Rise of the Eromancer

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and many others—every human has the blood of gods running through their veins, it decides their fate. But Rhys, ever since he was born, showed absolutely no abilities. But at the age of 18, when his world had given up on him, the blood that remained dormant in his veins finally awakened… …The Blood of Eros, the God of Love, Desire…and Coitus.

Romeru · Urban
Not enough ratings
241 Chs

Chapter 226: Plan

"Talia, we have company."

"We see."

Rhys immediately ran to the Warden's quarters, only to find Talia, Dominique and some of her people, looking at the surveillance monitors inside the room; their faces, all sharing different expressions of worry… except for Talia, who seemed to be very excited with whatever was about to go down.

The helicopter was only about to land, and judging by how long it hovered in the airspace above the prison, they'd taken quite a good look at the aftermath of the massacre. Of course, Dominique's gang put their efforts into cleaning everything, but the large crevice in the holes and walls of one of their hall

"Boss, you think this will—" Dominique slowly strayed her eyes away from the monitor, only for her to almost jump in place as she saw the shadow following behind Rhys, "Why did you bring that here!?"