118 Chapter 118: Teaching Cultivation Techniques

After creating the <Green Lotus Pill>, Luan saw that the problem with the invaders had now been solved, and so he then called the girls to the training room.

"Ingrid, you already have a cultivation technique, so there's no need for me to pass one on to you," Luan said and looked at Maira, Cristina and Catharina next. "I will now be transferring the first part of a Qi cultivation technique to each of you three. From now on, you will be able to get stronger at a higher speed, and it will also be easier for each of you to understand your Origin."

"Yes!" The three looked determined.

"You don't have to be so serious," Luan said, "I've already reached the point where I can transfer the technique directly to each of your brains, so you just need to sit down and close your eyes. It will hurt a little, but nothing much for very long."

"Okay." Maira, Cristina, and Catharina nodded in unison.


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