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Row, Little Bunnies, Row!


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"Row, Little Bunnies Row!" is an original story by The_Typing_Kid. It is a silly short story about her pet rabbits and how they just LOVE fruits and vegetables. Everyone can enjoy this cute and sweet tale about two best friends trying to find their treasure! ~~~ NOTE: This is a one-shot story. Please do not expect any sequels. Thank you. ~~~ Yay! It's actually family-friendly for once! No cursing everyone! XD I did it in a sort of folktale-like format, so don't kill me. I just revised this story and decided to post it because I haven't been active for a long time. Sorry! This story was originally a practice for "ICAS Writing" (a writing competition) and it was written on paper until I decided to type it down. I decided to post this on webnovel because my mom found it interesting. Lol. And yes, the characters in the story ARE based off my real-life pets. So, with that said, Enjoy the story! (I doubt that anyone would read the description anyway)