Rogue Luna's Revenge Book

novel - Fantasy

Rogue Luna's Revenge

Lila Evans

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  • 40 Chs

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Tempting my mate was never a good thing. Before I knew it, he moved towards me faster than anything I had ever seen. His hand gripped the back of my neck as he brought my lips only inches from his.  “You’re playing with fire, Clara,” he whispered. I couldn’t help but smile, licking my bottom lip. “So burn me.” When Clara was young, war broke out over the moonstones—artifacts of incredible power. That war killed her family and scattered her pack, forcing them to live as rogues. Now, at long last, she will destroy the people behind it. But as her plan falls into place, she encounters a problem. Her worst enemy… is also her mate. Which will burn stronger—their passion, or the fires of revenge? “Clara, please…” He called out again. I looked back at him. I wanted to run into his arms—but instead, I turned and vanished into the darkness. “In time… I will allow myself to love you,” I whispered. Rogue Luna's Revenge is created by Lila Evans, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.


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