Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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The Martells visit IV

- 276 AC -

(Elia Martell POV)

After the enchanting food, Stannis, Robert and I left the castle and walked through the streets of the town. I can see construction work being done all around. The costs for this have to be astronomical. But I can see what they are going for.

"So Elia, tell us a bit about yourself. Now that the grown-ups aren't here, we can speak informally if that is alright with you.", Robert says. I smile. He is right, it is not something that I like to do and as a dornish even less. He seems to understand that. So he is either considerate or feels the same. 

"Well what do you want to know?", I ask them. 

Robert just looks at Stannis for some reason. Stannis looks at Robert and then at me. I see a resigned look in his eyes. 

"How about your childhood or your life in Sunspear? We read about the Water Gardens but have never been there.", Stannis says. That has to be the longest sentence I have heard him speak. I thought he was shy around women and that was why he didn't speak. But I was wrong. 

"Of course. I would love to tell you about my home. It is so much different than Storm's End after all. Where to start though ... oh I know.

I was the fourth child and first daughter born to my mother, the future Princess of Dorne, and the second child to live past infancy. You see my older brother Doran was an only child for years, as our mother had several miscarriages. That's why Doran is a whole 9 years older than I am.

Unluckily I was born a month premature, and Doran told me, he did not expect me to live when he learned about my birth. Against all odds I survived, however, though my health is always rather fragile. Only one year later, Mother birthed another son, my brother Oberyn. During my youth, I was very close to Oberyn. It might be because we were so close in age and did most things together or for some other reason, but we are very close.

When I reached the age of marriage a few years ago, my brother Oberyn, and I, together with Mother and our mother's consort at the time, travelled from Dorne to several potential suitors for both me and Oberyn. It is not the way we do things normally, but Mother just got the idea and we did it. In Dorne, we allow our feelings to be seen freely and my Mother is a very pure dornish woman.

Amongst the places we visited were Starfall, the Arbor, Oldtown, the Shield Islands, Crakehall, and finally Casterly Rock."

"You were in Casterly Rock? When?", Robert asks me. I see he is surprised.

"That was now three years ago, in 273 AC. Why?"

"That is rather unfortunate for me. I was also there in the same year. My foster father Jon Arryn and foster brother Eddard Stark were there with me to attend the tourney.", he tells me.

"Oh yes, I know that."

"You do? How?"

"Mother has known Lady Joanna Lannister from the time they both served as ladies in waiting to Queen Rhaella Targaryen. During our stay at Oldtown, we heard the news of Lady Joanna's complicated birth and travelled onwards to Casterly Rock.

Oberyn believes that Mother had planned with Joanna to marry either me or Oberyn to one of Lady Joanna's twins, Jaime and Cersei, since there had been an empty cabin on our ship, meant for someone of high birth. But it wasn't meant to be.

Mother waited until the time was right and eventually broached the subject of marriage to Lord Tywin Lannister, first suggesting a match between Cersei and Oberyn, and next a match between me and Jaime. I don't know why she didn't talk to Lady Joanna first, since they are good friends, but Mother wouldn't tell me. I suppose the health of Lady Joanna was not good and maybe Mother didn't want to bother her ..."

"I'm guessing Lord Tywin refused both matches.", Stannis states.

"That is correct. Lord Tywin refused both matches brusquely, informing Mother how his daughter Cersei was meant to marry Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. It was all according to normal procedures during marriage negotiations since everyone wished to get the best deal possible. That is until Lord Tywin suggested his newborn Tyrion Lannister as a betrothed to me instead."

"Ohhh, what a dry way of turning you down. It was taken as an insult, I reckon?", Robert says. 

"Indeed. Mother was furious and we left after she spoke to Lady Joanna a final time."

"So none of the other suitors interested you then?", Robert asks.

"Heh, Oberyn mocked all my suitors. In Oldtown, I met Baelor Hightower, whom I liked most of all my suitors then. I even thought I could fall half in love with him until he farted in the presence of both me and Oberyn."


