Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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Defiance of Duskendale I

- 277 AC -

(Robert Baratheon POV)

"What do you think? Is it possible? And if yes, how fast can you get it done?", I ask Shosanna. 

Shosanna was a former prostitute in Stom's End working for Linda's establishment until I came along and offered them all better jobs. Prostitution and brothels were in decline in Storm's End but were now stabilising. Some women liked the job and now that whores were 'in short supply', they could both decide who they slept with and raise the prices considerably. I'm certain that in a few decades, there won't be any prostitution in Storm's End. 

Stannis and I have begun the project: Schools. Now most children are getting a basic education. Both boys and girls were taught, there was no discrimination. We kept it quiet for now, but in a few years, when we had gathered enough power and influence, I was going to make this public and offer education to anyone loyal to me and willing to come from around the Stormlands. Education is power. Propaganda is one of the most powerful tools I will use in this world. 

Back to Shosanna. She used to work for Linda who has become a friend of mine, as much as that might surprise people, she is a funny and quick-witted woman. I gave Linda all possible help I could to make their lives better and she allowed anyone who wanted to leave the whore business and start making money in ways I offered. Shosanna's lifelong dream was to become a seamstress and she is truly talented. So much so, that I have made her head seamstress and a member of the Creation Guilds board. 

"I think you are the most remarkable young man in all of Westeros and if you don't watch out, you will be devoured by some female soon.", Shosanna says half in jest. I like Shosanna. If anything I admire talent and those willing to go to great lengths to achieve something in this life. 

"Don't scare me like that. But is it possible?", I ask her. 

"Aye, it's possible alright. The complexity of this is remarkable, but I'll manage to do it within the fortnight. I'll push anything else to the back for this ... what was it you called it? A smart suit?"

"A suit, yes. I wanted to wear something to look smart in. I think it works well."

"Not something that people are used to in this world, but you are special after all.", Shosanna says looking at the plans I gave her. 


"You're amazing Shosanna. Thank you. Oh by the wa-"


The door is pushed open and a young man runs inside looking around until he finds me. He rushes towards me and hods to Shosanna, just like I taught them. Show some f*cking respect to both men and women who are skilled in their craft.

"Boss!", he says.

"What is it?"

"Lord Stannis, he told me to come find you. I think it's urgent.", he says. 

"Fine. Shosanna, I'll see you later. If you need anything, tell me.", I say and move out of the establishment. 

As we walk back to the hideout of the local gang, I talk to the young man I used to teach. He was the oldest one we took in of the orphans back in the day. Now he's on the rise as a skilled and loyal young man. 

"What happened?"

"Thomas just got a notice from one of your spies in Kings Landing. The King was captured!"

"... Interesting."


We walk into the pub Stannis and I had created and walk through the back door, leading to a staircase which brings us to the cellar. There we pull a lever that opens a secret door. We walk through the short tunnel and reach a big room, where a few men are discussing things. The talk stops as we enter and I move to the chair at the head of the table. 

"What's the situation?", I ask looking at Stannis who is sitting to my right. 

"As of right now, we don't know everything, but after getting the message, I asked around and Thomas managed to find out some things as well. A moon ago, Denys Darklyn, Lord of Duskendale stopped paying taxes. A sennight ago, Denys invited Aerys to come to Duskendale to hear his petition. Aerys travelled to Duskendale with a small escort led by only one Kingsguard knight, Ser Gwayne Gaunt, to bring the defiant Lord Darklyn to heel. Upon arrival, however, the king was imprisoned. Some of the king's escorts were killed defending their king, including Ser Gwayne, who was slain by Denys's master-at-arms, Ser Symon Hollard.", Stannis explains. 

"I see. What else can you tell me? How did it come to this in the first place? Why would Lord Darklyn stop paying taxes?", I ask.

"From what we know, it's got historical reasons, right? Duskendale, it had once been a proper important port on Blackwater Bay, seat of kings and all that. But its wealth started shrinkin' and trade dwindlin' 'cause of that nearby King's Landing growin' like mad. Now, Denys Darklyn, Lord of Duskendale, he weren't happy with this decline, not one bit. He wanted to get a charter for Duskendale, like what Dorne got nearly a century ago, see.

But Lord Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King, he weren't havin' none of it. Firmly rejected the proposal, he did. Infuriated at Tywin's refusal, Denys thought he'd come up with a new plan, which, as it turned out, would eventually have some proper severe consequences.", Thomas tells me. 

Thomas had turned 16 this year. The irony of everything was not lost on me. The looks, way of speaking, the way he acts, and his family status, all reminded me of the show. Good for me, since it was me and Stannis who took them off the streets and raised them to the position they had right now. I know that Thomas Shelby is not the exact same as the one from the show, but they share many similarities.

He's stoic, intelligent, ruthless, calculating, and ambitious. He is willing to go to any lengths for his family. Ironically, when Stannis and I got them from the streets, gave them a home, and food and taught them things, they have since seen us as part of their family. I of course made sure to have them all drink my blood as a pact. 

I knew Thomas was an ambitious man and no matter how much I enjoyed the show, I would never allow such a risk to linger at my back. I don't think it would have been necessary, but I wanted to be sure. So now the Peaky Blinders exist in this world. Founded by both Thomas Shelby and me, it is destined to achieve great things. 


"Quite a smart move on Lord Darklyn's part. But also terribly foolish.", I say after the situation becomes clear to me.

"What do you mean?", Stannis asks. 

