214 Fake

When Riser came to the hospital on the Phenex Domain, he entered the most luxurious room and asked, "Brother, are you okay?" 

"Oh, Riser." Ruval Phenex smiled as he waved his hand at his little brother. 

"...you seem okay now." 

Riser was speechless as he saw many women around Ruval, from his wife to his mistresses. He wasn't sure if this was something that was inherited from his ancestor, but there was no doubt that, as a Phenex, most of them were rather lustful. 

Was it due to their incredible stamina?

There was a chance, but as expected, his sisters-in-law were beautiful. 

However, as a devil, there was something that he could do and couldn't do.

Still, Riser felt relieved when his brother was okay, but this was normal as Ruval was someone from Phenex House. 

"I am a Phenex. I can't die, you know?" Ruval made a joke about the Phenex House, causing a scolding from his women as they were worried about him. 

"Anyway, could you give us a space to talk? Father, Rasa, you should listen too." 

After all the women left, Riser, Lord Phenex, Rasa Phenex, and Ruval Phenex gathered together as they talked about what was happening. 

"Who could hurt you, brother?" 

Ruval might not be the strongest, but he was still one of the Top 10 of the Rating Game. Moreover, his power also gave him enough qualification to become an "Ultimate Class Devil." The only thing that he lacked to achieve that promotion was achievement, but as long as he won more on the Rating Game, he would gain the promotion. 

In other words, Ruval was strong. 

Ruval also didn't use a "King Piece," and his power was due to his talent, so it surprised them that he could be hurt. 

Ruval showed anger, confusion, and helplessness, then sighed. "To be honest, I am not sure how to say this, but I will start my story from the beginning so you will understand." 

All of them nodded as they listened to Ruval's story.

Still, before Ruval started his story, the magic of making their conversation soundproof and detecting so no spies could eavesdrop on their conversation was used. 

While some might feel it was exaggerated since those who dared to eavesdrop when Riser Lucifer was present, it wouldn't be hurt to be careful.

Nevertheless, the story started when Riser noticed a strange account of the sales of the Phenex Tears. If he didn't have an "Accounting Mastery," it would be impossible for him to notice it as it was quite subtle and wasn't much different from others, but he had noticed it, so he quickly told his family to check it. 

As the next head of the Phenex House, Ruval Phenex decided to take this matter personally, as the Phenex Tears were an important source of income for their family. If the distributors they trusted dared to mess around, then he was going to kill them. 

How dare they?

Riser was just crowned a Lucifer, and naturally, their family's position was promoted even higher. It wouldn't be weird to say that their family was as great as Gremory House at its peak when Sirzech became a Lucifer. No, it could be said his family's position was even higher due to their Phenex Tears, connection with the Sitri House, Serafall Leviathan, and the Great King Faction. 

If they claimed to be a number three family, no one dared to claim to be number two. 

As for number one, there was no doubt it was the Bael House. 

Nevertheless, no one doubted Riser, and knowing some distributors cheated on them, Ruval was going to kill them. 

"Everything was easy and all, and I had killed them." 

There was no trace of pity in Ruval's words, and those who listened agreed with his action as those who dared to mess with their money needed to die. 

"But there I found something sickening." 

"What is it?" 

"Fake Phenex Tears?" 

"Impossible!" 2x

Lord Phenex and Rasa Phenex couldn't believe Ruval's words. 

It wasn't that no one had tried to replicate the Phenex Tears and created them by themselves, as anyone would be greedy for the amount of money made by this special elixir. 

However, it wasn't so easy to produce fake Phenex Tears. 

Even if one could produce it, the effect would be lower, or even if the effect was the same, the cost needed to produce it was too costly, and the materials were so rare that it was impossible to produce many of them. With all of those difficulties, everyone had given up, especially when the Phenex Tears could be produced by using the combination of water and tears of the members of the Phenex House. 

When they used money to produce the Phenex Tears, the members of the Phenex House didn't need to use money as the Phenex Tears were part of their special abilities, inherited, and it was impossible to copy. 

So, the thought of the Phenex Tears existing was simply impossible. 

