I opened it to see that I have been given admission to Royal College!

I screamed and passersby gave me the ‘shut up’ look.

Royal College is only the best University in the World! Only few get selected to go there and it’s an opportunity of a life time. If you go to that College, you are worth more than a person holding a PhD certificate. I gotta tell mum and dad. I rushed home immediately.

An hour later:

Everyone was celebrating the news. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I must not miss it. I rushed to the site and registered myself with the pin sent to me when I received my letter of admission. I’m schooling abroad!

I was very happy.

Two months later, I was on the plane, waving to my family and promising to coming to visit them when I get the chance.

Did I forget to mention that the students given admission into Royal College are given 75% scholarship and feeding expense is free? This is going to be lit! I can’t wait!!!

Flashback ends

I smiled remembering how excited I was. It’s been six months now, and I think I have grown more mature. I haven’t had the chance to go home yet but I will surprise them as soon as I can.

“My Princess. The butler called to ask if he could let Queen Brianna, Queen Catherine and Crowned Princess Genevieve in.” Mia said bowing.

“Yeah, let them in.” I said looking at how pretty I looked. I wasn’t done with my makeup yet though.

“EEEEEKKKK!!!!!! She’s going to be crowned today!!!” I didn’t even need to look back to know that was Brianna.

“Hey Brianna.” I greeted. Cathy almost smacked Brianna on her head.

“So how do you feel?” Cathy asked looking with a slight smile.

“Nervous. I am about to take full control of a kingdom! I really wished mom and dad were here.” I said sadly.

They couldn’t make it here because of some reasons unknown to me.

“Don’t worry, I can take your mind off it. Remember when we first met?” Genevieve said as all of us reminisce together.


Six months ago

I was able to make it to school but I couldn’t navigate through school, what’s worse, I am bad at reading maps. Curse me and my hate for Geography!

I bumped into someone and both our stuffs scattered on the floor.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry!” I apologized as I helped her pick her stuff along with mine and my eyes glimpse something: Integrity hall, C wing, room number 304.

That was the same room with mine.

We’re roommates?

Well, what a wonderful first impression to give your roommate Deborah.

“I’m so sorry, I saw there that you’re my roommate, please do you know where our room is. I need to get rid of this luggage.”

“You do know that you could’ve given it to the Security Agents to carry for you, just give them your room number and follow them?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

I smiled shyly at my foolishness.

“Well, let me help you with that since you’re my roommate. Consider this a welcome. I’m Catherine by the way, you can call me Cathy.” She said smiling at me, leaving me speechless for a few seconds.

“I’m Deborah but call me Debby” I said lifting the remaining luggage.

“Well, Debby, Let’s get going, our roommates are waiting for us, and trust me, one is hyperactive.

I got to my room and one of my roommates, Brianna which I learnt her name later jumped on me, she had brown hair with blond tips. I later found out she’s Canadian

The last roommate I met, Genevieve was calm and polite, and greeted me formally. I shook my hand with her. Later when we all got close, I found out that she was Italian. She had ginger hair with brown tips.

The roommate that helped me carry my stuff Cathy was from America, she had beautiful blond hair with dark roots. Let’s just say we’re all heart throbs.

The next day, at the assembly gathering

“Welcome Students to Royal Academy!”

“You were picked because of some certain traits in you that is required to rule a Kingdom” The Vice Chancellor Professor Amelia Dawlin paused, then continued.

“I’m sure you must be wondering what I’m talking about. In six months, you will be holding various coronations in your various kingdoms in Planet Domino, don’t worry, they’re humans like us; you are to be their Queens and Kings. It’s your choice if you want to be their ruler for now, we give you one week to decide. If you decline to be their ruler as per you don’t want the responsibility, you are free to leave but your memory of this school will be wiped and your life will go back to normal. Note that you can still study the course you wish if you accept and get your bachelor degree. As you start your lecture, you’ll understand more about your duties. Last and most importantly. Have faith that you can do it. You coming here is not by mistake, it’s because you have what it takes. You have half a year to learn the culture of the Kingdom. Don’t worry about that, we have able faculty to take care of that. Your kingdom information is on your portfolio, do well to check it later and select the course you want to study. Your parents will be informed after you accept to be a Royalty. Have a nice day.” The Vice Chancellor stepped down from the stage as everyone gave her a round of applause.

Flashback ends

“You’re really a hugger” Cathy said causing Brianna to roll her eyes.

Genevieve wanted to reply but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Mia yelled.

“Advisor Vanquez” The male voice at the other side replied. Mia went to open the door for him.

“My Princess” He bowed.

Gina came in behind him. Great, what does she want?

“Good morning Advisor Vanquez. Mia, you may leave now” Mia left the room, I don’t really need her for anything, she’s done with my makeup, the girls can help me with my dress.

“Your highness, I just came by to see if everything is going on smoothly?” He took my hand and kissed it.

Too nice…

“Everything’s going on well, don’t worry, I am well aware the coronation is in an hour. Everything has been put in place” I smiled sweetly.

He was one of the advisors that was not against me being on the throne. The others wanted Gina, Williams’s daughter.

“Okay, I’ll be going.” He smiled and left.

Gina still stayed.

“Miss Gina, you’re still here, I thought you came to accompany advisor Vanquez?” I smiled observing her reaction.

“I only came to warn you. GET OFF MY TURF!! Or you’ll see” She left slamming the door.

I sighed. It’s like the old geezer and his slut for daughter are at it again, I have to investigate it. Great, they just added more work to my work load.

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