7 07. What could possibly go wrong?

`Task 1: clean Frank's bathroom`

'Well it is just some cleaning work, what could possibly go wrong?' thought Andy.

To start with his first task of the day, Andy asked a maid where Frank's room was, she gave him the directions.

When Andy reached the destination, he saw that room's door was slightly open. Frank was sitting in this room reading a book.

~knock knock~

"Come in" said Frank

As Andy entered the room, Frank looked at him with disdain and then continued reading his book without saying a word.

Andy was a bit surprised when he saw Frank's room, he was expecting it to be a bit messy but that wasn't the case. It seems this Frank is a neat freak.

Andy asked where the bathroom was but Frank completely ignored him. Then Andy found the attached bathroom in this room and went to clean it.

Andy was even more surprised when he entered the bathroom, he was expecting it to be a lot messy so Frank could make his life more miserable, but surprisingly there was barely anything for him to clean.

After cleaning the bathroom, Andy went to perform his second task on his list, Frank didn't stop him or caused any trouble for him.

'I guess Frank is not so bad after all... Nah he must be planning some other evil scheme rather than a childish prank'

As Andy was in the middle of his second task, he heard Jenny's shout

"Pervert, it hasn't been an hour since you started working here and you already showed your true colors? How dare you have lustful thoughts towards miss Tamara?!"

'What?! I mean I am a pervert and have lustful thoughts towards Tamara but how does she know that?'

"What happened Miss Jenny?" asked Andy nervously.

"Don't even try to act innocent, how dare you go inside miss Tamara's room and bathroom. Not only that you even stole her lingerie from laundry basket? No men are allowed to go inside miss Tamara's room and that is well written in the rule guide you signed. Even Lord Baron cannot enter lady Tamara's room without her permission!"

Andy's expression turned grim, this pair of siblings were truly evil.

"Miss Jenny I assure you I only went to the room in which Frank was sitting and cleaned the bathroom of that room. I genuinely thought that was Frank's room. On top of that I didn't steal any lingerie from bathroom"

"Its master Frank for you, disrespecting members of this household is punishable offence, we will come to that later. And as for stealing miss Tamara's lingerie, I personally went to check your servant room before coming here and found it in your room."

"But miss Jenny I-"

"No more excuses pervert! We have irrefutable evidence, denying your crimes will only make your punishment harsher. You are relieved of all your duties, go back to your room for now. I called for a gathering in meeting room in 30 min to decide your punishment and invited miss Tamara as well. Don't be late"

Andy went to his servant room and saw there was no bed or mattress. Even lights were not working in his room.

'Sigh, just endure it for now'


After 25 minutes, Andy left his room and started walking towards meeting room.

It was a true walk of shame, every maid and butler looked at him with disgust as he walked towards meeting room.

Once Andy entered the room, he saw Tamara and Frank looking at him with a mocking expression. Maid who gave the directions to Frank's room was also present. And of course head maid, miss Jenny was present as well.

"Now that everyone is present, let's begin the trial. Boy do you confess your crimes, or do we need to go through the set of events and evidences. Trust me confessing first and saving everyone's time will result in somewhat less harsh punishment".

Andy knew there was no point arguing about this, he fell right into Frank and Tamara's trap. Although head maid seem like an honest person, all evidences were against him. Even the maid who game him the directions to Frank's room was involved in this and she is probably the one who setup the so called evidences in his room.

Andy then sighed, bowed his head and said

"Miss Tamara, please forgive me for my crimes, I will humbly accept any punishment you give me."

Tamara looked at him with disgust and thought

'At least your sister put some fight and is not so easy to bully. But you are just a worthless piece of trash.'

After losing her interest in Andy, Tamara turned towards Jenny and said

"100 lashes, I want you to personally handle it. Make sure he doesn't die"

"As you wish miss Tamara. Boy what are you waiting for? Thank miss Tamara for her leniency".

Andy's eyebrows twitched for a second, barely able to control his anger.

"Thank you for your kindness miss Tamara. I will humbly accept this punishment which I deserve. Miss I have a request if I may?"

"Speak" said Tamara coldly

"Can you please grant me another chance and not take me off my duties as butler of this household. I swear I will not disappoint you again and will take really good care of everything... and everyone in this household"

Tamara was about to reject as she already lost all her interest in him, but Frank gave her a signal to agree to this request since he wasn't done with Andy yet and had more plans for him.

"Fine, you can go back to your duty after receiving the punishment"

"Thanks you miss Tamara"

Andy sighed, all his plans would go to waste if he was taken off duty.

"Follow me boy" said Jenny


Inside the punishment room, Andy was made to take off his butler uniform and made to sit only in his underwear. His hands were tied with rope in front, Jenny was standing behind him with a whip in her hands.

Then without saying another word, Jenny landed the first strike. Andy never experience this much pain before, he let out a shriek and immediately activated heavenly touch skill to reduce the pain to 0.01x in his body, so that he could still feel some pain and do some acting.

100 lashes passed away in a breeze and Jenny gave him a healing potion as her miss ordered her to make sure he doesn't die.

'These assholes had healing potion in their inventory all along!' Andy raged as he remembered all the drama related to the potion earlier.

"Boy wear your clothes and get back to work in 5 minutes" said Jenny and left.

Andy calmed his mind, an evil smile came to his face. It was time to set things in motion

'yes yes, I have lot of work to do today'.

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