Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Tourney at Lannisport II

- 276 AC -

(Joanna Lannister POV)

"So what is my saviour doing in Lannisport?", I ask Robert Baratheon as we wait for the celebratory feast to take place. I was positively surprised to see Cersei together with Robert walking around the tourney grounds. They were acting like a couple in love, at least Cersei did. I think she forgot herself and her station for a moment there. I understand what she sees in him. 

Which 14 name day young man looks like he is a grown man with a powerful body, good humour and looks? Not to mention his intelligence and economic success. I wouldn't be surprised if House Baratheon was worth as much as House Lannister in a few decades. His character is also impeccable, at least in the part he shows others. But the rumours of his time as a healer are supporting that image. 

I can no longer judge objectively since he saved mine and Tyrion's life. But I still hope he is honest, at least as far as this world allows a man to be. If it were possible, I would have had Cersei betrothed to Robert in a heartbeat, but sadly, that's not how the world works and also not what Tywin wants. He has long ago decided to have Cersei be Queen and for that reason, he will wed her to Rhaegar Targaryen. This 'joyous' news will be announced in the Celebratory feast any moment now. 

I am interested to see Robert's reaction when the news is announced. As much as it might seem harsh, I hope to capture a moment where he shows his true face if he is hiding it now. My daughter shall only wed someone she loves if that is possible. And the Heir to House Baratheon is as good, if not better than any other man in the realm. 

"I was in Winterfell before and sadly I had to cut my stay there short. So when I heard about the tourney to honour Prince Viserys' birth, I thought to myself ... why not go there? And here I am.", Robert tells me.

"Just like that? Why were you in Winterfell?", I ask him. 

"I was travelling with my foster brother Ned Stark to see his family after years in the Eyrie. We had planned to go there together, for me to finally meet his family. Also, I wanted to see the North as I had read so much about it.", he says. 

"Truly? And how was it? Were you offended by the harshness of their lifestyle or the cold characters of their people?", I ask him slowly getting invested in his story.

"On the contrary. I enjoyed every moment of it. The harsh climate, the stern but fiercely loyal people, and the calm strength I experienced surprised me and made me love the North very quickly. Although it might seem like an impossible area to make money in, it's not true. Hard work is nowhere rewarded as much as in the North."

"Interesting. So you went there a week ago? Then what are you doing here?", I ask him confused how he could travel here so fast. 

"Haha, well ... I had to leave Winterfell again. A 'misunderstanding'."

"Oh tell me more.", I tell him. My curious side has been awakened and now I need to hear the tale. 

"Nothing important, I assure you."

"What? You can't stop now, you simply must tell us."

"Yes, you must tell us.", Cersei says. She is obviously interested as well. 

"Haaa, alright then. So I ..."

Robert starts telling us the story of how he spent some of his time ever since we last saw him 3 years ago. Since then a lot happened for him it would seem. He tells us how he met some 'resistance' on his way to the Eyrie and then picked up Eddard Stark. After that, they went North until they reached Winterfell, the castle of House Stark and one of the oldest castles in Westeros. 

He tells us what he did there and how he broke the 'ice' in the very first few minutes by pulling their legs and having two of the Stark children fight each other. After that, he did the unthinkable and gifted the young Lyanna Stark a Goldenheart Bow after which he spent hours teaching her how to use it. When he speaks about Lyanna, I can see Cersei's teeth clenching and have to stop myself from chuckling. It seems my daughter has fallen hard for this one and it isn't even a competition anymore. 

"So you were thrown out of the castle for defending the young Lady Lyanna's wish to learn how to fight? I am certain that is the first time something like that has happened.", I say with a smile. He is really a unique man. 

"Bahaha, I have to agree with you. But I'm sure it won't be the last time something like it happened. That's for sure.", Robert laughs. 

"What's this young lady Lyanna like? You only called her the 'She-Wolf', but not what she looks like. Is she pretty? I'm sure Cersei would also like to know that, right dear?", I say, teasing Cersei and amusing myself with her reaction. 

"Hm ...", Cersei looks like she has eaten something sour. 

"Oh well, Lyanna Stark is quite slim, due to her always running away from the lessons in sewing she hates and her love for riding and using the bow and arrow. She has brown hair and grey eyes. The best way I could describe her is wild and a bit boyish, with that wolfish touch.", Robert says. 

"I have to commend you for staying so neutral while describing the beauty of a young girl in the presence of two ladies, Robert. You will get far, I'm now certain.", I say. 

"Nonsense. I like to speak my mind. Which is bad in the sense that it has already gotten me thrown out of one castle. But I'm sure you wanted to hear the truth and not some lie to appease anyone's ego. Comparing Lyanna to our young Lady Cersei is impossible anyway.", he says. 

"Oh? Do you hear that, Cersei?", I ask looking at my daughter. She seems interested in this. 

"What ... what do you mean by that?", she asks trying to look uninterested. Poor Cersei, she still has much to learn. 

"Well, naturally you two are far too different to compare. Lyanna was born and raised in the cold North. She loves to ride horses, run around with her brothers and use the bow and arrow. Meanwhile, you were raised in Casterly Rock of the Westerlands. You didn't hate the lessons the Septa taught you as much as Lyanna would. You have beautiful blonde hair, unlike the soft brown of Lyanna. You see, it would do both of you an injustice if I were to say any more to this topic.", Robert says ending this discussion gracefully. 

"Hm.", it seems Cersei was appeased by this explanation. 

