Rise of the Godking

On a continent surrounded by the Sea, a man once transmigrated to the body of a lowly child called Daneel. Armed with a mysterious system, step by step, he rose to the peak, creating legends and usurping enemies of unimaginable power. Yet, one enemy among them stood supreme. Born in a world much stronger than his own, they sent an attack to destroy him and everything he holds dear...but unbeknownst to them, he used their very power to travel to their home. In this new world filled with danger and countless opportunities, will he succumb and let down the hopes of the millions who await his return? Or will he rise...and dominate? Follow his ascent to the Heavens, and beyond, as his journey begins anew! Full name of Novel- World Domination System: Rise of the Godking Note to new readers: This is a continuation of 'World Domination System'. It is not necessary, at all, to read the previous book to enjoy this one. All the deeds already performed by the MC will be brought up as legends which will be elaborated enough for anyone who is joining us at this juncture(the same applies to all other relevant information). So come along, and enter the world of World Domination! Join the subreddit: r/RoTGK for discussions, updates and more! Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/RoTGK/

KillerHemboy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
178 Chs

A Fit of Anger

Daneel's mind raced as he saw Alex get to the door, then pause.

A lot of thoughts came to him when he saw the man take those quick strides that showed how scared he was even more than the way he had looked when Daneel had spoken about his enemy. He considered whether to stop him by force…but after going through everything that he had experienced with the man, he grew certain that this might just be a knee-jerk reaction.

This seemed to be confirmed when Alex turned around at the door and looked at Daneel with eyes that measured and weighed what he was seeing. Daneel looked back at him with a steady gaze. He said nothing to remind the man what had transpired between them before; unsurprisingly, this looked like exactly what Alex was thinking of, because after a moment, he cursed under his breath and took a seat again.