1 Van-Chan

6:30 am Sunday. January 17th, 2021

Dallas Texas(A/N: I will most probably use yall in this novel)


"Shut up already!" a figure clad in the surrounding darkness says as he tries to mute his alarm. Now, some of you may be wondering; who is this mysterious person? Well, I am here to tell you ignorant fools that this is the main character of our story; Adam Parker.

After a few moments of fumbling about, he finally turns off his phone alarm and checks the date, weather and some of the stocks he received after his parents died. "Nice, the NASDQA rose by 8 points last night." Adam says while checking the stocks app on his phone.

30 minutes later…

"Oh crap, I'm gonna be late" Adam says as he rushes out of the door to his apartment and heads to the nearest bus stop so he can get to his job. Adam works at the local grocery store and stocks shelves every day except for Sunday when he gets to be the cashier.

After a twenty five minute bus ride, Adam jogs to the grocery store so he can start his shift. When Adam finally arrives at work he has a minute to get to his stall and get it ready for the day. At 8:32 he finishes getting his stall ready and turns on the light that tells customers the stall is open.

About 6 and a half hours later, 30 minutes are left in his shift and he is ready to go home because working as a cashier for six hours can be boring to some people and Adam just so happened to be one of those people. As he yawns, he hears his friends, Jack and Michael, start to say something over his earpiece.

"Blimey folks, you are in for a treat today," Jack starts to say in an australian safari guide voice,"here we have a wild Karen approaching stall 8" which just so happens to be Adams stall."And now we can see her two offspring bouncing about like 4 year olds on a trampoline. The wild Karen approaches her prey, the poor cashie-"

"Shut the f*ck up" Adam says as he turns off his earpiece so he won't have to listen to his friends bullshit. "Excuse me!" the wild Karen sassily exclaims as she hears Adam telling his friends to shut up because she thought it was directed at her kids. Adam, realizing his mistake, says "Sorry ma'am, my friends were messing around on the radio and I was trying to get them to be quiet." in a futile attempt to placate the ferocious beast.

"Oh really.?" The wild Karen asks in a curious voice as Adam starts swiping her groceries across the register. "Well, can you tell me what they were talking about over the radio?"

'Shit!!!' Adam thinks to himself as he tries to think up a topic for his friends to be talking about over the radio. He then decides to just skip the question and pretend that he didn't hear her. He then asked her "Do you want to pay with cash, credit or debit?" The Karen says "Debit", pulls out her card and inserts it into the terminal while she looks at him in a way that makes him nervous for some reason. After the terminal notifies her that her card has been accepted she pulls her card out of the terminal and inserts her PIN number. She then takes the cart that was full of bags of groceries and leaves after Adam says "Thanks, come again."

The Karen then went to her black minivan, shoved the groceries into the trunk with all of her kid's soccer equipment and left.

While she was packing up her groceries and leaving, Adam was scanning the next person in line's groceries. Luckily he was an amiable enough fellow named George. After ringing up George, he checked out 4 more people and he finished his shift at 3:30. He then swiped his card, signed out for the day and started to head towards the bus stop.

As he was walking across the street towards the bus stop, he heard the sound of a vehicle picking up speed. He then turned his head towards the speeding vehicle and saw it zooming right at him at about eighty miles per hour. In the second before he was hit, he saw the Karen from before driving her black minivan at him while screaming a totally unnecessary battle cry. (A/N: Van-Chan because why not)

"Well, shit" were the first words that came to Adam's mind and thus were his last words in our world.

BAM! Bang! Impact Noises!

When Adam came to, he could only see darkness and ladies and gentlemen, I'm not talking pitch black. NoNoNo. All he saw was a color 100,000,(insert a lot more zeroes) times darker than vantablack, the darkest color currently discovered by man. (A/N: I think, I just looked it up. There is a darker color but I couldn't find a name for it).

After waking up, Adam started to think about what had just happened and what was going on at the moment. He thought about how he died at the age of 23 without having a significant romantic relationship and how he had been stuck in that one dead end job for 3 years. He then proceeded to go back through his life's story and after he went through his life's story, Adam started to get pissed off at the Karen who killed him for no apparent reason. Had Adam not been sulking about being killed by the lady for no reason, he might have noticed that he seemed to be going forward and up towards a bright white light that, while many times brighter than the Sun, did not blind you when you looked at it.

