Rogue Mate Of The Alpha Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Rogue Mate Of The Alpha


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"Run, Callie, run!" That was the last thing Callie's mother ever said to her. She ran and never looked back. Ever since then, she's been a rogue, forced to survive alone where her enemies can't find her. But everything changes when shes captured by a pack-and its alpha is her mate. Callie just wants to be near him, but every day there puts her in danger. If her secret is discovered, she will be turned over to her old alpha-who will kill her. Besides, he's already engaged ... *** When my fingers made contact with her cheek, I felt the spark that surged through my entire body. Callie gasped, snapping her jewel eyes to me. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips, and I did everything in my power not to groan. Moon Goddess, I thought, what kind of cruel joke are you playing at?


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