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What do you do when your life is nothing but entertainment for all powerful divine beings? "Who gives a fuck!! There's nothing you can do about it, so move on!!" In a world of blood, murder and mayhem, watch as our MC does whatever the fuck he wants!! A deadly assassin transported to another world, get's some powers, and is now destroying everything the universe thought was possible! A.N. I do not own Borderlands or anything to do with the Borderlands franchise. The picture isn't mine, and if the owner wants me to remove it, I will.

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Kane was depressed. This had been the greatest week of his life, and now it was finally coming to an end. He thought, "Finally" because he had forgotten one key factor. Pandora's day and night cycle was over 90 hours long, and what he didn't realize was Tannis had agreed to be his toy for a full Pandora week, giving him almost a full month of fun.

Needless to say, anytime he wasn't training with Luna, arranging to leave the planet or working on some side projects, he was with Tannis. Now that the week was over, she was too busy studying the vault key, but Kane didn't know if that was an excuse or not.

He had done things to her that would make even the biggest sexual deviant cringe, but she had seemed to enjoy the experience, so he considered it a win. Now here he was, sitting on a rock watching Luna throw tiny balls of explosive energy.

He was so lost in thought, he was surprised when a tiny hand started patting his head. "Things will turn around." Luna said, still patting his head like a little puppy. "You're not helping." He grumbled, but made no move to stop her gentle movement.

"Are you gonna keep moping around like some love-sick skagg or are we gonna leave this shithole?" Luna countered, earning an eye twitch from Kane. "First of all, watch you mouth young lady! And I'm not "Moping", I'm sulking. There's a difference." He said, getting a blank stare in return.

"Actually, there isn't really a difference. And I don't think you can really talk about language. Just yesterday when you stubbed your toe, you said-" She was cut-off as Kane put a hand over her mouth. "Fine! Ya little smartass." Kane said, then teleported her high into the sky.

After letting her free-fall through back down to the ground for a good few minutes, Kane got Luna back down safely, then both of them went to have lunch.

"You really need to stop doing that." Luna said, glaring daggers at Kane from across the room.

"I said I was sorry. What more do you want from me?!" Kane said back, trying to defend himself.

"No. You said, 'Would it help if I said I was sorry.' You didn't actually apologize." She said, still glaring at him. "And you never answered, so that's on you! But don't worry, I forgive you." Kane said, getting a huff of annoyance from her.

She looked as though she wasn't going to let up her anger towards him anytime soon, so he compromised. With a flick of his wrist, a small bag of candy appeared in her lap. Taking a break from her glaring to look down, Luna picked up the small bag and set it beside her plate.

"Alright, you're forgiven." She said calmly, but Kane could tell she wanted to do her little happy dance. After all, he rarely ever gave her candy, let alone her favorite, a variety of candy she had never tried before.

"You're not going to eat them?" Kane asked, noticing how she placed them next to her plate, but not touching them.

"I need to finish my lunch first. They path to growing up strong and healthy is a properly balanced meal. So healthy food first, and then I can allow myself a reward." She answered, going back to her chicken salad and green smoothie.

"That's fair, I guess." He said, going back to his own food. Her words made him think back to his own childhood, his thoughts a little different. After he ended the lunatics that were his parents and started living on his own, he had helped himself to the finer things in life once he started making money, and ate whatever it was he desired, although he still made sure to eat healthy more often than he ate out.

'To each their own.' He thought, shaking the thought away.

Finished with lunch, they each did their own thing. Luna was reading a book, although if anyone looked at the scene, they would be puzzled. The book seemed to be enveloped in a light blue glow, while small glowing hands flipped the pages.

Another thing of note, would be the fact the glowing hands appeared out of nowhere, while Luna read a few feet away. This had been part of her training after Kane told her to use the power for anything she could use it for, making it second nature to her.

Kane on the other-hand, was down inside his bunker working on a space ship. He knew nothing of how the ship worked, but with the help of some robots, an AI and other machines, he just had to put the specifics of what he wanted into a computer and the machines worked to add his ideas, while still keeping the ship operational.

"The captain's quarters have been finished to your specifications, Sir." A small robot said in a metallic voice. "Thanks, Radar. Start working on the weapon system. The plans have been uploaded to your database." Kane told the little robot.

