Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign

Author: VOID_
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What is Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign

Read ‘Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign’ Online for Free, written by the author VOID_, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Kevin Reed gained enlightenment at the brink of death, as he sees the one he pledged allegiance to, and some long-time c...


Kevin Reed gained enlightenment at the brink of death, as he sees the one he pledged allegiance to, and some long-time comrades betray him. He closes his eyes one last time thinking, 'If only I had known' Yet against all odds, he finds himself back in time in the body of the fourth prince of the royal family of a soon-to-fall Empire. This is the story of a Knight who uses the machinations of an Empire to take his revenge on all those who betrayed him. A man who uses the knowledge of the future to get the best out of every situation. A man preparing for the coming of the Era of Prodigies and Disaster. But he would have to challenge adversity if he is to bring his ambitions to fruition. So come along on his journey filled with twists and turns, enemies and thorns. As we see the knowledge of the future is used at its best. But no one, not even Ezra, could've predicted just how much Chaos this single irregularity would cause. So join us to witness Ezra, as he rises from humble beginnings, well... maybe not so humble, to becoming a peerless existence. As he rises from the ashes to become a True Sovereign! This is the rise...of the Infinite Sovereign! Discord server: discord.gg/FpBqWR7Pzf ------------------------------------ A/N: This book is written with a pace in relation to the events. It's written in a pace that neither slow enough to cause boredom nor fast enough to cause confusion. It's just right. In this novel, too much is always happening all at once. what do i mean? read to find out. And while this novel's title doesn't seem to have correlation to the story in the beginning. It was titled in regards to events in the long term. ----------------------------------------- WARNING!: Read at least five Chapters before drawing any conclusions ---------------------------------------------- Release Rate: 1ch/day.

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Svella is thrown into a new reality after the great reset. The great reset is when all human memory has been erased and reloaded. This reset results in people no longer being themselves and instead changing into characters according to their varying interpretations of past experiences. The reset creates a copy of the world that transcends reality and spills into and mixes with the spiritual world. This amalgamation of real and surreal create a world where anything is possible. Making the world amazing and terrifying simultaneously. Svella encounters various spiritual phenomenon that redefine her reality. Her interactions with varying forms of supernatural entities in the new reality makes life complex and stressful. She finds herself overwhelmed by the intermingling of the real and spiritual worlds, until one day the discovery of a mysterious book leads her on a journey. She is suddenly made aware of an entirely different world that she never knew existed called the invisible realm through a notebook that makes anything she draws reality. The invisible realm is a different dimension that exists simultaneously with her own reality. On her journey meets a handsome stranger who seems just as confused as she is about the reset. She convinces her new friend to go on a journey with her to discover the secrets of the invisible realm. The notebook sends her on an epic journey through time and space where what she imagines meets reality. With each step, she draws closer to unlocking the mysteries of the invisible realm and safeguarding the future of humanity from impending destruction. In a race against time, Svella must harness the power of her imagination to reshape the course of history and forge a path towards redemption. But with darkness looming on the horizon and the fate of the world hanging in the balance, will Svella and her newfound allies prevail, or will they succumb to the forces that seek to tear their world asunder?

MichelleWimberly · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1 Chs
Table of Contents
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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Back In Time
Volume 2 :The Grand Scheme
Volume 3 :Growing and Developing
Volume 4 :Aftermath
Volume 5 :New Identity, Greater Problems
Volume 7 :A New Universe

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This story is extremely well written and I can tell a lot of effort has been put into building the world and MC. There are very few grammatical errors due to the author actually caring about the readability of his novel that you don’t typically see in other novels of this level. The author is actively taking suggestions from his readers which contributes to how well the story reads. One thing that I believe the author does well in this novel is keeping the flow of the story consistent and reliable. I think the main contributor to this is the fact that the author plans out events ahead of time, outlining key events and chapters before writing them to connect seemingly insignificant details that you might look over to events later on in the story that would have played out much differently.


My communication with my reader base is especially lacking. I put this here for those with suggestions and take joining the discord server as too burdensome. Please highlight areas of improvement and suggest unique ideas. I promise to respond. ^_^ Of you're expecting a review, it's in the auxiliary Chaps, along with the link to my discord server.


