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Rise Of The Worm Sovereign


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The main character is interesting to watch develop, grow, and get stronger. There are some things I didn't expect to happen in this book that happened in a good way that I didn't anticipate! Trust me when I say there is a plot twist will make you think "oh that makes sense now that I think about it". I just hope that worm boy's form gets a bit more visually appealing. (I just want him to get a neat pattern or something) Thanks for the great book author! (/^▽^)/

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Overall, I do love the story. In the beginning, mc is weirdly dumb, there is a reason for this. He got better after chapter 21 or so. System gave weird rewards at 1st. But after a while, I understand that this is a support system, it doesn't give any physical rewards. I think the story format can be improved, user status doesn't need to show everything everytime, I only want to read the changes.


Reveal spoiler


When I read a novel, I like to become engrossed in the story and immersed in it, the constant use of "chickie nuggies" in the beginning completely destroys the immersion for me. It is overused to the point of becoming annoying. Another issue is that the world seems completely static without the MC. I.e First encounter of a boar & cultivator. They had been dead for days, but no predator in a spirit beast forest approached for a free meal. Only a mouse appeared when the MC arrived. The second encounter caused a large explosion which uprooted trees and either killed everything within 10km radius or caused it to flee out of range, when he is only 20km from a large city hosting 6 million people of which 30% are cultivators. Yet no one finds this strange and comes to investigate what happened... Not even during the 7 days in which the MC passes out beside the crater. An explosion of that magnitude would easily be heard by every person within 50km. The concept seems interesting and the writing quality is not terrible, but it feels like an insane mode test of willpower to make it past the first 20 chapters to see if things start to get better.


Author is the mc gonna get a harem because that seems EXTREMELY STUPID


The sytem is dumb. it gives stUpid rewards. the mc is retarted and is saying dumb shit constantLy its a baD book honestly. I read lIke 20 chapters and dropped it.


Interesting. So far I have only read a few chapters but what should I say? I am hooked. The setting is also cool. Great work, highly recommended


Very captivating and interesting, not much plot holes at all. Still hungrily waiting for more chapters. Thank you author, for writing a non-human MC novel.


you should really add a monster mc tag thats really about it I wanted to say. .


So far, I've really enjoyed the story. The one thing I wish people wouldn't do is post comments like "omg mc so returded" or "why dont you try dis!!1!1!!!". It's really annoying considering that while the MC is kinda dumb, compared to this generation now, I swear he's a prodigious genius.


the story is mostly fine. There's just one thing that I hate about the MC, He says chickie buggies a lot... I hate it. I feel like I'm losing my brain cells just by hovering my eyes over it. Although the story explains the reason behind this, I don't like it one bit


Well, Though There are only 5 chapters for now, I can see a great potential in this book. The worm setting made me thrilled and it felt as if I myself was experiencing all those events. I have already read the other book of the author which was quite good and I think is book can also be equivalently good. Waiting for further updates.


chickie nuggies! it's like the author is begging me to stop reading. He's a college student but he sounds like a kid. and why does he keep complaining about the "stupid" system? are you trying to be funny author?if yes, pls stop.


Un mc retrasado, que ha dejado de seguir creciendo mentalmente. El tipo que lo usa como lanza es mejor mc, mas calculador y frío y sin un risa retrasada, el gusano mc no tiene casi planes a largo plazo, solo se guía por impulsos. Lo que puede ser peor que un mc retrasado sea neutral bueno o malo, es un mc retrasado pero con un sistema que debería hacerlo mas inteligente y darle mas opciones, ademas de una potencia de calcula tremenda. Un estereotipo de mc mitad rimuru y leylin de la novela de magos, por el lado de rimuru por sus risas estúpidas y casi uso nulo y investigación del sistema en profundidad y por parte de leylin por dejarle casi todo al sistema, no poder dejar cosas atrás emociones etc, aparte de la poca creatividad al uso del sistema. ===Resumen mc estupid mitad rimuru y mitad leiylin


Reveal spoiler


Essa não é uma história sobre o MC, ja que nos primeiros capítulos ele finge ser uma arma e acaba caindo nas mãos de um cultivador qualquer, depois disso a história não é mais sobre o MC pois ele age como uma arma estúpida ate o capítulo 300 talvez até mais ja que larguei essa merda


the one thing I dont like about this novel is all of the locked chapters.£○□■○■♤□}□{|{●£|5○£○|○£5♡■¿¥●€\£6●8£♤|}\\♡£♤◇|\○♤87|}}€}}}}¿}•}●》6》|7○♤|¡7■{□}|□♡


This is a amazing book i love the system and how it cant tell you stuff tell it finds out it self and how he uses knowledge from his past like to help himself


Pleasantly surprised with this novel. This is a good "monster Isakai" type novel that can still incorporate human politics without the main character losing his identity as a monster. Great woldbulding, power scaling, fun side characters (human and monster), and a cunning protag, I'm really enjoying this novel!!!!


The writing and grammar is good. The main character funny to read as he interacts with his new life. At the start the world is set well enough since the interactions are the main way we learn as the protagonist does. Though if you're looking for a cultivation with comedy and a worm lead, welcome.