"Of course, Sir." Radar said, then left to carry out his orders.

Radar was more than a little robot, he was an Artificial Intelligence, and probably one of the most unique ones there were. Getting AI's were uncommon, but they weren't rare in this universe. The thing was, they all were designed in a way to fulfill a certain task.

Combat AI's would develop towards wanting to destroy everything in their path, and then there were some that were like a Super GPS, wanting nothing more than to see their creator, or master to their designation.

What Kane did, was purchased a number of different AI's from every manufacturer, then ripped their, for a lack of a better word, 'personalities' out of them. He kept the learning parameters, their, again lack of a better word, Class, and their failsafe's and controls, then put them all together, thus creating Radar.

He still grumbled at the name because he didn't really get a say in the matter.


After creating the new AI, the start-up went as smoothly as could be, and Luna and Kane were watching the screen as it lit up.

At first there was a weird symbol on the screen, and neither of the two really knew what it was, but Luna took a shot in the dark and asked, "Hello?"

Kane was surprised when he heard a smooth metallic voice answer back, "Hello." Luna, again took the initiative and said, "My names Luna! What's yours?"

There was a pause for a moment before the AI spoke, "I am programmed to know what a name is, but I have not been designated one. Perhaps my creator could designate one to myself for future use."

Kane was about to name him JARVIS from Ironman, but Luna spoke first. "I'LL NAME YOU!! How about, Radar?!!"

When Kane heard the name, he paused to give it some thought, and it sounded like it would work perfectly.

"Though you are not my creator, the name does not sound horrible. Why did you choose this name?" The metallic voice asked, actually letting the curious tone show in his non-human voice.

"Because you are our protector. A radar is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle, or velocity of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. A radar has multiple functions, which is similar to you, and it sounds really cool." Luna said, answering the question.

"Radar... I approve." Radar said, getting a sigh from Kane. "That works too, I guess." Kane said, then went to do something that he had not really seen many do. He purchased numerous different kinds of robots, all of which Radar changed and modified to fit himself, thus giving him the ability to interact physically to the world.

(End of Flashback)

Kane had no intention to stay here on Pandora, waiting for Jack to come here with Hyperion. He had plans to royally fuck the Calypso twins over, destroying their entire, "Becoming Gods" plan.

He knew he had about 10 to 15 years or so before they began destroying the universe, so he would train his and Luna's power, take care of the creatures within the vaults, making sure that there would be nothing left to absorb from either Calypso twin, thus not allowing them to gain any strength whatsoever.

After a few weeks by Earth standards, Kane had robbed and collected millions of dollars, also robbing a beautiful pristine spaceship. It wasn't particularly big by any means, but it would house about 12 people very comfortably.

It had everything the Sanctuary III had, but instead of Moxxi's or Marcus' bar and shop, he had his own version of a bar, and an Armory. His Armory was filled with top quality gear, of which would make even the biggest corporations drool over.

His bar was set up for him, but when Luna found out about the designing of the ship, she added an ice-cream parlor with every flavor under the sun.

Everything in the place could be voice activated, but it was set for only his and Luna's voice, but for the most part it was ran automatically.

They each customized their own rooms, and with how many security measures were in place, no one would be able to get into the ship without ripping the damn thing apart.

The weapons being installed were enough to win a God damned war, but those were just in case there was absolutely no other option. Kane would much rather run away, then kill off any enemy as slow and painful as possible rather then send out his missiles.

Although he had a large railgun at the front of his ship, and about a dozen or so turrets around the ship that folded inside out of the way, but again, those were for situations he couldn't get out of.

Kane was very particular about his spaceship, putting scanners in every place possible, assuring that if anything ever malfunctioned, Radar could just scan the interior of the ship, letting him know exactly where, and what the problem was.

This was so he could make sure there was nothing exposed on the ship that didn't need to be serviced on a daily basis. He also had it painted an almost bright white color, with a bit of dark blue streaks here and there.

He hated the dreary atmosphere the Sanctuary III had in Borderlands 3, and with this it was almost impossible to lose anything or for anyone to hide in the shadows of his ship.

The space craft would still need about another Pandora week before it's completion, but that worked for Kane, cause he still had shit to do. Like this a few (Earth) days passed.


