1 Row, Little Bunnies, Row!

SPLASH! KLOP! SPLASH! KLOP! Goes the paddle of the tiny boat.

"Row faster!" ordered a furry creature with long ears, messy white fur with patches of black, beige and gray all over. Her name was Lily. The other one, who was holding the paddle and rowing the boat had long, drooped ears as well, but she was brown with black specs, and had a white bottom. That bunny was Kiki.

Those two were best friends who had escaped from their home so they can find a faraway island, a field of treasure, the land of their dreams: a vegetable garden planted with the freshest of carrots, lettuce, cabbage and more juicy delicacies for rabbits like them.

"Be patient, Lily," The brown one turned to the wild-haired rabbit, her best friend, standing right behind her. "I'm quite sleepy, you know. It's still midnight and I've just woken up."

"But we have to get there before the sun rises!" Lily complained. "Kiki, don't you want to eat those delicious vegetables?"

Kiki rowed forward a few times. "Yes, I do." She tiredly replied. "But can you please just calm down and give me a little break?" I just woke up and you're telling me to row a boat with both of us in to to a deserted island?"

"It's not deserted, silly!" Lily teased. "It's just separated by a river from the mainland."

"Alright, If you say so, Ma'am. Although I'm not entirely sure if this is actually a river."


By now, Kiki was exhausted. You could see her sweat dripping down until her chin and you could hear her breathe in and out rapidly. Her paws were hurting and her ears were aching, but she had to continue the boat. They WERE going to get a reward after all. Hard work always pays off.

"Hey, Lily?"


"Did you hear something?"


A large, shadowy figure was beneath them. They could barely make out what it was, but it had to be a silhouette of some sort of sea creature. Yes, that had to be it. If it wasn't, what else would it be?


A huge jaw snapped at them with sharp, razor-like teeth. It looked incredibly dangerous, especially for creatures their size. But what could it be?

"Ahhhhhhhhh! It's a whale with sharp, shiny teeth!"

Lily screamed in terror as that 'whale with sharp, shiny teeth' as she would call it, approached the two, getting closer to them.

"It's as shark, idiot." Kiki corrected.

"And it's going to eat us!"

"Calm down. You're being waaayyy too over the top."

Lily was clearly panicking. "Row, Kiki, Row!" Lily instructed. The brown Holland Lop bunny started rowing faster and faster until she was too tired. The shark kept creeping up behind everytime they felt like they were safe.

SPLISH! SPLOSH! SPLISH! SPLOSH! Water was splashing everywhere, even into their boat. Eventually, Lily started paddling with her paws.

"I'm... too… tired…" Kiki whined. She couldn't keep up the paddling anymore. Just then….


The shark had chomped a big chunk of the boat off. It sank, and sank, and sank.

Kiki and Lily were left in the water, without a boat or floatation device, unfortunately. But luckily, the shark had left.

Kiki swam up to the surface, taking a deep breath to make up for the loss of air when she was in the water.

"Hey, Lily, look! And island!" She pointed to a small, nearby island as she shook her friend to wake her up. "We could rest there until we regain our energy!"

Her white-furred friend eventually woke up and paddle with her paws towards the island. "Let's go then!

After around a few minutes of swimming, they arrived at the island. It was surprisingly green despite being practically in the middle of nowhere.

"There are tons of vegetables here! Wow!" They looked around the place happily.

That was when Lily realized… that this was the vegetable garden she had been dreaming of! The vegetable garden THEY were dreaming of! They had finally arrived at their destination. All the hard work and worrying was worth it. It was lush with greens and sweet things. They've got dozens upon dozens of fruit and vegetables to eat.

"Thank goodness we arrived before dawn!" Kiki cheered while munching some lettuce.

"See what I told you? This place is amazing!" Lily looked happy as well. They felt like a million dollars.

They enjoyed the incredible feast, and ate until the garden was almost bare. They partied and celebrated for their achievement of safely getting to the land of their dreams.

Kiki had just realized something important when they finished. How important is this THING we're talking about, exactly? Well, very, VERY important.

"Hey, Lily?" Kiki asked.

"Yeah?" Lily replied, crumbs of cabbage and carrots still around her tiny mouth.

"So... How exactly are we going to get back home?"




"Oh no."



Or is it?