I can see that she is still too young and also small to be interesting to Robert. But I'm sure he realises that she will be a beauty in the future. Now that I think about it ... where is Tywin?


The door opens with a bang and Genna walks in with hurried steps. In her youth Genna was shapely, always threatening to overflow her bodice. However, as she ages, she becomes much ... fuller. She now has a square figure and an enormous bosom with a broad and smooth face. She is still a beauty though. Impressive considering she had to marry a Frey. 

"Genna, what are you looking so worried about?", I ask as she approaches us. Robert is standing already. 

"Joanna dear, it's terrible. Cersei ... I'm afraid there won't be a celebratory feast.", Genna says. 

"What do you mean?", I ask. 

"Aerys has rejected Tywin's offer.", Genna says, not bothering about Robert who is still standing in the same position. 

"What do you mean he rejected? He rejected the marriage proposal?", I ask.

"Indeed, that."

"Why?", Cersei asks this time. She seems to be shocked as well. But her emotions are all over the place. 

"*Cough*, I apologise but if the Ladies would excuse me, I don't want to intrude.", Robert finally says something and leaves the room. 

"Thank you, Robert. Please forgive the hasty situation."

After the door closes, I look at Genna again and command her to tell us everything.

"I was there when Tywin approached King Aerys. Brother thought he could be smart about it and use the fact, that Rhaegar won so many times to 'appease' the king. But he didn't expect the King's words when he asked him. 

'You are my most able servant, Tywin, but a man does not marry his heir to his servant's daughter.'"




"That's bad.", I finally say. 

"*Sob sob * ...", Cersei starts to cry for some reason. Her emotions really are all over the place. She needs to decide what she feels. But from what I saw, she just managed to get out of a potentially sad marriage. 

"I'm sorry, Cersei. I know how much you wanted to marry the Prince and then one day become Queen. But I know my brother well enough to know that he won't take this lying down. He won't give up and will continue to try and wed you two so that your dream can one day come true.", Genna says, consoling Cersei. 

"Cersei, why don't you go and look for Robert? I'm sure he's somewhere to be found. Ask him about his experience with fine silk. He told me something about that, but I forgot what it was.", I tell her.

She nods and slowly walks out of the room, leaving me alone with Genna. 

"What was that all about?", she asks me. 

"I am trying to help my daughter with her pain."

"Nothing helps against a bleeding heart except ... oh no you don't.", Genna says and looks at me after she understands my intentions.

"Indeed I am. Unlike Tywin, I see a diamond when I see one. The position doesn't mean anything when Robert Baratheon is concerned. He might as well be a Prince for that matter.", I say. 

"What? Robert Baratheon? The genius, womanizer, rich, philanthropist? He is here?", Genna looks at me with wide eyes. 

"Hehe, it was the young man who was just here a moment ago. Also, I'm not sure about him being a womanizer."

"Oh, come now, Joanna. Any young man with that much success will take what he wants. And what do men want overall?"

"Normally, I would agree, but with Robert, I'm unsure. We shall see."



(3rd Person POV)

Cersei moved to look for Robert. She didn't see him anywhere in the castle, so she asked servants about him. They told her that Robert had gone towards the port where the market was currently located. After thinking about it for a while, I decide to follow him. Father told us to never leave the castle without protection, but I don't care right now. 

Cersei walks through the bustling streets of Lannisport, her golden hair shining in the sunlight like a crown. Like the crown, she was 'supposed' to wear in the future. At ten years old, she already carries herself in the taught way, befitting Tywin Lannister's daughter.

The market is alive with the sounds of traders trying to sell their wares, the scents of spices, vendors shouting their prices, children darting between the stalls, and the air filled with laughter, the clinking of coins and the smell of freshly caught fish in the warm summer air. Cersei holds a cloth over her nose, as she doesn't like the smell of fish. 

Just as Cersei is threatened to be overwhelmed, the voice of Robert is heard. Like a saving grace, his loud and clear voice reaches her desperate ears and calms her panicking heart. 

Standing at a stall, Robert, 14 and already broad-shouldered and handsome, is deep in conversation with a fisherman. He laughs heartily, his booming voice carrying over the noise of the market.

"Seriously? Five Copper Stars for Lion's Claw Crab? You're ripping me off, my friend.", Robert says. 

"No no no no, I tell you. This is the best quality you will ever find. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find this?", the fisherman says, using big hand gestures.

Lion's Claw Crab is a prized seafood dish featuring large, meaty crabs caught off the coast, seasoned with herbs and spices. If prepared right, it is quite a treat, but it is not worth 5 Copper Stars. Robert knew this. 

"Interesting. Zander just told me that he is willing to sell it to me for 2."

"WHAT?! 2 Copper Stars? Is he insane?"

"No, Groats.", Robert says, hiding a mischievous smile. 

"WHAAAT?!! That F*CKER! Zander you shit, get over here!", the fisherman suddenly loses it and runs towards another stand, tackling Zader to the ground and starting a fight.


"Robert.", Cersei calls after witnessing the scene. 

Robert turns around, his blue eyes lighting up when he sees her.

"Cersei! There you are.", he says, striding over to her, "What are you doing here? What about the feast?"

"It won't ... take place.", she says with her head hanging low. 

"I see. Well, that's unfortunate. Here, have some of this delicious trout I bought and tell me all about it.", Robert says.


This was again far too stressful to write about the feelings of a young Cersei. No more of this, thank you very much.