Luna started a small library of books they managed to find, mostly either story books or books about the vaults and Sirens. Kane had to hand it to the girl, she was taking to his teachings like a pysco takes to a crippled blind man.

There were still signs of her injuries and mental trauma, but she began learning the forms, and could do about an hours worth of physical exercise a day before her body shut down. However, instead of calling it quits, she trained her powers and listened to anything and everything he told her about infiltration, building her a foundation on how to become an assassin.


Even though he had Marcus searching for Eridium for him, that didn't mean Kane wasn't going to search himself. He raided a few bandit mines, started one or two mines of his own, and had managed to get a hefty stockpile of Eridium.

Granted most of it was unrefined, but that didn't matter to a Siren. Both he and Luna had tried absorbing the stuff, but there were some complications.

He felt the connection with the purple ore, but it took him a few days to actually be able to absorb some of it into his body, and the enhancement was extremely noticeable.

His teleportation range increased to about a kilometer in any direction, and after some experimentation, he could cut the space around an object, severing it. At first the cut in space was only a few inches long, but after absorbing a bit more Eridium into his body, it lengthened to almost a foot.

He was however absorbing the stuff in small doses, mainly to let his body adjust to the new level of power within him, but also to avoid the need for the stuff. He knew it would take a massive quantity for that to happen, but the risk was still there.

He had no intention to be forced to absorb the stuff like Angel, then die when her supply was cut-off. Luna on the other hand, she couldn't absorb the stuff, but she did say she could feel some sort of connection with it.

Kane told her that not all Sirens could absorb it right away, and it could take up to a few days or even years. This didn't discourage her, instead it caused her to practice even more.

"Hey, Kane?" Luna asked, glancing around the bunker from it's doorway. She wasn't allowed to come in unless Kane gave the all clear, lest a repeat of when she almost blew Kane up on accident by touching something she shouldn't have.

However in her defense, the item was defective and Kane hadn't labeled it as such when she picked it up, otherwise she would have handled it just fine.

"Ya, I'm over here!" Kane said, poking his head up from behind a motorbike looking thing. Walking over to him, Luna studied the weird contraption. "I thought you were working on the ship?" She asked, taking a glance at the massive ship which was being worked on by a few giant metal arms coming out of the ceiling.

"Radar is putting it through a simulation to see if everything is still in working order, then we'll do a walkthrough to make sure it's up to standards." Kane said, putting the last finishing touches on the bike.

"What is that?" Luna curiously asked, wondering what the hell the thing he added on was. "It's a shield!! It only covers the bike, but I figured out a way to connect it with tire rotation, making so it recharges in about 2 seconds. Should help it not get blown out from under me." Kane said, quite proud of his little achievement.

He had to do something like this because it turns out, vehicles did not self-repair like the game, so he thought he would create a way for that to happen. Didn't want to spend a fortune in vehicle repairs after all.

"Cool. Can we go to town?" Luna asked, dismissing his moment of glory like it was nothing. "Why do you want to go to town?" He asked, his curiosity piqued.

Luna didn't really talk to anyone in town except for Marcus and Brick. Apparently everyone else disgusted her, especially men. Which given her past, he thought was understandable. People trying to eat her wasn't the only thing she went through in that hellhole.

"Brick and Mordy said they would take me hunting this giant Rakk-Hive out in the Trash Coast, and they said they were leaving in about an hour. So can we?" She asked, her eyes somehow widening to an inhuman degree, then coating themselves in a watery liquid, getting ready to unleash the waterworks if the puppy eyes failed her.

"I guess so. It will let me pick up the shipment of Eridium from Marcus before we go. Just make sure to ECHO me if you run into anything you can't handle, got it?" He said, causing her sad eyes to turn joyful in an instant. "Deal!" She said, then ran to her room to get her gear ready.


Arriving in New Haven, Luna took off in some direction, most likely Brick's place, but Kane didn't really care. Luna was was stronger than anyone in this dump, other than Brick, Roland, Lilith and Mordecai, and the four of them wouldn't dare lay a finger on her in fear of acquiring Kane's rage.

Plus she was probably Brick's best friend, and the guy would literally turn into a demon incarnate to protect one of his friends. Having his own reasons for being here, Kane walked down the street towards Marcus' shop.