"Yes. This embarrassing 'incident' led to Oberyn naming him "Baelor Breakwind". I could not look at him without laughing afterwards. So that was the end of that.", I tell them remembering the funny scene with Oberyn.

"Bahahahaha, I think I'll like your brother. Quite the troublemaker.", Robert laughs. 

"Like you, you mean?", Stannis says amusedly. 

"Haha, that's right."

"You're impossible.", Stannis says and I can see a small smile on his face. 

"Oberyn is indeed a troublemaker. Two years ago, Oberyn was found in bed with the paramour of Lord Edgar Yronwood. So Lord Edgar challenged him to a duel. The duel was to first blood, given the Oberyn's youth and high birth as a Martell. During the fight, both took cuts.

Sadly, Lord Edgar's wounds festered and killed him. Oberyn has been known as the "Red Viper" ever since by friends and foes alike, due to rumours that he fought the duel with a poisoned blade. This is nonsense, of course, I know that he didn't do that. After this incident, Oberyn was sent to Oldtown where he has been staying for two years now. He is going to Lys in temporary exile, although none called it such, in order for House Martell to make peace with House Yronwood. I'm unsure whether it will work.", I tell them.

"Daring and arrogant as well as shortsighted. I assume he thought not with his head...", Stannis says and I smile weakly. 

"Sadly, that is right. I miss him.", I say. 


"So how about you two tell me a bit about yourselves then?", I ask them. 

"Sure. Stannis?"


"Well go on. Tell our guest about your marvellous exploits and some of the changes in Storm's End.", Robert says. 

"I think she was clearly talking about yo-"

"Nonsense brother. Princess Elia said we should tell her about 'ourselves'. So you are clearly included in that group."

"You know what I mean. She was just being polite."

"Stannis ... how many times do I have to tell you not to sell yourself short like that? You are the one who did most of this on your own."

"Aye, I was acting on your plans. None of this was my idea."

"That's not true and you know it. Don't think I didn't see what you did with the port and the happy smiles of the workers.", Robert says smiling. 

"Urgh, you and your eagle vision."


"What are you talking about?", I ask them.

"Robert sees everything. That makes it hard to fool him and since he never seems to forget anything, he can bring up embarrassing or stupid things whenever it suits him.", Stannis explains. 

"Is that so?"

"Aye. I never forget a name, I never forget a face. My mind is like a steel trap."

"Ugh.", Stannis smacks his face with his palm. He was clearly embarrassed. I think I understand now. Robert is probably the only one who can get a reaction out of Stannis. A mischievous idea comes to mind. 

"So you never forget something, is that right?"

"Well ... it's not that extreme, I just-"

"Yes, it is. Test him.", Stannis says. 

"No, that won't-"

"A test? Good idea. How about a wager? I ask you things and you have to tell me whether you remember. If you're right, I will give you a small present but if you're wrong and get one thing wrong ... then you owe me something big.", I say. 

"I don't think that's how equivalent exchange works but-"

"Just say yes Rob. No need denying you are interested.", Stannis says.

"Aye, I agree!"

"Alright. First question ... what was the name of the cute chubby servant who brought the soup during our dinner?", I ask him. I want to see whether he is acting or whether he is genuine in what he presents. That lordly but still caring persona, I have seen today.

"You mean Lana? That's your first question? I thought this was going to be hard."

"Aye, that was embarrassing. You have to try much much harder than that.", Stannis says. 

"Alright then. What was Andros wearing during dinner?", I ask, thinking he didn't look at the man as he was looking at me and Mother all the time.

"I'm not sure what you call that, but a rather revealing orange attire with those red lines and the House Martell crest. His shoes were those-"

"I think that's enough. I'm impressed you saw all that."

"Eh, you're still making this easy.", Robert says and Stannis nods. 

"What did you eat on this day a sennight ago?"

"When?", Robert asks. 


"He means what time of day.", Stannis clarifies.

"Aha, well when you were breaking your fast."

"That's easy. We ate some porridge together with ....."

He could tell me what he ate in great detail. I continued asking him more and more. His memory was impeccable and I am more than impressed. After exchanging some more banter back and forth, we arrived at something I thought I really had him ... naturally. 

