178 Tourist

Riser wondered whether Gabriel forgot that he was a devil.

While he didn't mind helping someone, they needed to give a certain price for his help. 

Everything was an equivalent exchange, but facing her stare, he felt that it would take too much time to argue, so he decided to help her helplessly while wondering how someone could be so kind. 

In the end, the old lady joined them on this trip until she arrived at her home. 

"I am sorry for troubling you on your date." 

"Date?" Gabriel looked at the old lady in surprise, then looked at Riser in doubt, "Is this a date?" 

"Of course not." 

Riser rolled his eyes. 

Naturally, this wasn't a date, especially when her purpose was just to monitor him in case he might do something dangerous to heaven, or she just wanted to follow him due to curiosity. 

Either way, he had never thought of this trip as a date. 

"Ah, is that so? I am sorry for my misunderstanding, but you two are suited to each other, so I can't help but think of you as a lover." 

The old lady apologized and maintained a polite attitude, as she could tell that they weren't ordinary people due to the aura exuded from their bodies. After all, she was nothing but a poor old lady, but then again, were they fighting each other?

While she was curious, she didn't ask this question. 

Still, the old lady thought that Riser was so handsome. 

Nevertheless, Gabriel suddenly looked at Riser as she thought of a certain word from the old lady. 


Fortunately, the village where the lady lived wasn't that far, so they quickly arrived at their destination. 

"Thank you very much. This might not be much, but please accept them." 


"Yes, they are tasty. It might not be much, but please accept them as you helped me." 

Even if Gabriel tried to refuse, she couldn't, especially when the old lady had insisted on giving the apples.

Still, to show they were delicious, the old lady washed the apple with water, then ate it directly, telling Gabriel that the apples were cultivated by the community and it was the best in this area. 

The two talked with each other, but Riser didn't join as it was wasting his time talking with this old lady, especially since he didn't think he would meet her again. Nevertheless, he realized being a devil was amazing as he instantly understood the Italian language. 

"Sorry for giving you trouble." 

When Gabriel returned, she apologized to him as she knew she had given him trouble, especially when she asked him to follow her selfish wish to help the old lady. 

"It's okay. How about we continue the trip?" 

"Un." Gabriel nodded, but then she took out an apple in her hand and asked, "Do you want an apple? They are delicious." 

"I will eat it later since I am driving." 

Riser indirectly rejected her kindness. 

"Hmm..." Gabriel thought for a moment and suddenly thought of an idea. "How about I feed you? Open your mouth. Ahn..." 

Riser glanced at Gabriel, who offered him the apple, then glanced at her hand. Her hand was white and smooth without any blemishes. It was a perfect hand with slender and beautiful fingers. 

Riser didn't have a hand fetish, but then, he wanted to test something. He slowed down the car and opened his mouth, biting part of the apple as he lightly licked Gabriel's fingers like it was an accident. Then, the sweet, juicy juice came out from the apple as he chewed the apple in his mouth in surprise. 

"It's not bad." 

Was it due to the apple itself or Gabriel's fingers?

He could only say that it was both, as having a beautiful woman to feed him was definitely a great thing. 

Riser licked his lips but then noticed Gabriel was staring at her hand. "What's wrong?" 


Gabriel wasn't sure, but she felt that her heart was beating so fast at this moment, yet strangely enough, she felt eager to feed him again. "How about more?" 


Riser suddenly felt a certain guilt born from his hurt since he felt he had tainted this pure woman. 

As an angel and the most beautiful woman in heaven, there was no doubt that she had many people to try to seduce her, but then again, why couldn't they do it?

There was no doubt it was all due to the sheer holy and pure presence she emitted. Moreover, he knew that most of the time, she had many followers to follow her, so even if one wanted to seduce her, it was impossible. 

Nevertheless, even if he was trembling due to the guilt that came from tainting such a pure woman, he didn't mind pulling her into the abyss with him. Still, this wasn't the time, and being in a hurry wasn't something that he loved to do, so he didn't lick her fingers like an accident again.

Yet, why did she appear quite disappointed?

Yet, there was no doubt their trip was enjoyable. 

Whether they were an angel or a devil, it didn't matter as the beauty of the Mediterranean country was something that could be enjoyed by every race. 

Still, if there was trouble, Gabriel was too kind. 

As long as there was someone who was in need of help or when they happened to meet a church in a small village, she would ask him to stop, which made him helpless. 

Yet, Gabriel smiled since even if she knew she was a bit selfish, he followed her whims and didn't complain much, even helping her from time to time. 

Even if his expression said no, his body was honest. 

However, when they stopped in a certain city, Riser bought something. 


Riser aimed his camera at Gabriel and took a photo of her, which stunned her and made her unable to react properly. 

"Wh-Why did you take my photo suddenly?" 

"Can I?" 

"It's okay, though." 

Sometimes, Riser thought that Gabriel was a little gullible, but at the same time, he also knew that she was quite crafty. 

"But can we take a photo together?" Gabriel suddenly asked. 

"Do you want to take a photo together?" Riser raised his brows. 

"Can we?" 

Gabriel looked at Riser with her usual gaze when she asked him to stop or ask him to help. It had somehow become her habit. 


Riser was speechless, but he didn't show his rejection. 

"Ah, it's the saintess!" 


Suddenly, a young boy and a young girl approached them excitedly. 

"Hey, wait a moment! Don't suddenly run!" 

As the two children ran in the direction of Riser and Gabriel, a beautiful woman in her early 40s with silver hair also followed, lightly chiding her children for being rude. 

However, Gabriel was kind and welcomed them with a smile, talking with them for a moment before she suddenly asked, "I am sorry, but can you help us take a picture?" 

"Picture?" The beautiful mother stared at Gabriel, then looked at Riser. Frankly, she wondered what the relationship was between the two, but she agreed. "Okay." 

"Ah, can we take a picture too?" 

"Mom, take a photo with us too!" 

However, as Gabriel made such a request, the two children also wished to take a picture with her. 

"Don't trouble the saintess, you two!" The mother-of-two felt helpless for her two young children. 

"Then, how about we take a picture together?" Riser suddenly said. 

"Really?" 2x

"Yes." Riser nodded. 

As Riser was handsome, they also wished for him to join. 

Still, this brought a smile to Gabriel as it was her first time seeing Riser take the initiative to offer kindness. She thought that the days they spent together had made him kinder. 

"Mom, come on!" 

"Yes, come on, mom!" 

The mother-of-two was helpless and apologized to Riser. "I am sorry for my two children." 

"It's okay. It will be a good memory for us." 

While Riser didn't smile, his tone was gentle. 

"Thank you." The mother of two smiled and thought that even if Riser's expression was a little cold, his eyes showed kindness, showing how gentle he was. 

Still, as they had decided to take a photo together, suddenly, a kind shopowner nearby took the initiative to help them take their photo. 

"Say, cheese!" 


Whether it was Gabriel, the two children, the mother of the two, or Riser showed a kind smile in this photo. Their smiles were extremely gentle and happy, yet they didn't realize one person was under the guise. 

While a certain someone's smile appeared warm and gentle like the sunshine, making anyone smitten at his charm, deep in his heart, it was frightfully twisted and hideous.

'I've won.' 

He thought as he smiled in the direction of the camera. 


Don't be weirded out by his actions, as everything is about to unfold soon. 

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