Robert I Baratheon

A rather unusual reincarnation for Robert takes place. The ROB tells him he is supposed to be reincarnated into the world of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', but there is only one problem ... he never read the books or watched the series. To help him, he is gifted something that will make him the best King he can be, the Essence of the King.

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39 Chs

Anniversary Tourney II

- 272 AC -

(Robert POV)

The first thing that struck me when we finally reached Kings Landing was the smell. I know many must have said that, but it is truly bad. How anyone can live like this, is beyond me. If I were king, I would probably run it into the ground as quickly as possible. This is an embarrassment to any architect. The walls seem thick enough, but there is a major weakness in the harbour. The River Gate could be attacked and it would be hard to defend that should it ever happen. 

The Red Keep, the royal castle located on top of Aegon's High Hill is probably the dumbest thing they could have built there. The location gives access to the part of the city, which should be the most protected. If I created a catapult and loaded it on a large ship, the Red Keep would fall quite easily. That is simply trash in my opinion. 

"What are your thoughts, son?", my father asks me as I stand on deck with Stannis at my side, looking at the city in front of us.

"Utter trash, that's what it is.", I say with my arms crossed. My disappointment is huge and my day is ruined. 

"What?", my father asks me a bit flabbergasted.

"A capital city that smells like shit before you even set one foot inside, is an embarrassment for the King and anyone in the Kingdom. Then there are quite a few things I would have done differently when building it. The River Gate seems to be specifically weak. Creating a harbour this close to an entrance is asking for it to be attacked sooner or later. Also-"

"Alright, enough enough. *sigh* Promise me that you will not speak like that ever again. It is treason to even think like that. Do you understand me Robert?", Father asks me and looks into my eyes. His strong hand is resting on my shoulder, telling me he is serious. 

"Of course Father. I would never speak the truth when others could hear it and be offended by it. You know I'm not an idiot.", I tell him.

"*Groan* Since you started to take things more seriously, I have started to get these headaches constantly.", Father says and then walks away to prepare for the docking. Stannis and I look at his retreating back with our usual expressions. 

"Do you really think someone would be so bold to attack Kings Landing? And that it would work?", Stannis asks me. 

"Indeed. The Targaryen House has lost their Dragons for nearly a century, bringing them down to earth like the rest of us. And now, they are just as special or not like everyone else. The threat of Dragon fire has long passed and the greed of men and women hasn't lessened. From what I'm hearing, the current wannabe-lizard is growing madder by the day and many are unhappy with his rule. Should he give the Kingdom enough reason, a rebellion is not unthinkable."

"You are speaking dangerous words, brother ... but you're right. There is that chance now."


We make our way off our boat and across the harbour. I look at everything and add it to my ever-growing memory. This might prove useful in the future. You never know what will happen in this world ... never. The only thing that is guaranteed is the greed and scheming for man. I take it as it is, an obstacle to deal with. The Guilds I am creating are an answer to this problem. It is a long-term investment and one of the reasons I am investing so much money into Storm's End and the village. I will be sure to gather people. Not loyal people, that comes later. 

Our entourage moves across the harbour and we walk through the River Gate, which is called Mud Gate by the population of the city as I've come to understand. We reach Fishmonger's Square, which is a market square inside the River Gate. I look around and take in every face I can. I have gotten some training in doing that since I spent a lot of time in the village of Storm's End for the last couple of months. But this is still something completely different. 

So many people walk about and do their business. I try to take in the atmosphere around here to get a feeling for the situation I find myself in. Because no matter what it might appear on the outside, in this city, there is constant war. The best way to keep yourself informed of the current state is to keep abreast of the times, identifying the latest trends and rumours. The common folk know more than you could imagine. The Romans understood this fact. If the people are happy, the leaders may stay in office. 

Stannis looks at everything like I do but I can see there is disgust making its way through his stern visage. He has trouble dealing with the smell and I understand him. It is a problem. Thankfully it is getting better. I am forcing myself to deal with this uncomfortableness. 


We make our way across the hook after leaving Fishmonger's Square. The Hook is a narrow steep and curved street in King's Landing linking the Muddy Way at its foot and Aegon's High Hill at its top. The Red Keep is the one thing where it seems like the Targaryens really put some effort into it. There are signs of renovations visible to my keen eye. Building things has become one of my passions and I spent a lot of time creating plans for Storm's End. True it is one of the greatest castles in Westeros, but that doesn't make it the best it can be. Why would I stop making things better if I can? Of course, I don't have the funds or the manpower to do that, yet.

