35 Proficiency Increase?



NOTIFICATION: New skill learned

SKILL ADDED: Qi Amplification

NOTIFICATION: Please view the skill description in the Qi Skills section.


Looking at the new notification, Lin Wu could guess what the function of the skill was and why he had learned it just now. Still, wanting to know more, he looked at the Qi skill window.

"System, show me the Qi skills section." Lin Wu ordered.



Qi Skill: Qi Amplification

Skill grade: Minor

Proficiency: Basic

Description: The skill Qi amplification allows the host to utilize his own spirit qi to strengthen his body which in turn can be used to increase the power and force of attacks. This skill amplifies the overall abilities of the host by a certain percentage and is one of the most basic abilities of a cultivator.

Note: At the current proficiency, the amplification provided by the skill is between 10-100%. The minimum amplification will rise by 20% with every increase in proficiency levels. The skill grade will upgrade automatically, depending on the host's cultivation level.


After reading the description, Lin Wu got the general gist of it and also understood the level of amplification provided.

'Huh, so the amplification will not always be the same and may vary. At least the minimum amplification will rise as my proficiency rises. That shouldn't be too hard, as this seems like a skill I'll be using a lot.' Lin Wu thought to himself.

Finished with his thoughts, Lin Wu focused back onto the hole that he had been able to create in the rock. Now he could see that the quest objective pointer had moved to the hole, showing him that he was correct. The quest objective pointer would only point towards the easiest and quickest path, thus this allowed him to confirm.

"Now then, let's see if what I thought of before works or not…" Lin Wu muttered to himself before he moved.

Lin Wu moved his tail forward and inserted it into the hole. He then triggered the cellular manipulation skill along with the cellular crystallization skill. According to his will, his body's overall thickness started decreasing until he was less than an inch thick in circumference.

But in exchange, the part of the tail that he had inserted into the hole now expanded to completely fit it. In fact, it didn't stop there and kept expanding. The tail was now struggling to expand and had reached the maximum limit.

Cracks started appearing on the edges of the hole and slowly they began to expand. As Lin Wu kept on using the skills, his stamina was being consumed at a rapid rate. In just a minute, he had depleted around half of his entire store of stamina.

"Come on… Just a little bit more…" Lin Wu uttered with determination.

And just as he spoke, it happened.

~Crack~ ~Crack~ ~Crack~ ~Crack~


It was as if a dam had broken and the cracks that were slowly spreading suddenly covered the entire rock. In a few more moments Lin Wu's entire stamina was depleted and so was the rock's structural integrity.


A large amount of dust was thrown up into the air as large chunks of the rock kept on falling from it. Ten seconds later the entire rock had broken down, being unable to bear it anymore.

Lin Wu laid there under the debris as he was unable to move with his stamina being depleted. Still, he wasn't injured in the slightest, even though he had tons of rock weighing down on him.

"Damn, I didn't expect it to be this effective. Qi amplification is something else." Lin Wu spoke to himself feeling a bit shocked.

That's right, at the end when Lin Wu thought that the skills were not working anymore, he triggered qi amplification in addition, to increase the power of the skills. The effect was quite apparent, as it could be witnessed now.

As soon as he had used Qi amplification, the cracks in the rock dramatically increased. Another thing Lin Wu had done to help this was to extend thin spikes from the end of his tail, which then expanded themselves, increasing the speed of the cracking.

"Alright, system replenish my stamina with the stored vital energy." Lin Wu ordered.



NOTIFICATION: 50 units of stored vital energy will be used to replenish the host's stamina. Proceed?


'Seems like with the increase in my cultivation, the cost of stamina replenishment also increased.' Lin Wu realized.

"Yes, proceed as I asked." Lin Wu replied.

In a few seconds, Lin Wu who was feeling dead tired became energetic. All his stamina that had been depleted soon returned with the help of the system.

'Now to get out from these rocks…' Lin Wu thought before starting to move.

It was difficult for him to move directly, but he soon figured out a way to do so.

Lin Wu first extended a few blunt spikes from his body, which helped lift the rocks a few centimeters above his body. Then he elongated his body from the head and then shrunk it while letting the spikes move backwards along the surface of his skin.

Lin Wu had taken the inspiration of this idea from his past life when he had seen some documentaries of how firefighters rescued people who were buried under rubble. They would first lift the debris with hydraulic jacks and then affix them while moving the victims.

While the method that Lin Wu used was not exactly the same, the gist of it was similar.

Two minutes later, Lin Wu was finally able to pull himself out from the rocks that were piled up on him. And just as he got out, another notification sounded in his head.




SKILL: Cellular manipulation increased to novice from basic.

Skill: Cellular crystallization increased to novice from basic.


"Huh, neat. That was quick, I was expecting that it would take me longer than this." Lin Wu spoke to himself feeling a bit surprised.

Lin Wu basked in the moment for a bit before returning to his target.

'Let's see what was in the rock…' Lin Wu thought before following the quest marker.

He crawled forward and saw that the quest target was also buried under some rock. This time he didn't even have to use the skill, as the size of the rocks was much smaller and he was able to move using his basic strength.

As soon as he moved the final rock that was covering the quest marker, he saw it.

"What the…"

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