He saw a few people he recognized every now and then, and to his surprise he saw Zed. "How ya doin, old timer?!" Kane asked, walking over and extending his hand. "I ain't that old!" Zed said back in mock anger, but accepted the greeting nonetheless.

"You seen any spare hands layin around here?" Zed asked curiously. If he had been asked this question in his previous life, he would have thought Zed was asking for some people to come give him a helping hand, but here on Pandora, he was literally asking for some spare hands.

People collected the damnedest things, and Zed was one of them. "I haven't, but if you check with Scooter, I'm sure he still has a few bandit bodies from a few days ago in his dumpster out back." Kane said, causing Zed's eyes to light up.

"Thanks, Kane!!" Zed shouted as he took off in a sprint towards Scooter's garage. "Ha! What a guy..." Kane said to himself, then continued on his way towards Marcus' shop.

He wasn't lying about not having any spare human parts with him. After he had collected a few hundred corpses, he went to Skagg Gully and started training a few skags that he thought would make good pets.

So far he had six skags that were now at the top of the food chain, and unsurprisingly, they were mutated to certain elements. Training them took almost little to no time at all.

All he did was make sure they knew he was the alpha of the pack, keep them extremely well fed, teach them a few commands, and presto!! He had an armored pack of killing machines, which just so happened to eat away his piles of corpses, and a few bandit clans.

Kane smirked at the memory of Spike, Fang, Rufus, Spot, Puffles and Pikachu ripping up the bandits, then looked to him, waiting for some praise.

Getting back to reality, he continued along his way, until he again saw another familiar face, only this one he wished he hadn't. Helena Pierce wasn't that attractive because of her scars, but that wasn't why Kane didn't want to see her.

The woman was damn near insufferable, always going on about how the people of New Haven needed to contribute more to the town, but only demand things from him, the only Vault Hunter who didn't live in the insufferable place.

It had gotten to the point where he was pretty sure she thought he was her personal errand boy. So, here he was, going out of his way to ignore her, and by ignore her, he teleported her a mile out of town, then came back.

Hopefully he could conclude his business with Marcus before she came back. "KANE!! YOU LISTE-" Before he could hear anymore, he shut his ECHO device off.

'When I find out who gave her my number, I'll Kill'em!!' Kane thought as he brought out some crates of alcohol in a small cart, then stepped through the doors to the shop, pulling the cart behind him.

"AHHH Greetings my friend!! I take it you are here for your shipment of Eridium?!" Marcus said, already rubbing his hands together in anticipation of what was to come. Seeing the crates of the liquid gold, his mouth began to salivate.

From the bottles he had received when they made their deal, only one was left, and there was probably only half a glass worth of alcohol in it. He had been forced to drink it sparingly, but now he could enjoy himself properly with the good stuff.

Ever since trying it, he literally couldn't go back to the vomit he had been drinking before. "I am. I was also hoping you managed to acquire the items we talked about a few days ago." Kane said, pulling a small pouch from inside his bag.

Seeing the pouch, Marcus' eye began to sparkle and it looked as though he was going to attack Kane right there for the pouch. "I got you one better! I managed to find 5 of the upgrades, as well as all 4 weapons!!" Marcus said, pulling out a long metal case.

"You found all 4 of them?!! And 5 upgrades?!!" Kane asked, more than just a little surprised. He thought Marcus would only find 1 of each, and even then, that was asking a little much.

Walking over to the case, he opened it slowly. Taking a glance at the contents, he was not disappointed in the slightest. "Marcus, you beautiful bastard!!… remind me to bring double the alcohol next time, at no extra expense." Kane said, thrilled at his new items.

He wanted to just take them and go back to base to test them out, but he still had other business to take care of.

"HAHAHA!! What are friends for! I'll take that as you wanting all of them." Marcus said boisterously, already writing down the numbers, but before he could finish, Kane threw the small pouch on his counter, followed by two much larger pouches.

"Consider any extra a bonus for the quick work." Kane said, then pulled two of the items from the case and connected them together, at which point the room lit up.

"Molecular bladed weapons... not even the strongest shields can stand against them." Kane said, admiring his new dagger. In the case there was another dagger, twin to the very one he carried, as well as two lightweight longswords.