"What do you say, brother?", Stannis asks me.

"What's there to say? It's the Red Keep.", I say telling him we can't speak openly here. He nods his head and we proceed to make our way to the throne room, where King Aerys II Targaryen is waiting for us with his wife. Although I'm not sure whether that is truly the case. The King has a reputation for not caring about anything really. 

*Dum Dum Dum*

"Announcing the esteemed Lord Steffon Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End, head of House Baratheon, and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, accompanied by his lady wife, Cassana Baratheon, and their children, Robert Baratheon, Heir to Storm's End and Stannis Baratheon!", we are announced and Father motions for us to follow him. 

We move towards the throne, where King Aerys II Targaryen is sitting on the Iron Throne. He looks bored and ... disgusting. Those long fingernails almost make me want to scratch my eyes out. When we reach the bottom of the Iron Throne we all bend the knee. 

"Steffon, you look good. It's been long since you were here to visit me. I was wondering whether you were scheming or something like that.", the King says. If I were alone at home, I would furrow my brow and look at the man in question. But here, every move you make, every word you say or don't say, will be used against you. 

"Haha, Your Grace jest. I would have loved to come to Kings Landing if there was such a chance. But you see these troublemakers behind me kept me occupied for a long time. And it seems that it's not getting any better.", I hear Father say. This almost makes me break my stone mask. The deception! The betrayal man! He used us! How could he ... oh well, it's not wrong though. I guess that's the payback for his headaches. 



"HAHAHAHA, ah Steffon. I knew you were loyal. Come we have much to discuss.", I look at the King's face and see that his words are only partially true. There seems to be something lingering underneath that mask he wears. A small flickering flame, which threatens to grow stronger and consume ... I see. That has to be what the ROB meant when he said the thing about being King. Let's hope it isn't set in stone. 


The day continues and we are forced to attend the court for hours to give the appearance of a good and healthy family that has not only one but two healthy heirs should the need arise. We are little more than exhibition pieces right now. Cool. Time to take a gander at the other 'pieces'. 

As the dinner starts, I look around the tables. These are all Lords and Ladies of prominent and noble houses. Some even have their offspring with them. I only partially listen to the discussion of some minor Lord next to me as he talks about the problems of some stonemason he had in court the other day. He is pathetic and not worth my time. I don't make a secret of my lack of interest as my eyes wander across everyone I see.

So much bullshit is being thrown around the room, that it makes the rest of Kings Landing smell pleasant. This place needs a good trash collector and I am more than willing to act as one. Or not and simply stay in Storm's End and the Stormlands as I improve them. My eyes wander along the people sitting at the tables before they finally reach the top one, where the Royal Family and the closest advisors are sitting. 

There is one person who is actually looking at me ... Tywin Lannister. Our eyes lock for a moment. I see it ... I take everything in and then look away. He is dangerous. Duly noted, the head of the Lion's House is dangerous and it seems he has come to the same conclusion about me. Or he sees me as an intelligent boy. I broke the staring to appear weak and nervous. Like his gaze was unnerving me. In truth, I am wary of him now. I know about Tywin Lannister from Father as they were pages at the same time and are 'friends'. 

The Lannister gold mines and their money overall are what makes them one of the most powerful houses in Westeros. Not only that, with a man like Tywin at the head, he is bound to raise his house even further. As my gaze wanders away from Tywin and lands on the two smaller blondes next to his wife ... I understand the reason for them being here. 

It is as I said, 'exhibition pieces'. And Tywin Lannister, the Hand of the King has his ear. The King has a male heir who is only a few years older than his daughter from what I've read. Rhaegar Targaryen was born in 259 AC and Cersei Lannister in 266 AC, making him 7 years older than her. This is more than acceptable in this world. Here you could also marry someone as old as your grandfather or grandmother and it wouldn't really matter. 

So showing off the first signs of beauty to the King and especially to the young Prince is not a bad play. I would have not done that though. Doing holds more risks than it is worth in my opinion. She has seen 6 name days. No matter what she says it will be the words of a child. And if she stays quiet, she will not be seen as something special to the Prince who has the hearts of many a maiden. 

It doesn't matter what world you are in. If the young Prince is not a pedo, he won't be interested in Cersei Lannister right now. And as a young man of 13 name days, he's sure to have many maidens enchanted by his 'charming' Valyrian gaze. Looking at the young man now, I see a poet, a prince charming. Someone who sings ballads and plays an instrument to sway the hearts of women. And when I look at the King ... oh my. 

Hehehe, things will get rather interesting ... or just annoying.