Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Secret rise of House Baratheon I


A/N This might be a bit cringy but bear with me. I need to establish some things and the thoughts of certain people about Robert. His motivations and the reasons for some of his actions. 

Please note, that I am not a professional. There might and will be some things that don't make sense. 


- 275 AC -

- Storm's End, Stormlands -

(Robert POV)

"So what do you think?", Stannis asks me as we exit the brothel. It was something I despised since I loved freedom. The idea of a whorehouse was something I compared to a prison. The women were forced to accept all the stress and diseases of disgusting men who came by to have intercourse, something I always saw as an intimate and special act. Nevertheless, my thought process has changed ever since reincarnation into this world. 

I understand that sometimes you just have no choice and it is the harsh reality of life that forces you to make the hard choices. This world might seem more dangerous than my last, but it isn't. Not really. The dangers in my first life were just more secret and hidden. Here things are out in the open. Everyone, or at least most, understands how the world works. Sex sells ... that is a known fact. And in a world that is as harsh to women as can be, selling your body can be the 'simplest' but not the easiest solution. 

But I was going to change this. I will give them the choice, they lacked before. If they choose to stay whores then that is their decision. I am not going to forcefully shut down brothels, because of my sentiments. I'm not an idiot. I have plans that reach further than that. And I will do it systematically. 


"It doesn't look like you like it.", Stannis says. 

"You know what I think Stannis. I think you did a wonderful job giving them better and cleaner conditions to work in. But you also know my thoughts about prostitution as a whole."

"I know. Your love for freedom."

"Prostituting or prostitute, the adjective means to use yourself or your abilities or beliefs in a way that does not deserve respect, especially in order to get money. 'unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents' Stannis."

"Let's not get into details of the common tongue. I dread your lessons.", Stannis says. 

"Aye, I know ... Inherited will, the tides of time, people's dreams ... those things can't be stopped. And it is my dream to change things. I don't care for customs, ranks or nobles and their petty squabbling. I will make use of the game they play and make our House truly great.", I say and walk away. 

It might sound hypocritical to think that way, but I never cared for politics. I thought it was funny how 'new' the people of this world were to it. They desperately tried to grab onto some rules only to break them if it suited their needs. I knew the ins and outs of politics in my past life, so there was little that could surprise me here ... at least I think so. I will keep vigilant and prepare for any eventuality, I can think of. 

So I don't care for politics, but I understand the need for it. Power resides where people think it resides. And politics is the top spot in the limelight. You can dictate a lot of things and changes if you are good at playing the game these nobles play. Life and death can be decided with a letter sent by a raven. Poison can be added to your food if your cook is unhappy with his pay, or if he was bribed to do it. But if you are wealthy or have a lot of political power, which is often synonymous with wealth, then you can appear as powerful to others. 

Wealth ... the keyword of my plans. 

It all started with that walk through the village. I love to build things and I thought I could just improve some buildings and maybe some walls ... but I began to see the bigger picture. You can't just improve some things. Everything has risks and repercussions. If you aren't powerful enough, you will be taken advantage of. 

That was why I came up with the plans. Stannis agreed with me that if I want to create long-term changes, we will have to be sneaky and use subterfuge to achieve it. That was when the Guilds idea was born. What better way to appear smart, but stupid at the same time, while keeping control of everything and gaining more power?


I chose smartly when I designed my bloodline. I knew the type of world I was going to. I saw a few videos and read a few paragraphs to understand what I was watching. But that was it. and yet it was enough to understand the danger. Betrayal and treachery were omnipresent. So I needed something that could guarantee loyalty to me. 

Loyalty ... the Essence of the King, guaranteed that no matter how powerful, smart or evil my children might turn out to be, I would always stay ahead of them. Always slightly better than the best. But that didn't mean I could take on the entire world. My charisma could not fight all evil in the world, no matter how unreal it appears at times. 

Therefore, I chose loyalty through blood. A very important part of my bloodline is that if you have it, my blood that is, then you are 100% truly loyal to me. It doesn't take away free will, it just takes away the chance of those who have my blood, to betray me or plot against me. They can still disagree or hate me, but they wouldn't kill me or betray me. This was an important part. It turns out I was clever in that regard. I read quite a lot since I was born and there are numerous accounts of sons killing their fathers out of ... well for any reason actually. Greed, revenge, envy ... you name it. I already tried that. 

Nonetheless, it is a good aspect of my bloodline and will serve me well in the coming years, I am certain of it.



(Stannis POV)

'Inherited will, the tides of time, people's dreams ... those things can't be stopped. And it is my dream to change things...'

My brother is a ... strange man. Very different from the rest of the corrupted nobles I have had the dishonour of meeting. I was never one to show emotions. I don't know why, it's just the way it is. But I at least am truly this way and don't put on an act. The lies and sugar-coated words of noble Lords and Ladies alike make me want to hurl at times. 

