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THIS IS SUPER INTERESTING! the storyline is amazing and unique. I highly recommend this book to everybody reading this! Only from synopsis, The author already got my attention, but when i started reading it... *OW GOD!* I seriously love how there are those flashbacks that makes the story more realistic and aye catching even though all the fantasy and royal charm.

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I loved the entire idea behind this story, it's certainly what I needed to unwind my screwed up brain after spending hours working on my book. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and just have to send a mental high-five to the author.🖐


Normally I don't read fantasy novels, but this is so interesting! I think I might start reading fantasy books from now. I love your writing style, it's so descriptive and detailed!


I like how it has cute relatable daily references of normal life yet mixed with royalty! Must say the synopsis did its job too well. The grammar is indeed flawless and its not too fast, not too slow, just the apt speed!


Ooh, lovely work author. Firstly, the character design and plot are both fantastic, something that really shines in this novel is the uniqueness of the plot as well as how much detail is put into every characters personality and background. It really helps them come to life! While I really enjoyed the quality of writing- it has a nice colloquial style to it- I would say the flow of the story needs to be worked on, as sometimes it felt a bit cut and paste. And a minor thing, but when reading, there were a few times when something was thought by the character that didn't fit the narration, so made it a big jarring. But overall, great work. If you like royalty, fantasy and drama, this is for you!


I really like this story! I'm so glad i found it through our thread. - It's captivating and the writing flow is amazing! There's a few grammatical errors, but nothing to big. Good job, author <3


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This novel has an engaging plot and the execution has fluidity that propels to the next scene quite easily. In other words, it's easy to get hooked and go on reading. Keep on writing, author. All the best.


this story is really amazing! I've read so many fantasies but this is very interesting and amazing! this is such a masterpiece keep writing author, do your best!


I really love the plot of this novel. Its interesting and the flow is just amazing. Great work author, I just read a few chapter but already immersed in the world of this novel. Thanks author.


This story is an interesting read. It's like modern day and yet, not. Made in a fantasy setting. I like that the theme is royalty. The storyline is also rather unique. I'll need to read more!


This book is cool, the synopsis was enough to draw me in and with what I've read so far it's captivating, I just feel sad about the update time


You are an amazing Author. I love everything about this book from the sypnosis to the story itself. I love how you talk about your characters, it feels so real. Good job 👏🏾


I like how the story goes on. the plot is really interesting and it could intrigued the readers. highly recommended. keep it up author.. you have a great mind


The story is about royalty and coronation... Although I felt confused because of the pacing, but the story is good... If you are into princesses, kingdom, and royalties, then you can try this one...


Wow, the concept of this book is awe-inspiring. I loved your story. Your writing was spot on😄, although you could work more on the setting so it'll help give your readers a more vivid experience but other than that, your book was absolutely beautiful. Nice work author!🌹❤


I love royalty! Lmaooo. If I were her I would put the makeup artist in the dungeon! 😂😂😂 i mean, she is the Queen😗 I just love how this royalty story was adopted in the modern times as well! Truly a good read because every reader can easily relate!


I love the setting of this book, it reminds me of my teenagehood and the background reminds me of where am coming from 🇳🇬 and I love the simplicity of the writer's language. Keep it up.


Hey Author, i found your book quite unique and interesting actually. Its different and makes you want to read more. Your story plot is interesting so I'll keep reading to see whers it ends, good job.


Nice one you got there! This story is amazing. From the synopsis, I could say that this will turn out good. I'm looking forward for more chapters.