Rogue Romance: The Assassin's Muse Book

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Rogue Romance: The Assassin's Muse


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[WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT AHEAD] Kill, Bloodshed, Revenge, Vengeance is what his world was limited to. When she appeared, his world went limitless. Nilana, hurt and betrayed by her foster family ran away after poisoning them with a sleeping potion. What else could she had done? They were selling her to a brothel to pay her elder sister's dowry! After leaving the cottage on a windy night, she ought to go to the capital of the Kingdom of Windspire, and start a new life there. On her way there, she meets this mysterious rower who was helping her cross the river. Right then, heavy storm and high waves knocked the boat out. She drowned, wondering if this how her life was to be ended. The next time she opened her eyes, she found herself in a bed of a wooden manor in the middle of a forest. Unsure of how she ended up here, she meets the owner of the manor, All soaked in sweat, shirtless, and holding an axe on his shoulders. He was a young man. The most beautiful young man she had ever seen. Follow the journey of Nilana, a runaway with a hidden past, and Ian, a mysterious wood merchant harboring deadly secrets. When fate unites them in a lavish forest manor, they embark on an unforgettable adventure. As royal intrigues and hidden motives unfold, their love will be tested, and their destiny as Assassin, Prince, and King will shape the future of the Kingdom of Windspire. With thrilling plot twists, found family bonds, and heartwarming moments, it is a captivating historical fantasy novel that will keep you spellbound until the very last page. EXCERPT - "What are you planning to do exactly, Dem Mari?" His voice was low and resonant. "You-" she stammered and stepped back two steps behind, "You!" She pointed out to him in a yell, "Can you not-" Stuttering, she made her posture straight and reached out for the apron hanging on one of the wall hooks behind him. "Can you not do this? And declare your presence then scare me shitless all the time, mister?!" Her words blabbered out as she took the apron and stepped back. "No." Ian replied. Nilana glared at him, her eyes squinted. "What do you mea-" "It's fun." He snatched the apron from her hands. "Fun to witness your myriad expressions every time I appear like a phantom behind you." P.S THE COVER IS NOT MINE


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