Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Fosterage IV

A/N In case you are wondering why my writing seemed to change a bit. I agree with those who commented and complained about the writing not feeling like an ASOIAF story. I don't have the talent to create something like that. So I found a middle ground. 

I have used a new method. I write the chapter myself and then ask ChatGPT to revise the paragraph to fit the ASOIAF books. 

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If you don't like this, I can go back to writing it my way. It's more work this way, anyway. Again, those are my words and my story but just a bit revised to feel like the ASOIAF books.


- 273 AC -

- Casterly Rock, Westerlands -

(3rd Person POV)

Robert was led to Casterly Rock, the castle. The capital of the Westerlands was an impressive piece of architecture. Not because it was far ahead of its time, but because of its location and the history of the castle and seat. Casterly Rock is on the ocean road, a road in southern Westeros that connects the Westerlands and the Reach and overlooks the harbour of Lannisport and the Sunset Sea.

The Rock is two leagues long from west to east and has a width of two miles from north to south. Its peak is about 2,100 feet high which makes it three times as high as the highest point of the Wall and taller than the Hightower of Oldtown too. This fits House Lannister's image perfectly. Sitting high and mighty, looking down on everyone else. 

Robert was led to the dining room, where Jon Arryn and Ned Stark were already sitting and waiting for him. They weren't alone, the lord of the castle, Lord Tywin Lannister was also present. He was seemingly conversing with Jon about some small talk while they waited. When the doors opened and Robert entered, everyone looked at him. Any other boy of two and ten name days would have felt a bit shy or threatened under the hard gaze of Tywin Lannister, but not Robert. He didn't care in the slightest ... he wasn't really looking at Tywin anyway. He was looking at the decoration. It was an impressive castle after all. 

"Robert! You're finally here! Our guest was waiting for you, where were you?", Jon asked annoyed as Robert didn't hurry to get there. Jon could not know that, but since Robert never hurried, he said it instinctively. What a prick.

"I had to catch my breath, due to the amount of gasps I took walking through Casterly Rock. It is just that impressive.", Robert joked. 

"Robert, this is Tywin Lannister. He has graciously offered to dine with us. Lord Tywin, this is Robert Baratheon, heir to Storm's End and future Lord Paramount of the Stormlands," Jon introduced, his tone formal and proper. He always tried to act correctly. 

"Well met, Lord Tywin. I must say, Casterly Rock is a most impressive fortress. I hope you won't take offence if I borrow some ideas to improve Storm's End.", Robert says with a polite smile. 

"It is good to meet you as well, Robert Baratheon. I have heard much about you these past two years since we last met. You have grown since your visit to King's Landing.", Tywin purpusfully didn't answer his question and took control of the discussion by changing the subject slightly. Normally that would work, but which pompous Lord wouldn't like to talk about his accomplishments? Well, Robert knew his skills and accomplishments, so he didn't need someone to remind him of them. And he also didn't need his ego caressed. 

"Eh, it's alright, I suppose. Following the path of a healer for under two years isn't much of an achievement. You wouldn't boast about it if you had accomplished as much as you have. Two children and another on the way, I hear. Allow me to congratulate you, my lord," Robert replied, speaking with the measured courtesy of a noble heir. Normally he didn't bother, but today, he did. The reason for that ... only he knew. 

"Yes, my wife is soon to give birth. We are eagerly awaiting the newest addition to House Lannister," Tywin answered, unable to deflect this time.

"I'm sure you are. The lion's den is about to welcome another cub. That must be exciting. I can only hope that the Stags will also welcome a new member soon. Both Stannis and I have been waiting for another sibling. I personally want a sister, but Stannis hopes for another brother so that he can be to him as I am to him... or so he says all the time. I mean ..."

Robert continued to talk. It was unbelievable how many words came out of the young man. It seemed like he didn't want to stop at all. He asked question after question, fishing for more and more information. But the experienced Tywin knew the game inside out and didn't tell Robert anything of value ... at least not much. 


After the meal was consumed, Tywin, Jon, and Robert sat in Lord Tywin's solar.

"Robert Baratheon, the reason I summoned you here today is—"

"I'll do it," Robert interrupted.

"What?" Tywin's eyebrows lifted slightly.

"I'll help your wife during her labour.", Robert stated confidently.

"And why do you think that is what I was going to say?", Tywin asked, his voice calm but his eyes narrowing slightly.

"I understood everything the moment I heard that your wife was expecting. It made perfect sense and fits the description of you.", Robert replied, meeting Tywin's gaze without the slightest worry in his eyes. He looked calm and collected and ... slightly bored at the attempt of Tywin to appear intimidating.

"And what 'description' would that be?", Tywin inquired, his tone touched with amusement. He spoke to this boy of two-and-ten name days as if he would to a seasoned lord, finding himself both bemused and impressed.

"A calculating, intelligent, politically astute, ruthless, and controlling man. You couldn't ask for me to come and look after your wife directly, as that would seem foolish to others. The great Tywin Lannister asking a child for help with his wife's birth? No, you needed a pretext, a way to ensure we arrived at Casterly Rock. And the perfect solution presented itself. You learned that Jon, Ned, and I were travelling to different tourneys. Thus, a tourney to celebrate your child's birth was arranged. Quite the elegant solution, if I might say.", Robert concluded.

