Rise of the Failed Idol

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What is Rise of the Failed Idol

Read ‘Rise of the Failed Idol’ Online for Free, written by the author Ink_Weaver122, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering COMEDY Fiction, SLICEOFLIFE Light Novel, GENIUS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Raj Morningstar was trainee Idol who was about to debut with his group.However before he could debut as an Idol he was k...


Raj Morningstar was trainee Idol who was about to debut with his group. However before he could debut as an Idol he was kick out of the company. The reason? He can't dance well enough to be debut. He can sing, He has very handsome face that would made other jealous of him but he can't dance. And because of that he was kick out of the company, The company that he spend his 6 years of life. Just when it's seems that everything is over Raj a miracle happened. A miracle that changed Raj life. “I will become a star that shines brighter than anyone else.” Terrible dancing skills are no longer a problem. Finally, a ready idol with everything. Now, a monster rookie appears in the entertainment industry! ____ [Note:- Every Place, name are fictional. please do not take them seriously] ______ Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL.

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I read a lot odlf ink_weaver122 books, so I am basically his number one fun. If you are hurt, come fight fight me. However, you can't win. I like the pacing and there are basically no errors.


Like any author i would give my book 5 star. you can ask your questions here but please no spoilers. thanks for reading.


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