Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Sailing trip II

- 277 AC -

(Oberyn Martell POV)

Robert Baratheon, the man my sister has an eye on. It seems to be worse than I expected because when I teased her about it, she didn't even react. She just let things be. I have to agree though, he is an impressive specimen. Those wide shoulders, powerful arms and legs and that air of nonchalance when he is in the face of nobles is stimulating. He carries himself with confidence and seems like a happy and amusing man ... on the surface. 

I have always been the chaotic child in the Martell family. I was allowed to do what I wanted mostly because I was a Martell and the youngest child. Mother finds it funny to see what I would do next but there are things that I can do and already did, that are too far for her tastes. Like the Yronwood case. I shouldn't have done that, but I just thought she was a good lay and then did it. 

But this one, Robert Baratheon, despite being a Stormlander and a Baratheon to boot, is a dangerous specimen. I can feel it. A viper like me, recognises another predator when it sees one. And he is nothing less than a dangerous beast. I can tell that he is hiding a dark and ruthless nature that can come to the surface whenever he chooses to. 

Naturally, I tried to get him to bring it out. But he either doesn't react or laughs about my insults and teasing. Elia sends me poisonous blades with her eyes, warning me to stop what I am doing, but that only makes me want to try more. I am crazy like that. What else is there, than to enjoy myself and life in general? I am also getting more and more interested in seeing him in my bed tonight. He said that he would leave tomorrow, but not if I get any say in the matter and especially not if Elia gets a say in the matter, and she always does. 


"So what is the secret to your success, Robert? What training do you do? Do those muscles help you in bed? How many women and or men have you bedded yet?", I ask trying to make him uncomfortable and also because I'm genuinely interested.

"My secrets? Well doesn't everyone have secrets?", he says, not answering the last questions. 

"And what are those?"

"My own."

"Hmmm, come now. There has to be something wrong with you.", I say. 

"Oberyn.", Mother warns me this time. But I don't react to it. 

"What? Don't tell me you aren't curious as well. From the outside, he appears to be the perfect specimen. Tall for his age, strong, a skilled and intelligent businessman, and charming to the degree of capturing Elia. There has to be some terrible secret that makes you human, no?", I ask him leaning forward. 

"You wouldn't expect me to talk about my faults in front of such esteemed Ladies, would you?", Robert says. 

"I would actually. Are you insecure about your faults?", I ask him. 

"Isn't everyone?", he asks with a smile. 

"Are you a coward?", I ask him suddenly.

"Oberyn! That is quite enough.", Mother says with 'the gaze' she usually uses when I mess up. But Elia is the one looking at me in anger. I know her look, despite her smiling physically, she is fuming inside.

"Bahaha, you're funny. I believe you haven't yet managed to find someone who didn't react to your jests and insults, making you try and push me more and more. Unfortunately for you, I seldom get angry.", Robert tells me. 

"No? Then what do you feel?"


"Pity? Haha, for whom?"

"For everyone standing against me."


As he says those words the air around him changes. Gone is the good-natured young man. The situation becomes tense and heavy, surprising me and making my response come out too late. 

"Hahaha, bold words Robert Baratheon. I like that. So how about a spar then? We could see whether your words aren't just hot air. What do you say?", I ask him with a maniacal grin on my face. 

"Oberyn! Stop trying to get a fight with Robert and just accept that he won't react to your teasing. It is getting annoying and sad at this point.", Elia says. I only look at Robert though. 

"I refuse."

"What? Why? Are you scared?"


"Then what is it?"

"I already told you, I feel pity for you. We wouldn't want that.", Robert says and stands up from the table we were eating at. 

"Princesses and Prince, I must deeply apologise but it is time for me to retire for the night. I am sailing to the Free City of Braavos tomorrow and will need all the rest I can get. So if you excuse me.", Robert says and nods his head towards Mother and Elia. 

"Certainly Robert. But we can hardly allow you to go just like that. You are in Dorne and here we don't go to be alone.", Mother says with a sultry smile. This makes Andros jealous as far as I can see. Oh, this might be the chance I was hoping for, to get him out of his reserve. 

"What are you saying, Mother? Are you interested in visiting the Heir of House Baratheon in his chamber? How naughty of you? What would Andros say?", I remark with a grin. 

Mother narrows her eyes at me, while Andros looks like he is about to explode. He can barely hold on. He has been holding it in for the entirety of dinner. Only a slight push. 

"I think that's enough of that. If you would excuse me.", Robert says and then starts to leave.

"Elia, would you be so kind as to accompany our guest to his room?", Mother says ending my fun prematurely. 

"Yes Mother.", Elia says and leads Robert away from the dining room. 

After they're gone, Mother looks at me and doesn't say anything for a while. She is just studying me and thinking about something. 

"You know Oby, I always allowed you to do what you wanted and enjoyed your wild and untamed side. But with this, you are making a mistake. Remember what I told you, silent waters run deep. This has nothing to do with your enjoyment and games. Robert Baratheon won't play your games, but he will get you to play his. He is the perfect man for Elia and I will do almost anything to see her happy."

"What? Is it really at that stage already? What about Prince Rhaegar then? Elia would be Queen.", I say.

"Foolish boy, there are many things better than becoming Queen. In fact, there is little good about the position. You are still a woman in the end and besides good food and clothes, you will have to endure just as hard as any other woman in this world."

