220 Fantastic

Watching the handsome appearance of the four and the sheer amount of demonic energy within their bodies, Riser knew that they should be special and they definitely weren't a nobody. To be honest, aside from Creuserey and Shalba, he was unfamiliar with Euclid and Rizevim. 

When he thought about the memory of his previous life, he also knew that he hadn't seen Euclid and Rizevim, but even though there was no information about them from his past life, he didn't feel much worried, especially when they lost so easily to him. More importantly, compared to Creuserey and Shalba, the information of Euclid and Rizevim was much more detailed. 

Euclid Lucifage. 

The moment this name appeared, one would connect him with Grayfia, the wife of Sirzech and the strongest "Queen," and that was correct as he was the little brother of Grayfia Lucifage. 

The truth is that Lucifage was a family who were wholeheartedly loyal to the original Lucifer, and during the Devil's Civil War, they were on the side of the Old Satan Faction, including Grayfia. 

However, in the end, Grayfia betrayed her family and went after her love for Sirzech. 

Her family was killed, but her little brother Euclid disappeared. 

Frankly, the love between Grayfia and Sirzech had been made into a movie, and Riser didn't have much to say, but he knew that it was nothing but a political move. Honestly, he even wondered whether Sirzech really loved Grayfia and probably only seduced Grayfia due to her powerful might. 

After all, Grayfia's might was comparable to Serafall's. 

If Grayfia hadn't lost to Serafall before, then the position of the Gremory House would have been even higher as Sirzech was the Lucifer and Grayfia was the Leviathan. 

By then, Rias' life would be even pampered. 

Unfortunately, life wouldn't work that way. 

Still, Riser felt responsible, so he thought to take care of Sirzech's wife in the future. 

'As expected, the path of villain isn't suitable for me.' He thought. 

"...." System. 

Nevertheless, Riser didn't expect to meet Euclid here. 

As expected, as the loyal servant of Lucifer and the little brother of Grayfia, Euclid should be powerful, but even if he was quite powerful among the majority of the devil, it was nothing in front of Riser. 

After all, it was impossible for the servant of Lucifer to be stronger than Lucifer himself, right?

Moreover, Euclid's specialty wasn't fighting. Instead, it was his intelligence as he was the brain within the Old Satan Faction. Furthermore, he should be the one who was responsible for creating the clone of the devil from the Phenex House. Lastly, he was also a master magician. 

If it was against Issei, there was no doubt Euclid wouldn't have trouble. 

However, it was different when Euclid faced Riser. 

Riser should have killed Euclid immediately, but he wasn't in a hurry. Instead, he focused his attention on the middle-aged man, Rizevim Livan Lucifer. 

As Lucifer's name is attached to his name, Rizevim should be related to the original Lucifer, like Vali, and yes, that's correct. 

Rizevim is the son of the original Lucifer and also the grandfather of Vali Lucifer. 

His history aside, as his role in the Devil's Civil War was quite limited, his power was something that needed to be taken as a precaution by the original protagonist. 

Sacred Gear Cancelation. 

It was an innate ability that allowed him to be able to nullify all Sacred Gear abilities, in addition to powers enhanced by using them with a single touch.

It was also due to this ability that Sirzech and Vali only gathered non-Sacred Gear users in their group. They did all of this, so their fight with Rizevim wouldn't be pointless, as Rizevim could nullify all the Sacred Gears.

Yet, watching Rizevim, who passed out on the ground and was beaten by Riser so easily, Riser wondered whether such a preparation was necessary. 

Still, there was no need to kill them immediately. Instead, he used his "Memo Memo no Mi" to check their memories, thinking he could find something interesting. The first target was Shalba and Creuserey, as he thought that he could check the content of their heads quickly. 

As expected, when he saw their memories, there was nothing useful in their heads. 

In their heads, they only wanted to destroy the current government of the Underworld, killing the rest of the mythical beings and dominating the world. 

It was the typical cliche villain ambition that often appeared in many action works. 

Riser could only sigh, hoping for them to grow up, but at the same time, he also couldn't blame them as this was their education as they had grown up. They had become adults, so it was impossible to change what they were thinking. Even worse, their position, wealth, authority, and everything was taken away from them by the new government, so he didn't feel surprised if they felt delusional, as if they had escaped from reality. 

However, everything changed once they received power from Ophis. 

This information made Riser interested as they had become stronger due to the fact that Ophis had given them a power known as "Ophis' Snake." 

Previously, Riser killed Katerea Leviathan instantly, and he didn't see where she became stronger due to the "Ophis' Snake," so he was quite surprised as the effect of "Ophis' Snake" was similar to the "King Piece." 

However, unlike the "King Piece," which was limited in number, Ophis seemed to be able to support most of the executive members of the Khaos Brigade with this power, making them stronger like they had used "King Piece." 

Knowing this, Riser understood where the epithet of the Infinity Dragon from Ophis came from. 

This sheer amount of energy was definitely infinite, especially when it was combined with Ophis' recovery. 

Nevertheless, Riser was in disbelief as he knew Ophis, the Infinity Dragon, was just a little girl. 

Yes, a little girl. 

When Riser saw the memory of Shalba and Creuserey, the picture of a little girl known as Ophis appeared, which made him speechless.

Riser knew from memory his previous life, but he had to say that when he saw it in reality, it was mind-boggling. However, it was all due to the fact that Ophis was a little girl who could be exploited. 

Still, there was a guy known as Vali, who also worked as a spy, so he brought Ophis away so those guys wouldn't hurt and exploit Ophis anymore. 


Riser thought that it might be good to bring Ophis to his side.

Still, as Shalba and Creuserey no longer had value for him, Riser put his attention to Euclid. As expected, compared to the two, Euclid's memory was more valuable. 

There were many things in Euclid's memory, such as a variety of magics, blueprints of other things, and connections with a variety of supernatural beings. This connection attracted him, but he was a bit speechless by the intense love Euclid had for his sister. 

However, Riser didn't have a right to say anything to Euclid, especially when he had Ravel. 

Still, he ignored those unimportant matters quickly as he found staggering information. 


His heart was beating, and he was in disbelief due to this news; he put away Euclid, then took a peek into Rizevim's memory as he wished to confirm whether what he found was correct or not. 

As Riser looked into Rizevim's memory, everything was confirmed. 

"...there is really another world."

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