Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Defiance of Duskendale II

- 277 AC -

(Jon Hollard POV)

As a knight from House Hollard and the steward of Duskendale my life was not always easy. I thought if I worked hard and proved myself, I would eventually get enough money to marry and have a small family. I managed to be married to the sister of Lord Denys Darklyn and even got a son, Robin. I can't say that I'm unhappy with my life, but just as I thought it would go uphill, Lord Darklyn goes ahead and captures the King of Westeros. What does he think that will achieve?

My brother Ser Steffon Hollard died two years ago. My brother Ser Symon is the master-at-arms in Dun Fort and played a large role in the capture of King Aerys II Targaryen. When Lord Denys Darklyn defied and captured the King, it was my brother who slew Ser Gwayne Gaunt of the Kingsguard during the taking. Killing a Kingsguard is an impressive feat, but my brother was always a very skilled fighter. Had he not sword to Lord Darklyn, he might have had a chance to attend a tourney and become a Kingsguard himself. 

"What are you doing, husband?", my wife asks me as I brood during dinner. 

"I'm thinking."

"About what?"

"About the situation we find ourselves in."

"And what situation would that be?", she asks me seriously.

I look at her and ask myself if she understood anything that happened in the last couple of days. 

"Your brother just captured the King of Westeros. Any moment now, thousands of soldiers will arrive at the doorsteps of Duskendale and siege the city. We will die soon if nothing is done and there is nothing we can do about it.", I say and understand how frustrated I am. 

"Why would that happen? My brother has captured the King, if anyone tries anything, he will kill the King. My brother is a smart man and knows what he's doing.", she says. 

"Wife. I want you and Robin to leave Dun Fort and Duskendale entirely. Leave and go North. If possible don't get seen. I can't leave since Symon will look for me. But you could tell your brother some good reason that-"

"No. I won't leave my family at a moment like this. Robin is far too excited about making fun of the king and I also like to see the arrogant shit put in his place. He is but an old man and a disgusting one at that. He deserves what my brother gives him. We deserve more than what we have."

She has no idea what she's talking about. In-


The door opens and a soldier enters the room. He salutes in front of me.

"Ser Hollard, your brother Ser Hollard is asking for you. Something happened.", he says. 

I nod my head and move out of the house. I follow the young soldier until I reach my brother and Lord Darklyn, who are discussing something heatedly. 

"Brother.", I say and he nods his head. 

"Good, you're here. There is a situation. Lord Tywin has sieged the city. Since he can't storm the castle and free the King, he is forced to do this. We were expecting it of course and are ready for a long siege.", my brother tells me. 

"And the smallfolk?", I ask. 

"What do we care about the smallfolk?", Lord Darklyn says, "When this is all over, they will thank me for doing this for them and gaining a better deal for Duskendale."

"Aye, you're right Lord Darklyn. What would you like us to do?", my brother asks.

"Secure the walls and make sure we're prepared for a surprise attack. Lord Tywin is famous for his ruthlessness and cruelty. It is not beyond him to do that."

"As you command. Come brother, we have work to do."

We are all going to die.



(Tywin Lannister POV)

"What of the situation?", I ask the Small Council as all the members have seated themselves. 

"I have already prepared a small number of ships to block anyone from fleeing by boat or getting supplies. They should have crossed the Blackwater Bay already and arrived at Duskendale. I am in the process of amassing an even bigger fleet to stop anyone from attacking Kings Landing and possibly attack Duskendale.", Lord Lucerys Velaryon, the Master of Ships tells me. 

Lucerys Velaryon, the Lord of the Tides and head of House Velaryon serves on the small council as the king's master of ships. I don't like him as while he is a strong supporter of the King, he uses any opportunity to whisper things into his ears to earn favours. His skill in the handling of ships is acceptable though. 

I nod in his direction and look at the others. Grand Maester Picelle has nothing much to say right now and I am not expecting him to say anything anyway. 

Lord Symond Staunton, the Lord of Rook's Rest and the head of House Stauntonis was the next to speak. 

"I have worked together with Ser Gerold to make sure the city is safe while his Grace is not present in Kings Landing. Now there might be other ambitious Lords who are working with Lord Denys Darklyn and his plan. If an attack happens while we are unprepared, it would doom Westeros. The people are somewhat calm right now after we swept through the known thieves. But this could change depending on how long this 'Defiance' lasts.", Lord Symond Staunton says and Ser Gerold Hightower nods his head in confirmation. 

"Good. We wouldn't want anyone thinking us weak because of this. Crush any thought of rebellion with an iron fist and make it public. Show everyone that nothing has changed, despite the King getting captured.", I tell them and look into their eyes. 

