728 He Forgor

Lin Wu was almost at the border of the Millennium forest when he got a message.

"Huh?" Lin Wu was a bit surprised, but then when he saw who messaged him, he realized he forgot.

"Oh, no… I forgor…" 

Regardless, he activated the link and talked to Tian Han and Tian Chu.

"Master, is everything fine? Is it done?" Tian Chu questioned frantically.

"Ah, yeah! It all went fine. Though there were some issues that needed me to leave right away." Lin Wu answered.

"What? Leave? You're not at the Frozen Cloud sect?" Tian Han was shocked.

"Yes, I've left it. You two should leave, too. Wang Xiong is currently taking care of things at the sect but there might be some problems that can happen once the patriarch of the sect returns." Lin Wu spoke.

"The patriarch? He's already here with us though." Tian Han replied.

"With you? WITH YOU!?" Lin Wu was shocked.


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