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You have never been my opponent


The hall filled with silence once again.

"Sirzech-sama, pardon me for being rude, but this is important even to your little sister's life. Don't you think that it is rude wishing for something so selfish in one of your little sister's happiest life moments?"

The happiest life moment?

Some of them felt their lips twitch since it was their first time to know that Riser could be so shameless.

However, wasn't it good?

In the end, Maou was nothing but a symbol.

In the devil's world, the words of the nobles were more important.

The marriage between him and Rias was the wish of all the devils in the world, so to stop it, Sirzech had to face all the displeasure of the high-level pure-blood devils.

In the original, Riser was so stupid to accept this fight so carelessly, but it was normal since he was confident in his power, and in the memory of [Rating Game], Issei was so weak.

Issei was a swine before a pearl.

This is his image of Issei.

Because of this, Riser lost to Issei as he had underestimated Issei and his protagonist's aura.

More importantly, this duel was at a loss for him from beginning to end.

He was sure if Issei won this duel, he would receive something, but what if he won?

He got nothing!

If he loses, he loses his fiancee.

While he didn't care about this fiancee, it was too cheap to let go of everything like this, right?

If Issei could get a reward for winning, Riser also wanted one too!

Still, his answer stunned Sirzech, especially when Riser's words made him stand on the high ground, wise and mature, yet he appeared so selfish for wishing something to see the fight between him and Issei during this important event.

However, how could he give up?

"Are you scared?"

"I am not scared, but after we complete this engagement, you can see me fight anytime as I will take care of my fiancee's peerage, right, Rias?"

What could Rias say?

She could only stay obedient to Riser's side since she was afraid that Riser would kill Issei once again.


While her voice was low, she nodded at Riser's question.

"...." Issei.

"....." Sirzech.

"....." Rias's peerage members.

While Sirzech and Rias's peerage members sighed helplessly, Rias's parents were okay since this was what they wanted.

The marriage between the two was something they were looking forward to, especially her mother.

As for now, Issei hadn't shown his worth.

Like what Riser thought, everyone also thought the same.

Issei was nothing but a swine before a pearl, and they also had enough to accept Rias's selfishness.

"No, I won't let you! I won't let you get Buchou's virginity! Buchou's virginity belongs to me!"

Issei let out a roar, showing his determination.

"Sekiryuutei-kun, do you think I don't dare to kill you here?"

In his hand, a blazing fire formed.

It was like a miniature of the sun.

It was scorching, and one could tell how dangerous this attack was.

Once again, they were surprised by how powerful Riser was.

"No! Please stop! I will marry you, okay? Don't hurt him!" Rias hugged Riser tightly, so he wouldn't be able to attack Issei.

Riser's lips twitched, and he also stopped his attack since he didn't want to hurt this woman. Still, the woman's body was like kryptonite to him. It made him helpless, especially those boobs!

What the fuck is going on with this body?

Was it the effect of Riser's original personality?

Or was he really that perverted, to begin with?

Why were boobs so mighty in this world?

"Bu-Buchou..." Issei looked at this scene sadly as he clenched his fists before he shook his head. "No, as expected, I can't accept this! I can't accept this marriage at all! I will take Buchou away from here!"

Riser's eyes suddenly went cold, but Sirzech suddenly said, "Riser-kun, what do you want so you can accept this duel?

Riser stared at Sirzech and wondered how much this guy wished for him to accept this duel.

Frankly, whether this duel or [Rating Game] before had no meaning.

After all, no matter what, it wouldn't change the fact that Rias was his fiancee.

Still, he wouldn't agree to this duel no matter what, but...

[Bastard, how dare you look down on me?!]

[Option 1: Take Sirzech's wife and let him taste the feeling of humiliation of watching his wife being taken by you. You will receive a "Zanpakuto: Ryuujin Jakka."]

[Option 2: Kill Sirzech. You will receive a "Zanpakuto: Nozarashi."]

[Option 3: Accept the fight, then kiss Rias in front of everyone. You will receive a "Sex Mastery."]


[You must choose one, or else you will lose all of your Demonic Power]


He felt so sad that he wanted to cry at that moment.

Losing all of his Demonic Power?

What was the difference between this and being crippled?

Why did he need to be this miserable?

Frankly, he wanted to take "Option 1," but he was sure that he would be killed.

As for "Option 2," he ignored it since he would be dead either way.

So, he could only choose "Option 3."

He sighed helplessly and asked, "Do you really want to see me fighting?"

"Yes." Sirzech nodded. "This is also your important event, too, right? You should show that you are worthy of Rias."

"Then, do you think this Sekiryutei is worthy of Rias?"

"...." Sirzech.

"Sirzech-sama, are you going to say to this Sekiryuutei that if he wins, he will get Rias?"

Everyone stared at Sirzech, waiting for his answer.

Issei also looked at Sirzech in anticipation, but...


"....." Issei.

"However, if he wins, he will be able to get a prize. He is a devil, after all, so we need to give him something fitting for it since we are asking something for us. Now then. I can give you anything. A peerage? or the most beautiful woman? What do you think Sekiryuutei-kun?"

"I ask you to give me Rias Gremory-sama back!"

"Very well. If you win, you may take Rias with you."

"Thank you very much!"

The two somehow talked to each other, but Riser suddenly said, "Sorry, when did I say that I agreed to this duel?"

"....." Sirzech.

"..." Issei.

"Moreover, Sirzech-sama, I have never asked Sekiryuutei, and everything was your own request. It has nothing to do with me. Lastly, Rias Gremory is a single individual. You can't treat her like a bet chip that you can use anytime for your selfish desire. Even if you are his older brother and Maou Lucifer, I will get angry and fight you for her."

Riser was seriously showing his acting skill.

Even if he faced Maou, he didn't show fear and even released his Demonic Power.

Everyone was surprised by his courage.

Rias also widened her eyes since she didn't expect the words that came out of Riser's mouth and his courage to face Sirzech, the Maou, which moved her greatly since she didn't expect this side of him. Moreover, due to Riser's words, even though Sirzech wanted the best for her, she felt the way he helped her was quite irritating.


Sirzech knew that no matter what, he would become the bad guy in this situation.

Yet, he was also surprised by Riser's courage.

"But even so... I want to watch it."

Sirzech knew that he had lost his face at that moment, but everything was for Rias.

"I see..." Riser nodded, but then he sighed. "I might respect you as a Maou, but as a family, I can't respect you. After all, are we, the devil, so weak that we have to carry a favor to a Sekiryuutei?"

His words echoed everyone's heart.

As a devil, they were proud beings since they were born from the seven sins, so hearing his words, their hearts fluctuated.

"Do you dare to fight me or not, bastard?!" Issei didn't know anything complicated, and he just wanted to fight Riser and bring Rias back with him!

However, Riser didn't even glance at Issei and looked at Sirzech. "Sirzech-sama, I agree with this duel."


"But as I am a devil, shouldn't you give me a prize too, since it is unfair if I don't receive a reward, right?"

"...then, I will also give you anything too when you win..." Sirzech was helpless.

"Thank you."

Riser smiled, and his smile also affected most of the people here before he faced Issei. "So, Sekiryuutei, let me tell you that I have never regarded those who have lost against me as an opponent. I will give you time to catch up to get stronger, so you will realize you can't see the gap between us and fall into despair."

His confident and clear voice echoed through the hall, making everyone realize what kind of a man he was.

Still, before the battle, he kissed Rias's lips once again.

They might not have an engagement any longer later, so he should take advantage as long as possible.

"...." Rias.

"...." Sirzech.

"..." Everyone.

"...." Issei.


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