"Ser Gerold, what is the situation in the city? Have there been any improvements in criminal activities, apart from thieves? Now that I am leaving Kings Landing, I have no interest in bothering about problems here when I already have to deal with them in Dun Fort.", I say looking at the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. 

"There have been strange movements in certain areas of the city, Lord Hand. We aren't clear on what these movements are right now, but we're working on it.", he tells me. But there is more, I can feel it. 

"The Guilds?", I ask him.

"We thought so as well, Lord Hand, but it seems not to be the case. We have spies looking into the Guilds but nothing has come up as of yet. If it were the Guilds it would be strange for them to act before the Defiance of Duskendale, since now would be a much better chance of increasing their influence. But they are not doing anything. We suspect another group came to Kings Landing and spread their influence."

"That is concerning. I wish for you to increase the number of soldiers who patrol the streets. Also, keep a close eye on Flea Bottom. They have grown in size and filth the last couple of years.", I tell him. 

"As you say, Lord Hand."

"Very well. I shall leave for Duskendale."

"Safe travels, Lord Hand."



(Thomas Shelby POV)

I walk through the streets of Strom's End in thought. The situation in Westeros has taken a strange turn that might sow chaos or opportunities. After founding the Peaky Blinders with my brothers and Robert, I knew what I was getting into, but that's alright. Robert understands the world like no other. He is not a civilian, he is a Lord and a bloodied one. 

He gave me free reign to expand and enter certain businesses, as long as it serves the family. With family, he means the Blinders, since there might come a time, that some Baratheon won't fit the description of what we are looking for. But right now, House Baratheon, Robert and Stannis are like our leaders while I lead the gang. 

Robert has the final say in everything but I have a lot of say as well. He seldom overrules one of my decisions and supports our wishes. it is hard to believe that he is but 5 and 10 name days old. He looks like a grown man and has the strength of two men combined. His martial skill as well as his intellectual might makes him truly formidable and dangerous for his enemies. 

I walk into our base and see my brothers. 

"So what's this about?", I ask them. 

"We got a raven from Kings Landing. It looks like Lord Tywin is leaving and the Master of Ships will also leave shortly, giving us a window to further our power base there.", Arthur tells me. 

"Yeah, we might as well use this chance, now that the prick King is not there.", Jon agrees. 

"What do you think?", Arthur asks me. 

I think about it for a minute. 

"What did the last letters state then? How goes the project in Fleas Bottom?", I ask them. 

"The Blinders are gaining a rather big footing there. We are making good progress and the three brothels we acquired have been improved and are being protected. The hygiene is taken care off and we are slowly creating more work for anyone willing to join us. But now that the King and the Hand of the King is missing, we might as well further increase our power."

"What about the other players?"

"The usual. No one is making a fuss right now, since we are staying under rather quiet and secretive but I don't like it. I would rather we make ourselves known and attack more openly.", Arthur says. He is a hothead and doesn't understand the implications if we were to do that. 

"If the King comes back, 'if', he will be furious and if he hears that our family has caused unrest in the city, he will go nuts and burn our asses. Robert told us to play the game smart and not because we are looking for glory or have others get wet when they hear our names. So we will continue the way we are going right now.

Of course, that doesn't mean we won't take advantage of the situation. Send a raven to Kings Landing. Notify Creig and tell him to get another of the wash houses. Robert told us that he has something planned concerning wash houses and everything he plans usually has a big impact. This will get us the chance to prepare for when he inevitably makes it more profitable.", I tell them. 

"Aye, I'll do that. What else?"

"Send news to the two groups we have in the vicinity to Dusekendale. I want to know anything that goes on in there. Soon Tywin Lannister will siege the city and stop anyone from going in or out, making it hard to find out what is going on. But if we are to save some of the people and add them to our ranks, we have to know what is going on. 

Also send the two groups, Robert told us about to Sow's Horn and another in Sharp Point. Sow's Horn is perfect to place some of the quick ships just in case we need to evacuate some people and then disappear quickly. If anything, we might as well see if there are any secret tunnels in Duskendale to smuggle people or goods out or in, if that's necessary. 

Thieves will take advantage of the siege and start stealing food. If we can take them out and help the smallfolk, we would not only gain many thanks but also information as we could sell the food for information. We might not be good guys, but we have class. No need to starve the innocents.", I finish. 

"Aye, let's do that."

Now we only have to wait. I can't fathom what Lord Darklyn thought it would get him if he just took the King hostage. Sure he has a powerful bargaining chip, but that's it. With Tywin Lannister as Hand of the King and currently calling the shots, the King is most likely to die and all of the people in Duskendale who are even remotely related to this incident. 

Too bad. They should have left when they had the chance.