Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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The Martells visit I

- 276 AC - 

(Elia Martell POV)

"Why do we have to go to the Stormlands again, Mother? I thought we had a solution to my matrimonial plans already?", I ask while we are eating dinner on the cabin. We boarded the ship yesterday and were travelling north, to Storm's End.

"From what I heard from Joanna, last time we were in Casterly Rock and the information I managed to gather, no matter how little it is, the Heir to House Baratheon, Robert Baratheon is a very promising young man. Getting to know him is imperative for the future. He has already achieved more than generations of Stormlords before him.", Mother tells me in her usual calm and calculating way. 

"Do you mean the 'Whiskey' business, which has flooded the market in the last few moons?", I ask her. 

"Among other things, yes.", she says. 

"What other things are those?", I ask. 

"The Guilds, Elia. The guilds.", Andros Sand, Mother's Paramour says. He is a slender man with an athletic and muscular build, maintaining the physique of a seasoned warrior. His strong jawline, neatly trimmed beard, sun-kissed tan, and deep brown eyes exude warmth and intensity. He is a very skilled lover, at least that's what it sounds like. 

"What do you mean Guilds? What guilds?", I ask confusedly. 

"Three guilds have appeared in the Stormlands in the past years. At first, no one thought anything about it, since it was only happening in Storm's End. But shortly before the Whiskey appeared, the guilds started to spread their influence and it has been going very well. If my sources are to be believed, it was the work of Robert Baratheon.", Mother tells me with an amused expression. I have only ever seen her look like that when she sees something she wants. 

Mother is a beautiful woman. Her dronish looks and status as Princess of Dorne have given her anything she desired in terms of men. Thankfully, we look alike and I won't have a problem finding a future husband. I thought Mother had decided on Rhaegar Targaryen for my husband. At first just to spite Tywin Lannister for his insult and then for real. Why not? He was a Crown Prince and what better was there...?


"Although that seems highly unlikely to be his work since he has only recently celebrated his 15th name day. It is most likely that he is either not the one responsible for the guilds or he has help.", Andros says. Mother nods her head at that. 

"Indeed, that is possible. I am uncertain what truly happened and can only form an opinion after meeting him.", Mother says and we talk about something else. 


The weather was getting rather violent as we passed Cape Wrath and approached Shipbreaker Bay. The Stormlords don't have that title for nothing. I can't help but be interested in what the two Baratheon boys will be like. 

Two boys of 4 and 10 and 3 and 10 name days, growing up together in Storm's End, coming up with a completely new alcoholic drink and making boatloads of money in a short time. I am very curious what they are like. Robert Baratheon is said to be strong and tall for his age. Stannis is not really known all that much. His reputation pales compared to Robert's who has won a few archery contests during tourneys. But his skill as 'the best healer' in Westeros has to be his most famous title. 

From what I gathered he sounds more like a scholar and not a Stormlord. But you can only trust rumours so much. Mother told me that our spies in Storm's End have all but disappeared. It is very hard to get some there and those that are already there, have almost stopped reporting anything. 

I see the castle of Storm's End in the distance. Thankfully it is a nice day today, so we can show off our traditional dornish clothes and not worry about rain. Mother has prepared something very enticing to pull all eyes on her, something she enjoys. Mother is a very open woman, which is something I don't have as much. I am the second most timid in that regard in our family. Doran is even more so, while Oberyn is the most aggressive. I am still much more open than the rest of the 7 Kingdoms but for House Martell ... I am not that impressive.


As the ship docks, we disembark. A woman dressed in formal clothing is waiting for us and motions for us.

"Princess Martell, welcome to Storm's End. I apologise but your arrival has surprised Lord and Lady Baratheon. They have instructed me to lead you to the castle. If you would please follow me.", she says. 

"You speak very well for a servant girl. It does not matter at all, please lead the way.", Mother says with a teasing smile. She is always trying to get something out of someone and her teasing character works wonders for that. Not with this one though. There is a reaction visible to trained eyes, but the woman stays very professional. 

"Thank you, Princess. Please this way. A carriage has been prepared for you.", she says and moves along the docks. We follow along. 

As we walk I can see Mother's and Andros' gaze wandering over the docks and the work being done. It is impressive how everyone only looks at us for a second and then gets back to work. There is no tension or depressing feeling visible in the workers. On the contrary, they seem happy and are chatting with one another. Curious. 

We enter the carriage which looks in wonderful shape and start our travel towards the castle. I look out the window and can't help but be surprised at the cleanliness I am seeing. There is not much smell which is hard and there are a lot of houses that look brand new. 

"So girl, would you tell us your name?", Mother asks the young woman. 

"Certainly Princess Martell. My name is Mary."

"Mary. A wonderful name for a wonderful lady. Say, what is it you do for House Baratheon?"

"Anything that is required, Princess."

"And what is required?"

