Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Going North IV

(Lyanna Stark POV)

"I'm not talking to you.", I tell that person as he tries to converse with me. I am still mad at him for lying to me. He made me mad at Ned. This is unforgivable. 

"Why not?"

"You lied and made me angry at Ned. I will never forgive you.", I say and turn my back to him. 

"Well, that's too bad. I guess I'll just have to throw this goldenheart bow into the flames then. How sad, but if you won't talk to me this present is useless.", I hear him say. 

"What?! Did you say, goldenheart?!!", I shout and turn around to him. He is holding a wooden box that is the size of a bow. But this could be another trick. 

"Aye, I said goldenheart. But if you don't want to talk to me ... *sigh* how sad."

"Wait! Let me see it.", I tell him.

"No, you said it yourself. You are a warrior and as a warrior, you never go back on your word. I have to respect your choice.", he said with an impressed look on his face. 

Ass! He's right. I did say that and as a warrior, I have to stay true to my word. Going back on my word is not honourable, according to Father. But he has a goldenheart bow ... wait! 

"How do I even know that you're not pulling my leg? I don't trust your words after that big lie you told."

"A lie? My warrior lady, you wound me. I merely made a joke to lighten up the mood. By my honour, as little as it may be in your eyes, this is a true goldenheart bow. If you don't believe me, you could of course open the box to make sure. But you would have to give me something in return.", he says with a small smile. 

"I knew it! You're a fiend and are looking for favours. Also, don't call me a LADY!!"

"But my she-wolf, warrior not-yet-lady, your words cut deep. However, I understand when my presence is unwanted. I shall take my leave.", he says and bows before turning around and leaving. 

Wait, where is he going? I haven't seen the bow yet. 

What to do? If I stop him now, I clearly want to talk to him. But that's not true, I only want to see the legendary bow. I heard that goldenheart wood was fabled to make the best bows, except for dragonbone. I really want to see it. And he said it was a present for me. Oh no, he's really leaving. 




"... What would that favour be?"

"Oh nothing big, I assure you, little wolf."

"... Alright. Show me!", I say.

"Very well. Here, you shall have the honour of opening it. It is yours after all.", he says and lays the wooden box down in front of me. 

It looks like a normal box. There are no special engravings or a sign which would hint at the valuable contents. I approach the box and open it slowly. I am surprised. The box is heavier than it appears on the outside. How was he able to lift it without visible strain? He must be stronger than he looks. But it is hard to judge his body's build when he's wearing those loose clothes. 

"Wooaa...", I exclaim when I see the bow inside. 

"The dragonlords of the Valyrian Freehold often traded for goldenheart from the Summer Isles. The princes of the islands have forbidden the export of the wood since the Slavers' Wars. But I managed to acquire one by chance.", he says but I don't listen to him. It is a wonderfully crafted bow. 

"Well? Do you like it?", he asks me. 

"Aye, I like it. Thank you.", I say unwillingly and silently, but his smile tells me he heard it regardless. Not wanting to give him a win, I stand back up and cross my arms in front of me. 

"What is that favour you want?"

"You will have to allow me to teach you how to use it.", he says. 

"... What?", my mind is blank, "You want to teach me how to use a bow?"

"Aye, that's exactly right. Not that I don't trust your father or the master-at-arms, but I know that I can do it better. So I'll teach it to you.", he says. 

"I ... don't know ..."

"Were you expecting something else? Something naughty perhaps?", he asks me. 

"Stop that!! Alright, I agree let's go.", I say and move towards the yard. 


The yard was quiet, save for the occasional clatter of wooden practice swords and the grunts of young squires honing their skills. I like to come here, but Father usually forbids it from happening. So I use this chance as well as I can. If Father finds out, I can say it was Robert who had the idea and not me. It was his present, so I couldn't 'possibly' decline, right?

Robert Baratheon, broad-shouldered and already towering at 14 name days, stands next to me. His dark hair, wild and unruly, similar to Brandon, but even more so. He seems like a true stormlander, old Nan tells us about. Those stories are for the girls to feel like they know something, in my opinion. Boring, if I can't experience it myself. He holds a bow in his hands, showing me how to hold the bow correctly.

"You're holding it too tight, little wolf.", Robert says, "Relax your grip. The bow is an extension of you, not a tool you're wrestling with."

I nod. My brow furrows in concentration as I try to adjust my hold. Robert steps behind me, placing his big hands over mine to guide them into the proper position.

"Like this.", he says softly. 

"See? Let your fingers rest lightly on the string. When you pull back, use your back muscles, not just your arms. It is a common mistake beginners make. Not that you are a beginner, but this bow is special and you will have to change a few things about your posture and how you handle the bow."

I follow his instructions, feeling the tautness of the bowstring against my fingers. 

"Why, can't I pull it back fully? It is so hard.", I say. 

