Road to Primordial Book

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Road to Primordial


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Aiden's life became a mess, he's so called best friend betrayed him, his girlfriend cheated on him, and his supposed to be family abandoned him, all things went downhill for him, but one fateful encounter with an old woman changed everything. With his new found strength he vowed to best form of him and to make sure those people who messed with him will pay. What he will become only time will tell. \ / Hello everyone just a quick note from me, so because of the pandemic I'm stuck at home bored so I tried something new, I'm a beginner okay and English is not my first language so there will be some wrong spelling and grammatical error. Also some might say "WHY HAREM?!"... okay I'm not just some horny pervert okay I might be a virgin but I know how date someone (but I'm awkward when talking to females) so the harem will not be like" YOU'RE PRETTY, WE PROCREATE, YOU PART HAREM" and more like "YOU'RE PRETTY, WE ALLY, WE FRIENDS, WE DATE, I PROPOSE, WE MARRY" so I'm not sure if you guys understand but I don't know how to explain it better. Well anyways I hope ye enjoy, and there might be incest it depends.


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