"Well, Lord Denys Darklyn ceased to pay his taxes, to demonstrate his anger. He was smart. He was aware of the strained relationship between King Aerys and Tywin Lannister, so Denys invited Aerys to come to Duskendale to hear his petition. When Tywin naturally advises him not to go, Aerys, who wishes to distance himself from his Hand, decides to deal with the problem personally and gets captured. 

It was a clever plan to capture the King, but a stupid one as the man he will be dealing with, will be Tywin Lannister.", I explain. 

"You're thinking about the Reynes and Tarbecks.", Stannis says. 

"Aye, it will play out the same. Tywin is more likely to storm the castle of ... where did they take the King?"

"He's in Dun Fort in Duskendale.", Arthur informs me. Arthur Shelby, the older brother of Thomas. Also similar to the show. 

"That's just setting himself up for a disaster. But it wasn't possible otherwise.", I say. 

"Aye, had he not taken him to Duskendale, the city would have been raised to the ground in retaliation. Now he at least has some form of control.", Stannis says. 

"So what do we do?", Thomas asks. 

"The only thing we can. Prepare for the worst. And it will happen. As Tywin Lannister can't attack Duskendale, because the King is a hostage, he will besiege it with a sizable host. He will prepare for the worst as well and when he feels like he has prepared enough to gain the most out of the 'tragic' consequences, he will attack and storm Duskendale.", I say. 

"So how are we going to prepare for the worst?", Stannis asks me.

"Are there any Blinders in Duskendale?", I ask Thomas.

"I'm not sure. Ron?", Thomas asks another man who is sitting in the corner with a big book on his lap. He looks up when his name is called.


"Do we have anyone in Duskendale at the moment?", Thomas asks. 

"Not right now, no.", Ron answers. 

"Then get in touch with the Merchant Guild's representative there. He should know more and have connections. Tell them that they should prepare for the evacuation of many people. Possibly thousands if things turn out how I think. There are only two ways this goes. Either the king dies and then Duskendale is wiped from the map, or on the off chance that the King somehow ends up being freed, he will wipe the city off the map anyway. We will use this to recruit able men and women.", I say. 

"Stannis send the ravens to the representatives in the Crownlands. Thomas, you set up two small groups that will position themselves close to Duskendale. One in Sow's Horn and another in Sharp Point. We will have to transport the people by boat possibly. So just in case, we want to be ready."

"Aye." "Aye."


"Another letter?", Stannis asks me as he enters our solar in the castle. Both of us were granted our separate solar by Father since we had to do just as much if not more work than him. I was currently reading a few letters sent from some minor Lords of the Stormlands and then there were two that were different. 


"The lioness or the dornish? Or both?", Stannis asks and continues working while asking. 

"Both. But it seems that Elia is getting rather annoyed at me ignoring her letters. While Cersei is just a child using words her mother helps her with.", I say. 

"Why are you ignoring the Martells? We have time now. You could go and visit or not?", Stannis asks. 

"I could indeed go, but I want to combine the trip with some business. We have yet to hear back from the Merchant Guild who went to Sunspear. As soon as they have established themselves somewhat, I'll make a trip down there and see how things go. No need to give the Martells what they want just because they ask for it."

"Hm ... so much horse shit coming out of your mouth.", Stannis says surprising me. 


"You know as well as I that you are interested in Elia Martell. And I agree with you. The spies you sent are to keep watch and observe her movements and habits."


"I know you do that with most of the heirs and promising nobles of the realm, but there seems to be a particular interest in Elia Martell. As I said, I agree with you. From the reports, she is truly a gentle soul, which is unfitting for this world. She is also not that 'dornish' as any of her family. The lessons on how to seduce men and use them to do her bidding were probably not yet used. Although I doubt that she is a virgin, we have yet to hear about a consort or some sex partner in the reports.", Stannis summarises. 

"You're right. She did interest me. Not in the way a love-struck fool would be interested in a pretty face, but in the way that I can see the potential in her. Most other noble ladies are worthless. She could be implemented into the family."

"You are looking for a partner and not just an accessory, I understand. Dorne is not one of the places I would have looked for a bride, since they are never virgins and their culture is not really fitting for our tastes, but you were always special. If you were interested in a quick sexual session, you could have done that long ago. But are you sure it has to be a Martell? Why a dornish? Why not wait for Cersei Lannister? She's bound to be a beauty someday. And she seems to be interested in you as well."

"Cersei is a child still. She might be more mature than others but she is still a child. There is no way, I would bed a child. True, I could wait but why would I if Elia is a good match? Tywin won't accept any offers for his daughter anyway. He has this idea of marrying his daughter to Rhaegar or Viserys and he will not bend. I haven't decided yet, mind you. I am simply evaluating my options and will decide when I go down to Dorne in the next few moons.", I tell Stannis my plans. 

I observed Elia when she was here and kept watch over her movements and actions when she left here last year. She seems to truly be different from her family. She hasn't bedded a single man or woman since she came here. I haven't kept an eye on her before that, but that doesn't matter. She has a heart for the poor and is smart. 

I guess it is her body's weakness that stops her from pursuing senseless sexual relationships. When I go to Dorne, I will see if she's truly the way the reports say and if she is, then I don't see why she can't become the next Lady of Storm's End. 

But nothing is guaranteed in Westeros. Duskendale has to be resolved first before anything can happen. The realm is holding its breath. 


A/N Elia Martell is not what she was in the books. She is genuinely gentle and loyal. The complete opposite of Oberyn.

You people need to relax on this. No matter what happens ... let me cook.