A well written story that clearly has a great deal of thought put into the world and the characters living within it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the clever plots and schemes as well as some of the combat and I find myself anticipating future events. It pains me that this story remains relatively unknown. I will follow it to the end.


the book is a fun read up until the Grand scheme the it's became something else then the story stopped became stagnantto be exact 91 chapters still in the jungle. the Mc is still 5years old, the 2weeks grand scheme is no boring but not fun to read either the author overdid it too much it became tedious. the switching of characters to much that it can take more than 8 to 10 chapters without the actual Mc being in the picture only his schemes. overall this is a scheming novel through and through from the looks of it it I'll continue for a very long time readable though no doubt but to much schemes at some point becomes boring 💤 real quick.


Reveal spoiler


A very good story with high potential. Writing Quality is among the top 1% on this platform and story development in what I read (till chapter 8) is simply superb. The way the author set the background journey of MC and defines his character (before rebirth) while developing of MC's character in the new journey (after rebirth) was executed magnificently. Simple but it was impactful.


novel has a lot of potential,grammar is good, and has a good basis for later, but so far I've been very frustrated as the novel gives me a lot of detail I rather find unnecessary, with multiple pov switches sometimes a chapter. I also am really not a fan of exploring the plot with a child mc for to long with which the novel so far has set us up for. The mc himself has a lot of room for growth which is good but as stated it seems like we'll be in his childhood years for awhile which really is gonna hamper that. Overall this novel is a novel that is gonna grow into itself but for me personally is gonna be one left to develop before I invest more of my free time into it.


From what I read, this story is fine. The writing can be a little too conversational rather than literary, but some of the descriptions are interesting. However, some of them I found to be needlessly overcomplicated to the point where it becomes hard to follow and less compelling without re-reading. The world building of this story is good, I feel like I would enjoy this more if the writing was more straightforward and unpretentious.


Don’t read this novel, the author loves to advertise on other people’s works.


This started off good but too many pov switches literally mc barely appears and the author drags side character arcs for no reason


Very good novel i recommend you read it has few error so if your worried about it don't


I saw that there isn’t a tag for romance so does that mean there’s no romance? I know he’s a kid right now so there obviously won’t be any but will there be any in the future when he’s older?


Well a very good plot, I first started reading it 2 months ago, that time it did not have that many chaps, but now it looks like a masterpiece.


Very good writing and the story is very enjoyable. GIVE ME MORE CHAPTERS! I really appreciate the authors attention to detail and his ability to arite complete sentences with decent grammar. I would recommend giving this book a shot and maybe a power stone or 10!


Only updating is the problem, I really want more chapters coming in shorter time. Thx 🙏🏻 ☺️


ch 269, bro you gotta be kidding me right, all that planning and you just throw it away?? Bruuhhhhhh, srry not my cup of tea, when you see mc getting abused for litteray no reason, why did he not call over fredric when he cleary had time and knew what would happen just naahhh.


Talking about ch 241. And i just want to say that i am a bit harsh with the critique, and just want to say that while there may be inconsistences (very few) those do not define the incredible book you have written. I trully enjoy reading it . In retrosepct i just want to say to you the author that you are doing an amazing job and do not lose confindence in yourself and you ability to write. Its just that when you are immersed in the book you can get heated real quick. So dont take the critque that you get to personal as most if not all come from passionate readers who enjoy your story. Its almost like when something bad (or not enjoyable) happens many will complain but when you are doing an amazing job, there is often no praise (if you take me as an example ahha). So keep up.


Reveal spoiler


Do I have to even give you a review. Your story is awesome. The plot is also very interesting. More ink to your pen. I have only started to read chp 1 and it got me and made me to add in my library. looking forward to reading all your chapter.✍️✍️✍️


According to the first two chapters O read, I can say for sure that the writing quality is perfect and the plotline is awesome for anyone to dig in for the story. Moreover, the character design is nice. I loved the battle scene at the starting point of the story. I could imagine being on the battlefield and enjoy the thrill, bravery they showed while facing countless enemies. I felt bad for the cannon fodder people, but they were true warriors. As for the world background, since it was only 2 chapters, I can't say much. Although the story feels slow but it's steady and I like it. Good job, author. Keep it up! 🙂👍


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