"I am currently working as a secretary for Lord Steffon.", she says but I can tell there is something missing. She is not telling us everything. 

"Hmm ... is that all? Is Lord Steffon being unfaithful, perhaps?", Mother says. This gets the first minor reaction out of the woman. 

"No, Princess. Lord Steffon is faithful to Lady Cassana and they love each other dearly. I would never be asked for what you are insinuating.", she answers still respectfully. 

"I was not trying to insult anyone. We are just talking, right?"


"So what can you tell us about the changes in Storm's End? Were those Lord Steffon's ideas?", Mother continues. Sometimes she just doesn't know when to quit. But with a target like Mary, it is hard for her to resist. 

"I am not entitled to speak about the plans concerning Storm's End. I hope you can understand that Princess Martell."

"Of course, of course. And please call me Saera. We are both going to be friends, right Mary"

"I couldn't be so informal and call you by your first name, Princess. Please accept my apologies."

"Haha, you are an interesting young woman. And pretty too. Say are you interested in spending some time with us tonight?", Mother asks in Mary's ear. I can see the shudder of Mary and her attempt to hide it. She's good.

"I must humbly decline, Princess.", Mary says and moves away a bit. 

"A shame. How about you tell us something about ... Robert Baratheon?"

"Lord Robert?"

"Yes, why not? Or is that also secret?"

"I suppose not. What is it you wish to know, Princess?", Mary asks. 

"Tell me how you first met. Was it dreamy? Was he a knight in shining armour?", Andros asks, speaking for the first time. It seems he tries making fun of Robert and Mary, earning him a gaze from Mother. 

"Robert? A knight? ... no. Robert was and will never be a knight in shining armour for me.", Mary says in a different tone. 

"Oh? Did he treat you badly? Maybe try to force himse-"

"No! Lord Robert would never do something like that!", she interrupts Mother, surprising all of us at her reaction. It seems like Mother found the button to push. No one says anything and Mary seems to understand what she just did. She bows her head very low.

"Please forgive me, Princess. I spoke without thinking. I beg your forgiveness."

"... It was nothing, girl. It seems that I stumbled on a wound there. Just make sure to never do that again.", Mother says and sends tiny swords with her eyes. If looks could kill ...

"Of course."

"But would you enlighten us about your outburst?", Mother asks. 

"Certainly, Princess. You see I was never anything special for no one. I was poor and of low birth. I had to sell everything I had after my mother died and work was hard for me. I don't have the constitution to work very hard and that is simply unforgivable in this world. So the only thing left for me was to ... sell my body. 

In my darkest hour, I stumbled upon two young boys. Lords Robert and Stannis Baratheon found me when I was at my lowest point. He reached out his hand to me and took me in. Lord Robert started teaching me. Me, a lowborn woman. I thought the same thing you did at the time. He was after my body naturally ... only that wasn't the case. He never made advancements of the sort and instead was friendly and warm towards me. 

Both he and Lord Stannis were the same, although Lord Stannis never showed any emotion on his face. Both have very big hearts. I was taught everything concerning management, economy and some politics. Languages as well. Before young Lord Robert could finish my lessons, he was sent to be fostered in the Eyire under Lord Jon Arryn. So Stannis took over to finish my education, as they called it. 

Now after all those years ... I am still not finished learning, but I help with whatever House Baratheon might need of me, for showing me such kindness, I am willing to sell my soul to them."




No one said anything. That was a very surprising and moving story. I could almost feel some tears running down my face ... but I didn't. Mother would reprimand me if I showed emotions like that openly. But she was also moved I could see that. 

"That was not what I was expecting.", Mother says. 

"I concur. A very sweet story.", Andros agrees. 

"Do you know why the young Robert took you in?", I ask her. 

"No, princess. I asked him many times. He told me that he saw something in me when he met me.", Mary says with a slight smile. 

"And what would that be?"

"A soul standing at the edge, with tons of unused potential."

"Unused potential? Potential for what? Being a secretary? Or pleasuring men?"

"I also asked him why he never asked for ... intimate favours. He would always say the same thing. 'Listen Mary and listen well. Remember what I tell you now. Fast women and slow horses will ruin your life. I am not saying you are a fast woman, I am not even sure why I'm telling you this ... wait what are we talking about? Eh, forget what I said, you're part of the family and I despise incest.'"

"Hahahaha ...", Mother starts to laugh when she hears that. I am also chuckling. It seems Robert Baratheon is quite a strange young man. His words are confusing and make no sense, but the last part is what matters. He sees Mary as a part of his family... his respect for the small and common folk appears to be true. Mother told me that 'the Healer' would visit brothels a lot and help people with their diseases. 

"He must be quite the impressive young man then."

"He is, Princess ... he is."


I got carried away here. That wasn't meant to be this long. I am trying to establish the image of different characters and the MC from different viewpoints. Don't always take what others say or think as the truth, though. It is not an objective POV if its not Robert's or someone who is very close ot him.