Rise of the Eromancer

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and many others—every human has the blood of gods running through their veins, it decides their fate. But Rhys, ever since he was born, showed absolutely no abilities. But at the age of 18, when his world had given up on him, the blood that remained dormant in his veins finally awakened… …The Blood of Eros, the God of Love, Desire…and Coitus.

Romeru · Urban
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277 Chs

Chapter 212: A Very Interesting Person

"What… are you thanking me for?"


There was an obvious discomfort in Dominique's voice as she looked around the yard. And as soon as she saw people starting to look at them, she quickly shook her head and looked Riley in the eyes.

"Perhaps we can talk privately?" Dominique whispered as she leaned closer to Rhys.

Rhys did not immediately answer her. He glanced at Talia instead, only to see her quickly avert her gaze while crossing her arms — for an old woman who killed millions of people, she was starting to act like a girl.

Was he… finally getting through to her? Rhys then turned to look at the Hearts floating above Talia's head, but aside from the one he had already filled, the other four showed no signs of flickering at all.


"Hm…?" As for Dominique, there weren't initially 5 Hearts floating above her head, but there were now — with 2 of them already filled up, "Okay…

…let's talk in the Solitary Ward."