"Alright then. Final question. If you know this, I will increase the reward, alright?", I ask him with a smile. 

"Go ahead."

"Tell me the first words your mother said to you, the day you were born."


"You shouldn't have said that.", Stannis says and sighs heavily. 

"What? Why not? I didn't mean to offend anyone I just-"

"It's not that.", Stannis says. 

"Stannis says that because I remember the day perfectly as well. And it ... isn't the most enjoyable thing to remember.", Robert explains. 

"So you ... remember everything since-"

"Since I popped out of my mum's vagoo, yes.", Robert says which gets him a punch in the arm by Stannis.

That is unthinkable. He remembers everything since the day he was born and can't forget anything. I don't think I could keep my sanity if that was the case for me. 

"How do you keep ... sane?", I ask him.

"Sanity? What would I do with something as useless as that? Hahahaha.", he says and then walks away leaving me standing there. I look at Stannis but he just shrugs nonchalantly. 


"How was it?", Mother asks me after we retreated to the rooms. I was deep in thought, letting the day pass in my head.

"It was good. I saw some things they changed in Storm's End and talked to them. I got to know them.", I tell her. 


"As I said, it was good. I enjoyed myself. Stannis opened up to me, at least a bit. Both of them trust each other completely. Robert might seem like the leader and he may be the leader, but he asks for Stannis' thoughts and has no trouble changing his opinion or course of action if the arguments have merit. 

Robert knows how the world works even at his young age, it is impressive. I don't think we would want him and House Baratheon as our enemies should both of them make it to adulthood. They are surely monsters on the battlefield, of that I'm sure. The smallfolk love them both, but Robert might as well be a god to them."

"Interesting. Did he look at you?"

"Are you talking about him as a suitor or as our host?"

"Does it matter? Men are men and in the end, it's all they want. You are my daughter and could have anyone you wanted. What I'm asking is whether you want him."

"I would like some more time, but I can say with certainty that I could fall in love with him if we spend more time here. He appears to be everything a maiden might wish for and more."

"The only question is whether it is an act or the truth."

"Indeed, we would need more time."

"I talked with Lord Steffon today. About marriage.", Mother says, surprising me. She usually has more tact than that. Robert seems to have made quite an impression on her. 

"What?! Already? What did he say?"

"He said it was up to Robert."

"He did? Why? There is nothing more valuable than Robert in his possession. Why would he not use him as his ticket to more power?", I asked genuinely confused.

"Hehe, I asked him the same thing."

"You asked him that directly? Mother how can you be so tactless?!", I exclaim but she just waves me off. 

"Don't worry about it. In fact, I think he appreciated my honesty and even laughed when I asked. I think he changed ... the boys changed him. He's gotten weak ... or strong depending on how you look at it. He said that no matter what he says or whom he agrees to have Robert marry, in the end, Robert does what he wants and he would rather not have a scandal because of a broken contract."

"He said that? So he has no control over him?", I ask her. This could be bad as it means Robert is an uncontrollable cause of chaos, somewhat like my brother. 

"He sent him to the Eyrie to be fostered under Jon Arryn to 'teach' him something. I don't know what, but probably humility. But it didn't go as planned. The boy leaves at 10 and comes back a famous healer and skilled inventor at only 13. He probably has more headaches now, than he did before. He basically opened up the entire realm by sending him to the Eyrie. Smart move."

"Agreed. With his business acumen, it is but a matter of time until he grows in power. The Guilds are a testament to that. But how does he plan to control them?", I ask.

"I don't know either. The other houses will jump the Guilds like blood hounds if it works and then the Guilds will hold all the power. But I just can't help but think that this was taken into account, by the young man. Anyway. If you want it, you better grab hold of him. Political power is no longer something House Baratheon cares about and that alone is frightening."

"How so?"

"Because it means they are going to rise on their own no matter what anyone else does. They are sure of their progress and rise to more power. It is very dangerous because it means that they have things planned that no one knows about. There will be quite a storm in the future."


The walk was not just some lovey-dovey business. Everyone has an agenda in this world.