When Adam started to get within a hundred feet of the light he finally noticed it and asked himself 'What's that?'. (A/N: I will use the standard method of discriminating between thoughts and speech. As such ''will be used for thoughts and ""will be used for speech.) He eventually got within 10 feet of the white light and at this point he can see that the light looks like a door that leads somewhere. Adam floats into the door and disappears.

THE END. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Naw, I'm just messing with you guys(and gals). Adam reappears in front of a normal looking human being sitting on a throne with an eye patch, spear and gray hair as well as a magnificent beard. The throne was decorated with ravens and on either side was a wolf sitting tamely. At this point, having seen the Thor Marvel movies and being a fan of Norse mythology, Adam knew that he was looking at Odin, the King of Asgard. Once he realized this, he exclaimed "Woah, are you Odin, the All-father and King of Asgard?" with eyes full of wonder and awe. Odin replied "Yes, my child. 'Tis, I Odin" he replied in a voice that was clearly befitting of a king of the gods.

"Woah. Nice" Adam says, not quite grasping the fact that he is talking to a literal god. Odin then asks Adam "Why are you here?" to which Adam replies "I genuinely do not know. In fact, I was going to ask you why I am here". After hearing this, Odin starts pondering why Adam was there. He then remembered the reincarnation plan that he and a few other gods had thought up to cure their boredom and to give good people who died prematurely a second chance at life.

After a brief moment of confusion, Odin informs Adam that he had been chosen to take part in the new reincarnation initiative that has been thought up by Odin and his fellow gods. Odin then told Adam "You will be given four wishes and you may design your body for your new life. Try not to go too overboard because we cannot straight up give you the strength to rule the multiverse.(A/N: I know that it should be the nine realms, but I chose multiverse because it allows me to design the world and I personally do not know a lot of Norse mythology) Another thing you need to be careful about is your appearance, try not to make yourself too handsome or pretty for your reincarnation."

"Ok, I get the first condition but why can't I make myself super handsome?" Adam asks, giving voice to a reasonable question. "Well, some gods get jealous easily so you can't be too handsome or pretty or you might get smited in some way or another." Odin responds to answer Adam's question.

"Oh, that kind of makes sense actually. Hmm, so I have four wishes and then I get to design my body afterwards, right?" Adam asks to confirm his number of wishes. "Yeah, now hurry or I'm just gonna give you some generic system." Odin tells him so Odin can get back to doin' his thing.

"Alright, so for my first wish, I want to have a very strong body. But I want my skeleton to be made of a special compound which is 3 times more resistant than graphene and I want to be able to change its properties at will when it is outside of my body. I also want my regeneration to be at a superhuman level so that a broken bone only takes a week to heal. I should also be able to create the compound my skeleton is made of outside of my body. For wish numero dos, I want to have the power of origin crafting which allows me to create anything provided I have the materials to do so. It will also allow me to create something, compress it into a tattoo and have the tattoo automatically applied to me in a place of my choosing. Oh, and it will also allow me to apply the tattoo to anyone but I have to manually apply the tattoo. For wish number three I want to have origin weapon mastery which allows me to have perfect combat mastery with any weapon including my fists and literally any item that can harm someone(which is pretty much everything). It will also allow me to perfectly control my weapon and allow me to instantly recreate any physical fighting move after seeing it once. For my final wish, I want to be able to add some things to the world and create my own backstory. Is that ok?" Adam asks before finishing his last wish.

"Fine, fine. Just hurry up. I have adult things to tend to boy." Odin replies in a clearly annoyed voice.

"Thank you and will do. I want my new world to have academies for adventures. I also want my new world to have dungeons and spirit animals. The last two things I want for my new world is for it to have demi-humans and for it to technologically be similar to modern day Earth. Oh, I also want there to be mythical beasts like dragons, qilins and phoenixes to be available for spirit animals. For my backstory, I want to be an orphan again but this time, I get adopted at thirteen years old by a smoking hot eighteen year old professional gamer.(A/N: This is not a me being horny moment, I already have an idea for a possible romantic interest that is not the adoptive mother) Alright that's it for my wishes. Thank you for the second chance, Odin." Adam says as he finishes talking about his wishes and gets ready to enter the character customization screen.

"Yeah, no problem kid" Odin says as he snaps his fingers to create Adam's new world and send Adam to the character customization screen.

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