"That's because it's a strong string, fitting for the goldenheart wood, the bow is made of. You will have to grow into the bow. Let me help you with it.", he says and from the same position, helps me pull back the string. But he doesn't do anything else, I am the one aiming. 

I take a deep breath, drawing the string back with Robert's help until it is level with my cheek. My eyes narrow as I focus on the distant target. I am a good shot with the bow and arrow, so this shouldn't be any different.

"Good. Now, take your time. Aim carefully. And when you're ready, let it fly.", Robert encourages me.

I exhale slowly and release the string explosively. If Robert hadn't taken my hand away at the right time, I would have lost it most likely. The arrow shoots away through the air with a soft hiss, hitting the target just shy of the centre. But that's not all ... the arrow cuts through the target and embeds itself into the wall behind it.

A wide grin spread across Robert's face, while I can only look at the result with my mouth wide open. 

"Not bad for a first try, little wolf.", he says. 

"That was ... amazing! How did the arrow shoot through the target? Was that your doing? Is it that strong?", the words spill out of my mouth and Robert only laughs. 

"Haha, the bow is truly strong yes. That was not my doing, but yours."

"I almost hit the centre!", I say, my earlier annoyance with Robert melting away. I love this feeling.

"Bahahaha, I like your enthusiasm. You'll be hitting it in no time. Just remember to practice and train your muscles. As long as you're stubborn enough, there is nothing you can't achieve ... well almost."

"But aren't women weaker than men? How will I ever compare to them?", I ask showing some of the doubts that have been plaguing my mind. I see the strength Ned attained while in the Vale and can't help but think that I should have also gotten this strong. 

"Ah, I see. While it is true that men and women don't have the same anatomy, it is not true that women can't be good and deadly warriors. All it takes is training after all. I'll show you what muscle groups you should train, in order to use the bow efficiently. You'll outclass your brothers in no time. Equipment plays a big part in battle power.", he says. 



"Thank you, Robert ... For teaching me."

"Anytime, little wolf. Anytime. Now, let's see if you can do it again. The more you shoot, the better you'll get."

"Yes!", I say and get back into the position he showed me. I will become the best archer there is.


I spent hours training how to use my bow under Robert's supervision. He knows a lot about bows and weapons in general. When I asked him where he learned all that, he said that he likes to learn and has a good memory. 

'The duties of a future Lord are not just martial in nature. Your brain should be your strongest muscle and in that regard, women actually have an advantage over men. So train it well, to keep the advantage.'

That's what he said to me after we stopped training. He is different from what I initially thought of him. There is a serious side to him as well, which I didn't see at first. Because he didn't show it. I don't think he shows it a lot. Despite talking to him for a while, I still think I know very little about him. I can't say what it is, but there is a mysterious veil around him, that hides his true self. 

I don't mean he is lying or acting in any way. But I think he is hiding something darker ... I don't know how to explain it. It reminds me of the wolf I saw when I went to the Wolfswood without Father's consent. I almost died that day, had Brandon not saved me. 


I walk towards the dining hall to eat my dinner with the family. As I approach, I hear Father's voice. He doesn't sound happy. I stop walking and eavesdrop.

"You gifted Lyanna a bow.", Father says. 

"Aye, I did.", Robert answers. 

"I appreciate the thoughtful and expensive gift, but I don't appreciate you teaching my daughter how to use the bow and arrow."

"And why is that?", Robert asks. 

Oh no. The talk. And here I was so happy about today.

"Lyanna is to be wed in a few years. She should not be trained to go off and fight battles. Teaching her that will only further encourage her to do just that. If she is to wed and bear children at some point, she needs to learn how to be a lady.", Father says. 

So that's it. Another person who was given the talk of my Father about how I shouldn't have anything I like and only concentrate on being a broodma-

"What a ridiculous and foolish thought process, Lord Stark.", I hear Robert say. 



"When the time comes that you can't protect her and evil men approach her to do unspeakable things to her, what is she to do then? Should she roll over and submit? Should she argue that she is a lady and ladies aren't supposed to experience such things? Or is she to fight and defend herself?", Robert says calmly. 

"You ..."

"Aye, me. The notion that a woman should be a lady is so stupid in my opinion, that I can't even express it with words. Who decided that women are to be birthing ovens and should stay at home to do ... nothing? There are servants to take care of the household anyway, no need for the 'Lady' to do it, right? I for one would prefer a woman who can fight and defend herself. A strong woman who supports me and understands the world as I do. The hard and harsh choices. That's what life is all about, not to appease some Lord and raise your child to be a broodmare ..."




This is a POV of a 10-name-day-old girl. So take everything she says and thinks with a grain of salt. 

I shouldn't have to say this, but some people forget that it is not a 3rd Person's POV but instead Lyanna's thinking.