"Then what makes Robert Baratheon an interesting match for Elia? She is to have the best in this world?", I tell her. She smiles.

"Of course, my sweet. But Robert Baratheon is unlike any man in this world. He really manages to show the people around him something like respect. Elia would have a happy life with him, I am certain. And if his self-control is anything to go by ... I can only imagine the fun she will have at night.", Mother says and smiles.

"Respect? Honour like the Starks or Arryns is a weakness. And what do you mean by self-control? He doesn't seem like much to me, despite having such a strong body."

"You're lying. I know you see it as well. He has a clear interest in his eyes when he looks at Elia but he is more than ready for violence and knows he will win. A man doesn't just create something like the 'Guilds' and stay successful if he doesn't know how to use his head and be ruthless. The fact that he doesn't fall for your provocations and insults proves it all the more. Don't cross Robert, Oby. For Elia's sake."



(Elia Martell POV)

I walk with Robert at my side to the room which Mother chose for him. It is a luxurious room, which he will find to his liking. I don't say anything while we walk and neither does he. I get more and more frustrated as we walk. I look at him and see that he has a comfortable smile on his face. 

"What are you smiling about?", I ask in annoyance.

"Hm? Nothing, just thinking."

"About what? How you will just leave the day after you arrive. I thought you would at least stay longer to see me.", I huff.

"Well, there are always other ways for us to spend time together. Another place another time. I'm not trying to keep you away, I just have to do this.", he says. 

"Like I would believe that. It has been a long time since we met and you promised we would meet. I am getting annoyed. I never had to be the one to approach a man in my life like this. I feel like I'm losing my touch or allure.", I tell him. 

"Is that so? Well, I have my priorities straight. Since I'm 5 and 10, I still have time to marry."

"Oh? And what about me then?", I blurt out without realising what I was saying.


"I ... I mean, I am older than you and have been in marrying age for a while now."

"So? You don't have to marry as soon as you bleed for the first time. I don't know why that has to happen. Seems stupid to me.", he says. 

"What is it with you?!"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I am clearly giving you signs here but you don't notice them. Forget it! Good night, Lord Baratheon.", I say and walk away. 


- The next day -

This was a stupid idea. Sneaking aboard Robert's ship was a stupid idea. What was I thinking? 

Sigh ... 

I wasn't really thinking probably. The idea that I had to put in effort to get a man's attention was both terribly disappointing and also refreshing. Finally, someone that doesn't just want to f*ck me and then leave. Robert clearly looks at me with interest but never in the same way most other men do. He has been interesting since I first met him. But now, I feel like I might have doomed myself. 

If this doesn't work, I am going to have a very bad time. Who else could ever be equal to Robert? Before I didn't know, but now ... now I do know and what I know will make every man pale in comparison. Oberyn helped me sneak on the ship. We bribed a worker not to say anything and even threatened him with the Martell name, should he go back on his word. 

He had a strange smile when we told him that, I can only hope it's not what I think it was. 

*knock knock knock*

I hear three knocks on the door of the room I'm hiding in. I thought it was smart to hide in the storage room, behind some crates, but this is getting rather annoying and painful to do.

*knock knock knock*

"Princess?", I hear a voice say behind the door and freeze. 

"Princess Elia? Are you in there?", the voice asks again. 

How? What do I do?

"Lord Robert has asked to 'relieve' you of your uncomfortable situation and bring you to him."

What? Does he know I am on board? But ... how? The man we bribed? So it was true. He went back on his word.

"Princess? Can you hear me? If you wish to have some food, I was tasked with bringing you some if that's your wish, but if you-"


I push open the door and stop him from talking. 

"Bring me to Robert."

"Aye, this way Princess.", the man says with a smile. Now I recognise him as the man we bribed yesterday. This makes me angry.

"So you ratted us out, despite the warning we gave you? Do you not fear House Martell?", I ask him but he only laughs. 

"Haha, forgive me, Princess. But Lord Robert knew that you would try and sneak on board and gave us the instructions to let it happen. The money you gave me was unnecessary but appreciated nonetheless."


"We're here. My Lord, Princess Elia is here as you asked.", the man says and then leaves again. 

"Ah, thank you, Frank. So ... how was the night?", Robert asks me with a smirk on his face. 

"You knew I was coming and still left me hiding in the storage room!! YOU FIEND!!", I shout and stomp on the ground. 

"Hahaha, I knew you were coming, but not that you would hide in the storage room. Your humility really sets you apart. If it was any other noble lady they would have naturally ordered to be brought to a room or even my room, due to their arrogance. And yet you didn't which I find very funny and refreshing. But please sit down and eat. I imagine you are famished after the long night."

"How did you know I would come aboard?", I ask him. 

"What, do you think I am really that dense to not recognise when you are clearly giving me signs? I knew it wouldn't sit right with you and coupled with the way I ignored Oberyn the entire night, he was bound to want to 'get back at me', which would result in him helping you. Not really a grand plan but still an effective one.", he says. 

"You manipulated me. 'Another place, another time', 'I have my priorities straight' and acting all clueless ... you planned this to happen from the start. But why?"

"To get you away from your family. I thought it would be fun to spend some time together alone while making it seem like it was your idea. I can't have my good reputation ruined, after all, I'm a gentleman."

"Like hell you are!"