3 Chapter 3: Initial Stage of the Corporal Foundation

It turns out that Luan had already used all of the Qi strength he had in his body and physical strength and was unable to resist the woman, and even when he tried to use it again, he would need more than a few minutes to recover, Luan and the woman ended up having "sex".


When the morning light passed through the windows and entered the suite, Luan shook his head in a trance. He wanted to get up, but suddenly he felt something soft surrounding him.

Luan immediately turned his head and looked down, and surely, there was the woman he had "sex" for the first time with last night.

At that moment, an elegant and delicate arm hugged his waist. Under the blanket, a plump pair of breasts squeezed into his belly, the exquisite point of contact felt as soft as velvet.

A pair of white, delicate thighs unreservedly curled around his lower body, revealing frankly her attractive ass line along with some traces of last night's indulgence.

Matching perfectly with the rest of the deeply sleeping woman was her innocent and absolutely beautiful face, which made Luan sigh repeatedly. Among the many women he had met in his life, only the heavenly fairies in the world of cultivation could compete with her.

Of course, this was because she was "baptized" with his pure Yin and automatically entered the Initial Stage of the Corporal Foundation.

Not only did her skin become more beautiful, but her body also became younger and healthier. If before she had a beauty of 80 points, now she had 95 points.

The moment Luan looked at her thigh, he saw abruptly that, at the end of the bed, there was a red bloodstain on the sheet...

Luan had already noticed this last night, but he did not regret it. It wasn't like he was the one who had drugged and forced this beautiful woman to sleep with him. And because he was weak at that moment after fighting those bandits and running to the hotel, he couldn't resist the woman's advances and in the end, he didn't waste the chance and started "dual cultivation" with this woman.

'So beautiful and young, but still a virgin. This is rare.' Luan thought. He knew it was not easy to find women these days over 17 who were still a virgin, even more so when she was as beautiful as this woman.

Many things went through his mind. Luan quickly understood that he needed to take responsibility for what he did. He laid there, waiting for the woman to wake up, thinking about how to deal with this situation.

Minutes later, the woman who slept with him was finally awake.

She opened her eyes, confused. The woman lifted her head slightly and saw Luan Dimas looking at her with a calm expression.

The man in front of her was quite unknown and extremely handsome but also felt familiar to her. There was a strong smell on her body, which was the same smell coming from this man, but something else... Doing her best to reflect on what was happening, the disjointed scenes from last night came to mind... The woman quickly understood how it all happened!

After she knew it was him with whom she was practically forced to lose her virginity, Luan was curious about what the reaction of this woman would be: screaming, beating and scolding him, calling the police, or even extortion?

However, the woman's reaction was mysteriously quiet. She quickly fetched her clothes and got dressed. Then she looked at Luan with indifference and undisguised disgust when she said, "Happy? Was it worth paying that much to take my innocence?"

"Wrong suite," Luan said and started to dress, not caring about the woman seeing him naked. Anyway, it wasn't like it was the first time she was seeing it.

"Ah? Wrong suite?" The woman blushed a little but did not look away, looking at him without understanding.

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