Robert was not like that. He was always the smarter one between us. It might be because he's older, but it's been 12 years since I've known him and understand that age is not the reason he appears smarter. He simply is. But he is also stronger and more cunning than I am. He possesses that charm which seems out of this world and just pulls you in. His laughs aren't for show, but because he finds something truly funny. He even makes me laugh at times. I would never admit that though. 

He seems to be better than me in every conceivable way and yet, I can't possibly be envious of him. At least not much. Whenever I see him talk with someone as easily as breathing and I get jealous, he calls me over and introduces me, forcing me and the others to be part of the discussion and get to know each other. He genuinely cares for me and helps me be a part of the things he likes to do and does. 

And when I finally think I have Robert figured out, he drops such words. 'Inherited will, the tides of time, people's dreams ...' Where did he hear that anyway? He sounds like some pirate and not the heir to a noble House. But when he says things like that, I can't help but get captured in his enthusiasm and drive. It was what made me follow his dream and help him with his ... or 'our' project. And over time, I came to see it as my dream as well. 

"You will surely carry a high burden on your shoulders Rob.", I say. 

"Why do you say that? Are you alluding to my weight?", he says in mock anger. 

"If you want to play the angry one, at least don't grin like a maniac."


"I was talking about your plans. You are basically challenging the world. All the 7 Kingdoms will push back this change you want to see."

"Which is why we don't brute force it and take the long-term, subtle way. That's what the guilds were created for."

"I know. You have great ambition, Rob."



"It means 'in a way that cannot be doubted'."

"Where did you hear that word?"

"I don't know. On another note, do you think we're ready?", Rob asks me.

"You mean the Guilds? I believe so. If we want to see growth, it should happen now."

"Good. Then let us proceed."



(3rd Person POV)

Robert and Stannis walked into the Guild building. It was sparsely visited as it was still very fresh, but there were a few people. The frequent interest and rising popularity are what made Robert and Stannis decide to go over to the second phase of their plans. The 'investments' were already repaid in full, with interest. 

They walked into the office which was reserved for them and the leaders of the respective branches. There were already 7 people waiting for them. When the two brothers walked in, the grown men looked at them in interest. They already knew Stannis of course, but he never came without their father Steffon. So this was new. 

"Greetings everyone. My name is Robert Baratheon and you already know my brother Stannis Baratheon. I would like to welcome you to the first-ever official meeting of the Guild's Board. Who are the representatives for each branch?", Robert asks the men present. 

"That would be me, my Lord. Elron Watersail, at your service.", a man in his mid 30s said.

Robert looked at the man. He was confident and self-assured, with a smooth and persuasive manner. He carries himself with the poise of someone accustomed to negotiating deals and commanding respect. Poise refering to the graceful and elegant bearing of Elron, reflecting balance, composure, and confidence. He wears a high-quality woolen tunic in deep stormy yellow colors like navy, with some embroidery.

"You are the representative of the Merchant Guild?", Robert asks. 

"I ... I am the representative of the Guilds in general as-"

"You misunderstood. There can only be one representative for each branch. We are now talking about the respresentaives for each of the three branches located in Storm's End.", Stannis explains. 

"But, ... with all due respect, my Lords ... I'm sure you understand that I am the most fit to be the leader of this-"

"Your respect is noted, Elron Watersail. But this is not how this works. I can assume you are the-"

"I am a distinguished merchant with contacts across all of the Stormlands and also some to the Riverlands. I am the best and looking at the others here, the only option you have.", Elron says and spreads his hands around. 



No one says anything. Stannis looks at Robert, while Robert looks at Elron with hardened gaze. The air was electrified and everyone looked worried, except Elron who didn't understand his situation. 

"Thank you for your time, Elron Watersail."


"You may leave. Your service will not be needed any longer.", Robert says. 

"Are you ... getting rid of me?"

"You may leave now. We will not be needing your help. Give all the information you got back when you have time."

"You are jesting of course, there is no-"

"Silence! I told you to leave. If I have to say it again, you will not leave here in tact.", Robert says this time with growing anger and force. 

"How are you talking with me?! Do you have any idea of who-"


Robert grabs the head of Elrod and smashes it on the table. 





Robert smashes the face of the man into the table three times. The man's face is all bloody and his bones broken. Robert grabs him by the shirt and pulls him up, looking him in the eyes. 

"I warned you."

He then throws him to the ground and looks at the tall man, who is the blacksmith and motions to him. 

"Throw him outside, we have things to discuss now."

"Yes, my Lord."

"Good. Now let's try this again."


This was an important chapter. It is the first time we see Roberts violent side and work ethic.