Riser Phenex isn't a villain

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Let's go with a blast!

How not to be underestimated?

The fastest way was to show all of the power.

Riser might believe in the kindness of others, but as expected, when they screw him, he screws them twice back.

Frankly, he was familiar with this routine and knew that Nurarihyon wished for him to appear humble.

Yet, what kind of rights did Nurarihyon have to make him appear humble?

Nurarihyon wasn't Sirzech!

While Nurarihyon might be the leader of the East Youkai Faction, Riser didn't come here to beg Nurarihyon. He came to Japan to make a transaction. He wished they would train his pawns, and he would pay them with "Phenex Tears."

—or if they wished to, he could pay them with a large amount of precious metals as he could change the size of anything.

However, Nurarihyon had never realized how small of an existence he was in front of others. His tricks might be useful to others, but it was all due they were all weaker than him.

Yet, what about Riser?

It would be a dream if Nurarihyon wished for Riser to follow whatever play Nurarihyon wanted to follow!

However, as expected, Riser knew that he wasn't on his home ground. He was away from his house, so it was normal for him to be bullied and tricked like a tourist who came far away and was charged ridiculously high prices for items, yet the truth was it was just dirt cheap.

Still, such a trick only happened to those who were weak.

As for the strong tourist with his own bodyguards and high position, even if they didn't pay, the others would lick this tourist dearest and with all their might.

Riser might not bring bodyguards, but his strength was enough to crush all of them.

Still, Ni and Li, who were standing by his side, were confident and happy to watch all of this.

"You two don't need to fight. I will handle them, but you can glare at them as much as you want and don't forget to use the "heat sight" in case there is an enemy who is hiding and comes at us suddenly. In case something happens, I will deal with all the dangers, but just in case, make yourselves transparent when you feel threatened."

"Yes, Riser-sama." 2x

Ni and Li followed his words, put on the meanest face they could show, and used the "heat sight" while looking at the group of youkai who appeared one after another like waves.

Not everyone passed out or panicked like most weak youkais; some could maintain their consciousness, but even so, they didn't dare to approach carelessly since they could tell how strong their opponent was.

Fortunately, the second-in-commands, Retsuza (Kamaitachi) and Kumowatari (Lightning Beast), walked out, giving them strength.

The presence of the two gave strength to the other youkai, and many youkai started to gather, and the number was enough to reach hundreds of them.

Yet, facing all of them, Riser was as calm as ever, and his eyes used the "heat sight," trying to be careful.

"Is this the hospitality of the East Faction Youkai? How good! I can feel the friendliness and the Japanese spirit of the East Youkai Faction!"

His words were full of sarcasm.

"You... who the hell are you?!"

"Are you here to pick a fight?!"

Unlike the others, Retsuza and Kumowatari had a strong aura and even had a killing intent on themselves without hiding it, showing their clear intention to kill Riser.

[How dare you mess up with me, Bastard!?]

[Option 1: Kill or defeat all of them. You will receive "Psychic Resistance"]

[Option 2: Kill or defeat the leader of the "East Youkai Faction." You will receive "Location"]

[Option 3: Destroy or dominate the East Youkai Faction. You will receive "Area Invisibility"]

Riser moved his neck slightly. "Well, I might need to warm up before I meet your leader." Then, his body suddenly disappeared like a flicker of flame and appeared in front of Kumowatari.

The Lightning Beast felt his heart trembling as he saw Riser appear before him, raising his fist, and a black flash emerged, causing the space to tremble like it was cracked.


Kumowatari felt that his head was about to be torn apart from his neck, but this wasn't the end—


Riser's punches kept raining down without mercy as the black flash kept flickering one after another.

Unlike "Bajiquan Mastery," which was more like an assassination technique and mostly hit the opponent with one hit to defeat them, the "Boxing Mastery" was more comfortable to be used to beat down the opponents, and there was no need for Riser to worry that they would be dying.

Kumowatari felt that his entire body was broken.

Whether it was outside or inside, they were all broken by Riser.

Facing Riser's brutality, everyone could only look in fear.


Retsuza, the weasel-like youkai, panicked and quickly attacked Riser to stop him, but when his blade cut him down, Riser's body disappeared like a mirage!




Then, one by one, everyone fell as they were punched by Riser, beaten down, and crumbled on the ground.


Retsuza tried to chase after Riser, but Riser was too fast!

While Retsuza might be the second in command of the East Youkai Faction, his power was just so-so in Riser's eyes.

