1 Chapter 01

1 In the 37th year of Konoha, at the end of the Second Shinobi War

, under the Hokage Building in Konoha

, "You bastard, didn't you promise me to bring the rope tree back!"

Senju Tsunade's face was angry and holding the collar of the big snake pill

, a good-looking face, full of resentment at this time,

Senju Tsunade never thought that he gave his younger brother

Senju Rope Tree to the Great Snake Pill, but what he got after the war was the death of the Senju Rope Tree,

"Speak to the old lady!"

That's his own brother "I,,,"

was held by Tsunade's collar, and Orochimaru didn't know what to say for a while, he could only smile bitterly

, and he didn't even have the courage to look at Tsunade

, and it was precisely because of such things that Orochimaru's heart would show signs of blackening,

'Human life is too fragile!

"Tsunade, calm down, Orochimaru doesn't want to!"

Jiraiya, who is also a partner, can only find ways to calm Tsunade down at this time

, but Jiraiya can also understand

, after all, it is his younger brother who died, and it is normal for Tsunade to be so angry,

"Am I calm? How can I calm down, that's the old lady's brother, the old lady's only relative! "

After the third generation of Hokage Ape Flying Sun took the throne

, the former first ninja clan Senju clan has long since withered

, and as soon as the Senju rope tree dies, it represents the huge Senju clan, and only Senju Tsunade is left,

"I'm sorry!" Tsunade! I'm sorry! "

In addition to sorry, Orochimaru doesn't know what else to say

, this is the Hokage Building, there are many well-known ninjas in Konoha around, or some ninjas

, but now there are few who dare to come up to dissuade

, the title of three ninjas, this time has been famous in the ninja world

, everyone can see that Tsunade at this time is like a barrel of dynamite, one point will explode

, "Sure enough, it's this time period!"

Among the onlookers, a boy who looked fifteen or sixteen years old, with blond hair and two ninja knives hanging from his waist, was squinting

slightly, looking at Senju Tsunade who roared at the big snake pill

, Aoyama Liuyun, it was his name, although it has been more than ten years since he crossed Konoha but for all the details, Aoyama Liuyun still knows

, this time period, the Senju rope tree is indeed 'dead' "Gee!"

A contemptuous smile, after experiencing the second Ninja World War, for life and death

, Qingshan Liuyun has long seen a lot, not to mention, Qingshan Liuyun does not know the Thousand Hands Rope Tree

, after 'sigh', Qingshan Liuyun is ready to leave,

but ,,,


Facing the angry Tsunade, the surrounding atmosphere is very quiet

, this sudden voice, indeed seems a little abrupt

, Tsunade is full of anger, I don't know who to beat

it, backhand put down the big snake pill, turned his head and looked directly in the direction of Aoyama Liuyun

, Tsunade can hear, the sound of 'ge' just now, it is from here

, "Boy, do you have any opinion about my brother's death?"


" Because of such a sentence, everyone's eyes followed to look at Qingshan Liuyun for a while,

"That is?"

After searching for memories for a while, Orochimaru immediately thought of some information he had directly seen

, "Aoyama Liuyun, Konoha Kami-Shinobu, a man with the title of Golden Lion?"

The big snake pill's pair of snake pupils, curiously looked at Qingshan Liuyun

, I had heard it before, if we really met, this was the first time,

"That's the golden lion?" A new swordsmanship genius after the White Fang? "

There is a title about the golden lion, I

have heard more or less of it, after the White Fang of Konoha, the new swordsmanship genius in

Konoha Village, but unlike the White Fang, Aoyama Liuyun is a double sword flow swordsman

, and this full of blonde hair, plus most of Aoyama Liuyun's moves are mainly lions , which got the title of the Golden Lion,

and Zi Lai also looked at this Konoha rookie curiously

, and his recently acquired apprentice Bofeng Shuimen, all have blond hair, but unlike Bofeng Shuimen

, which has always been a gentle smile like a small sun

, except when fighting, Qingshan Liuyun is always a defiant, unruly look

, like a lion, does not put everything in his eyes,

"This swordsmanship genius is going to be unlucky!"

Zi Lai also shrugged helplessly and said

, after all, as companions, they know how angry

Tsunade is now, this Aoyama Liuyun just hit the muzzle, but Zi Lai has already thought about it, if Tsunade's hand is too heavy, it is still

necessary to help a group of this Konoha rookie, after all, they are all ninjas of a one-man village

, and the big snake pill on the side did not say anything, but his eyes were also focused on between Tsunade and Aoyama Liuyun,


Suddenly stopped, Aoyama Liuyun stopped preparing to leave, turned his head to look at Tsunade

, with eyes as proud as a lion king, as if he didn't put Tsunade in his eyes at all

, even if the other party was one of the three Shinobi of Konoha, even if the other party was the granddaughter of the first Hokage, even if the

other party was the apprentice of the third generation Hokage

, "You bastard, my brother's death, does it make you so disdainful?"

Several small pounds appeared on his forehead, staring

at Aoyama Liuyun with a gloomy face

, Tsunade is not a person without reason, otherwise he would not be the fifth generation Hokage in the future

, but because of the death of Senju Rope Tree, Tsunade was too angry,


Qingshan Liuyun calmly replied,


Clenched with one hand, this arrogant attitude is really infuriating!

07/04/2023 20: Noticing Tsunade's fist

, although Aoyama Liuyun still looked defiant

, his right hand was already placed on the hilt of the ninja knife at his waist,

"Monster Fist!"


Everyone only felt that their eyes were in

front of them, carrying a fist with unparalleled strange power, directly slammed into Qingshan Liuyun

, holding a ninja knife in one hand, straddling in front of themselves

, steadily blocking the fist of Senju Tsunade, ,,,,,,,,,

Xinshu on the road!" I hope you enjoy it!.


2 "Block, block, block!"

Zi Lai also looked shocked

, as a partner for many years, he naturally knew how terrifying Tsunade's strange power was,

this fourteen and fifteen-year-old boy could actually block Tsunade's power?

"Sure enough, this is the true strength of Lord Liuyun!"

"That's a swordsmanship genius that even White Fang admires,"

compared to the ninja who has never seen before

, who has fought side by side with Aoyama Liuyun, for such a situation, it seems a lot more indifferent

, if it is really so easy to solve, how can Aoyama Liuyun get the title of golden lion


"The past is irretrievable, the future can be changed, don't you understand such a simple truth?"

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