"But it's true! I found them, and I used hypnosis on those bastards, trying to find where they got those fakes, but those bastards were fast at running away, and their numbers were too numerous." 

"In simple terms, you lose?" 

"Can't you not hurt me more than that?" Ruval looked at Riser helplessly. "They had a devil, a magician, and also a human with a Sacred Gear! Moreover, they have attained a Balance Breaker state!" 

"Balance Breaker state?!" 

Even if they looked down on a human, they still knew those who had a Sacred Gear and even attained the Balance Breaker state weren't something that could be looked down upon. 

"But that's not the point! How did they make the Phenex Tears?" 

Before Ruval entered their factory, they had disappeared, leaving nothing behind, which made him confused. 


This is what made them confused, but Riser suddenly said, "... homunculus? No, clone." 

"What?" 3x

"I think they produced the Phenex Tears by using a clone." 

Riser thought that if he were in the place of the criminal, what would he do to produce cheap Phenex Tears? Naturally, it was impossible for him to create the Phenex Tears by using plants or myth beings as they weren't cheap, and the profit wasn't enough to cover the cost. 

As he kept thinking, the answer was a clone. 

Previously, there were many devils that had disappeared so suddenly, but what if those were just smoke bombs for those criminals to get their hands on the devils of the Phenex House?

With few of the devils of the Phenex House, it was naturally impossible for them to create the Phenex Tears, and the state of mind was important to create this elixir, so even if they kidnapped the devils of the Phenex House, imprisoned, and slaving them, it was meaningless. 

So, the fastest way was to create a clone of the devils of the Phenex House, treating them like a sow for milk, but instead of milk, it was Phenex Tears. 

However, as expected, a clone was a clone, and it was impossible to match the original, so the quality of the Phenex Tears created by the clone was terrible, but with the low price and how amazing this elixir was, it was impossible not to have a customer. 

Moreover, with the temptations of money, those distributors were swayed. 

Nevertheless, hearing his hypothesis, all of them were furious. 

"Those bastards!" 

"Kill them! Kill them!" 

"I will prepare for the army." 

Whether Lord Phenex, Ruval, or Rasa were enraged as they heard their family was made into a clone, then milked until they lost their worth. 

"Who are they? Who has such a power to do all of this?" 

This was also a question since the cloning technology wasn't something that could be mastered by a random nobody. 

"Probably the Khaos Brigade. Others might be involved, but there is no doubt that this terrorist organization." 

Riser didn't need to guess and thought that it was the Khaos Brigade as they needed a fund to support their activity. 

"Riser, what do you think we should do?" 

"Should we stop selling Phenex Tears?" 

They felt that they needed to stop the sales of the Phenex Tears until all the fakes and those criminals were taken. 

If it was before, they might not dare since if they really stopped the production of the Phenex Tears, they would receive the anger of many as many were waiting for the Phenex Tears. Moreover, they also didn't wish to lose their source of income. However, it is different now as they have money and other sources of income, and Riser has become a Lucifer. 

Even if they stopped the sales of the Phenex Tears, they didn't need to be afraid. 

"No, you don't need to. It will make us feel afraid of those organizations. Instead, we should be bold and increase the price of the Phenex Tears." 

"...." 3x

"You don't need to worry about the increase in price as no one will stop buying it from us. The importance of the Phenex Tears is more important than you think." 

If you lose your money, you could earn it again. 

However, if you lose your life, you lose everything. 

With those words, it was enough to show the importance of the Phenex Tears, right?

Using an increase in price, Riser wanted those who were hiding, selling, producing, and those who were related to the fake Phenex Tears to come out as the increase in price of the Phenex Tears would no doubt increase the sales of the fake. 

Hearing his plan, the three of them agreed, using this increase in price as bait. 

"As for those who are involved, kill them. No mercy. If you don't kill them, you will also damage my reputation too." 

Riser needed a reputation. 

Not as a kind and gentle Lucifer, but as a resolute and ruthless Lucifer, so no one would mess around with him and his family. 

With that decision, everyone started to move, and due to this, Riser also decided to visit the human world to erase these fake Phenex Tears.

'Hmm... let's get something else too.' 

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