Facing this cruel and stupid beast, Riser might as well tell him how meaningless his struggle was by beating down all his comrades.

Meanwhile, Retsuzu chased after Riser, trying to stop him, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't do it. His eyes were in tears as he saw many of them were beaten without being able to do anything.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!"

Yet, Riser didn't stop and kept rampaging.

"Boy... you have gone a little overboard."


Retsuza was filled with hope when he saw Nurarihyon appear with his blade, ready to end Riser.

Nurarihyon might have seen him beating his subordinates before, but he didn't act immediately, as he needed to observe Riser's fighting style, habits, and many others. Then, when he understood everything, he didn't hesitate to act.

Nurarihyon is a youkai who is often depicted sneaking into people's houses while they are away, drinking their tea, and acting as if it is their own house.

It was due to this legend that Nurarihyon was a master of stealth and also an assassin.

Frankly, Nurarihyon felt regret and didn't really want to do this.

If he had picked Riser up, then this wouldn't have happened.

Yet, nevertheless, Riser was too much!

How dare this brat beat up all of his people?!

So Nirarihyon was going to end Riser here!

Yet, Riser seemed to notice him; his eyes were staring at his figure as if he had expected he would appear.

However, Nurarihyon snorted. He had seen how Riser had been using boxing to take down all of his opponents.

With how close their distance was, it was impossible for Riser to throw his punch.


Riser lowered his center, causing the blade to miss.


'What the heck?!'

Nurarihyon widened his eyes, but it was too late!

Riser struck down his elbow and gouged out Nurarihyon's guts!


Nurarihyon was thrown, crushing several trees hundreds of meters away as his old bones were broken due to that impact.

Everyone who hadn't been beaten by Riser was in a daze before they fell into despair as their hopes shattered!

If their commander was defeated, then what could they do?

Still, Riser wasn't going to let Nuraihyon go, and he quickly appeared before Nurarihyon and raised his palm high into the sky.

"Cardinal Eradication."

Riser created a large, spiraling fire centered on his location and amassed it at a focused point before turning it into a gigantic fireball resembling the crimson-colored moon with a diameter of hundreds of meters.


"No-No way..."

"A-Are we going to die...?"

"Oh, Buddha, Amaterasu-sama, God... anyone, please save us!"

While the flames hadn't arrived, they could feel their bodies being grilled like they were inside an over.

Nurarihyon looked at Riser's cold expression, and he could see this young man was serious.


He felt regret.

However, there was nothing that he could do.

Not only was he going to die, but the others were also dying by the flames as they were burnt into ashes.

"Since you have wanted to kill me, you should prepare to be killed."

Riser was about to drop off his attack, burning and destroying everything, but—

"Please forgive us! We will do anything! Give us your mercy!"

A young woman with a buxom figure, long black hair with a blue tint tied in a ponytail, and a sakura pattern kimono groveled on the ground.

(Magari's appearance isn't described, so I picture her like a Himari Omari in Omamori Himari).

"Who are you?"

"Magari. I am the leader of all the Nekomata."

"Do you think I can't forgive the people who are trying to kill me?"

"No... this is a misunderstanding! We're not trying to kill you!"

"Then, why did you surround us and aim your killing intent?"


Wasn't it because you were shouting and releasing that intense Demonic Energy to all of them?!

However, Magari couldn't say that since she knew Riser was hard to predict, but there was no doubt that he was in a rage. Frankly, she thought of helping Nurarihyon but knew she could do nothing. The only thing that she could do was apologize, especially when their leader, Nurarihyon, really planned to kill Riser.

"If you forgive us, then you will have our undying loyalty. You will be our master, and we will be your servants. Instead of killing all of us here, it is better for you to keep all of us as we are more useful to be alive than dying."

No matter what, she had to settle down this problem first.

As for the aftermath, they could think about that matter when they could keep their lives.

Then, at that moment, the fire disappeared, and the cool breeze spread in every direction.

All of those who had tasted the heat of his fire sighed in relief as they knew their lives were saved.

"Guide me into your place."

Magari blinked her eyes as she stared at Riser, who was walking away, showing his back to her. There was an urge to attack him, killing him in one blow, but—

"Do you know what the specialty of the Phenex House is?"

"Ah, eh?" Magari was startled by this sudden question, but before she answered, he said, "It's immortality."

Riser smiled at Magari and asked, "Do you want to know whether you and everyone can kill me first, or I can come back alive after all of that?"


Magari knew that they had lost thoroughly.