Tywin regarded Robert in silence for a moment, his expression unchanged. The boy's insight was impressive, though not entirely surprising. It was not a hard puzzle to solve, for those involved.

"I already said I'll do it. I don't care about people's backgrounds when I help them. Biology doesn't have a political standpoint, and diseases come to us all."

"I see. Then I shall show you the way.", Tywin said, rising from his seat. Robert and Jon stand as well, but Tywin holds up a hand to Jon.

"Only Robert will be allowed inside. I will not permit anyone else to see my wife." 

His tone is firm, telling everyone that he will not budge on this. 

"Where Robert goes, I go—" Jon began, his voice mimicking the same tone Tywin just used.

"Don't worry, Jon Jon. I can handle myself. And I doubt Lord Lannister would want to start a war by harming the heir of House Baratheon.", Robert said, placing a reassuring hand on Jon's shoulder.

"Very well, but I'll be right here.", Jon says reluctantly.

Tywin gave a curt nod and led Robert from the solar, the young Baratheon walking confidently at his side, unperturbed about the whole situation. He didn't seem like a Stag who was walking in the lion's den. 


(Robert POV)

Tywin leads me to the chamber of his wife. We enter and I see Joanna lying on the bed. Sweat drops are visible on her forehead, a light tension in her facial muscles and a twitch in her abdominal muscles as she tries to straighten up. 

Tywin moves next to her and helps her. I can see some real emotions displayed here. Unlike the fake appearance, he puts on all the time. This is a good chance on my part. Why else would I help Joanna Lannister? I don't know her, I might care about women and try to help them, but I am not a philanthropist. I can't save everyone and that is not something that bothers me. If I see a chance to profit, then I take it. If I can help someone in the process, all the better. 

"Oh ... Robert, how nice to see you again after two years ... you have grown again. Please forgive my appearance. It is unsightly.", Joanna says weakly. I smile at her and shake my head. 

"Nonesense, my lady. You are as beautiful as the day we met in Kings Landing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.", I say and smile. 

I move to her side.

"May I?", I ask. She looks at me with another weak smile and nods. It seems Tywin has already told her about me and what he plans. 

I start to take a look at her. I palpate her stomach and try to get a feel for the baby's position. And what I feel, surprises me. A caesarean section is necessary here. 


"What is it? What did you find out?", Tywin asks me. I have had a lot of experience with nervous fathers ever since starting my little ... side project. I learned to stay calm in those situations. Nothing they do surprises me at this point. 

"Well, there is only a slight complication that we have to address. No need to get nervous though, I'll explain everything in detail.", I say calming Joanna down, before she starts to panic. Nothing is more fragile than the emotions of a pregnant woman ... 

"What is it, Robert? What's wrong with the babe?", Joanna asks. She is starting to hyperventilate, but I came prepared. I take a leather pouch and give it to her. 

"Here, my lady. Breathe into this pouch. This is important. Calm down, everything will be fine.", I say and hold the pouch for her to breathe into. After she calms down, I reassure her, that everything will be just fine and both Tywin and I exit the room. 

"Tell me what the problem is.", Tywin says. 

"The situation is this. A normal birth won't be possible for your wife. I say this for two reasons. One, the babe is lying in a transverse position. And second, the babe's head does not fit through the mother's pelvis. That is bad, as it won't fit through the ... ah, birthing canal. Both of those things make a normal birth impossible.", I explain to him as easily as possible. 

"What does this mean then? What will you do and why can't she give birth normally?"

"She would die if we tried that. To solve this, I have come up with a method I call, a caesarean section. Using this method, I cut the stomach of your wife up and take out the babe directly. This might sound brutal, which it is normally, especially if you allow the Maester to do it, but I can assure you that I have had success with it."

"...", Tywin looks angry. Very angry right now. Saying that I will cut up his wife, might not have been the best way to put it. 

"I understand your reservations. It does sound brutal, but it is the only way to save your wife. If not, she will die regardless. Unlike the Maesters, I have ways to make it painless for her, and her chances of survival are much higher under my care. I have done this before. Ultimately, the decision rests with you and your wife," I finish, my voice steady.

I see Tywin thinking about it. He doesn't trust me of course, but he knows about my reputation and the success in healing and helping women during their labour. 

"I will ask the Maester for his opinion. What would you do exactly? How would she survive if you cut her open like a piece of game?"

"Well, I will have to tell you already that your wife won't be able to give birth again. There might be a few things I have to explain to you in terms of the female anatomy. But to put it very simply, a babe grows inside a special organ that only women have. This organ, I call the uterus, is heavily perfused. When I cut it open, I will have to use hot tools, knives and forceps, to close the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. Again this might sound brutal, and it is, but I have created a painkiller, which will make her fall asleep and she won't feel a thing. If you want to know more about it, you can tell me after you decide."

"Very well."

I left the man standing there. Now it is his decision. I'm interested to see what he will decide.