They would either be for him in case he wanted longer reach, or if Luna had a desire for them. Odds were a bit low on that front though, her being able to create her own swords out of energy, and they also had amplified cutting power.

The upgrades were the things that Zero used to give his sword the molecular edge, and Kane had 4 more of them inside with the other 3 weapons. He could've just bought them from his own store, but the price was astronomical.

He had talked to Marcus about the daggers and something else with a bit more reach, and he was happy to hear the price literally be cut down to a tenth of what his store was asking for.

'I guess he is a God for a reason, so knowing this kind of shit is entirely in his range of knowledge.' Kane thought tiredly, not wanting to think about the divine being.

He was also happy when Marcus asked for diamonds instead of cash, saying he had some deals he could make to some wealthy investors if he had the required amount of diamonds necessary, and even pointed out where Kane could find them if he wanted to acquire some for himself on the free side.

*cough* *Cough* *Stolen* *Cough*

Done with his testing, Kane put all the cases of rare whines, bourbon, scotch, and some beers off to the side of the room, and then pulled out a brief case from off the cart.

"How much do you have for me?" Kane asked, waiting to see how much Eridium Marcus had managed to get his hands on. Marcus was all smiles as he left the room. He came back in a moment later through a much larger door with a machine, pulling over two tons of Eridium.

"I do hope this is enough to satisfy you for now?" Marcus asked, although with his victorious smirk, he already knew he had went above and beyond expectations.

"My friend, you work faster than I could have hoped for!!" Kane said, stealthily pulling another case from his inventory and placing it in his own cart, then grabbing it in front of Marcus and placing it on the counter as well.

Apparently he wasn't sneaky enough because Marcus started laughing before he said, "Don't worry about hiding your powers from old Marcus! I'm very good at finding things out, so it wasn't too hard to set up some cameras and watch you vanish whenever you and Luna leave town. HAHAHA!!"

He was a little bummed that Marcus knew of his power, but it wasn't the end of the world. People would find out in the future anyway, and he trusted Marcus to not sell the information, so long as he kept him happy that is.

"*Sigh* And here I thought I was being stealthy." Kane said, putting the metal case and the Eridium into his inventory before Marcus' very eyes.

"You were doing quite well actually, but when there are no blind spots in the room, it get's hard to be sneaky." Marcus said, pointing out over 30 camera's that were blended in to look like part of the room, then to some monitors under his counter.

"HA! You sure know how to keep an eye on things!" Kane said, pulling up a stool next to the counter and bringing out another bottle, this one called Diplomatico — Reserva Exclusiva.

"Rum is for celebrating, so I figured this was the perfect time." Kane said, causing Marcus to smile. "Let us celebrate!" Marcus said, taking the bottle and pouring himself a glass of the liquid gold.

Taking a swallow, he looked more than satisfied with this new flavor, and hinted at wanting more of this particular brand. Kane smirked at the man's shameless actions and put one more case of the stuff on the counter with the other crates.

"A pleasure doing business!" Marcus cheered, then began to take the crates of alcohol somewhere more guarded, where no one else could find it.

The two of them continued to drink in happy silence until Kane's Echo device went off. Answering the call, he saw that it was Luna. "What's up, Luna?" He asked, wondering if he would need to start rushing to the Trash Coast.

"Hey, I was wondering if you could take us to the Trash Coast?" She asked, bringing him back to reality. He had only been in the shop for about 45 minutes, meaning there was no way they would have even made it close to the Trash Coast.

"Best I can do for ya is send you on up high into the air, then let you glide there. Brick and Mordy have done it a few times, so I think they should be fine, and you can just ride on Brick's back. That gonna work for ya?" Kane asked, getting a squeal of joy from the other end of the line, although this one was far more masculine than Luna could go.

"Of course that works!! Let's go!!" Brick's excited voice called out.

Turning to Marcus, Kane said, "Well, that might be it for awhile. I should be back at least once a year to collect the shipments, but other than that, should be off planet." Kane said, shaking Marcus' arm in farewell.

"Oh yeah. Keep the bottle." Kane said as he walked toward the door, leaving a giddy Marcus alone in his shop.

Not super exciting, but hopefully it will next chapter. Go into a bit more detail about Siren's and their skill tree. Also it will have a bit to do with Lilith and the others. Enjoy!

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