96 Chapter 96: Can you hurry

"Aren't you getting a bit too overconfident, little guy? Now that you have killed a monster king, you dare have the courage to talk to a monster emperor like that? Let me tell you, you have yet to grasp the power difference between an emperor and a king." Monster Emperor Taras snorted as he saw Long Chen standing motionless before him, looking at him with disdain.

"Oh, why don't you tell me the difference then?" Long Chen said in a dismissive tone.

The man was brazen enough to look down on the Monster Emperor as if it was no less than insignificant.

"You..." Monster Emperor Taras was filled with anger, a scary aura beginning to exude from his body.

In the next moment, Taras used his aura on everyone on the field except his own monsters. Almost all of the creatures who were affected couldn't help but feel fear. The terror that they had sensed from the aura was a tad overbearing.

Many of the warriors fell to their knees. Meanwhile, those who were able to keep standing had a difficult time of preventing themselves from falling. Even the tribe leaders were affected by the aura. Seeing the struggle of their enemies, the monsters began to laugh at the warriors who fell to their knees by simply taking the brunt of the Monster Emperor's aura. However, their celebration didn't last for long. As soon as their gazes landed on Long Chen, they shut their mouths.

Long Chen merely stood there, glowering at Monster Emperor Taras with an amused smile on his face. Again, it was as if he was watching an entertainer performing a trifling act.

"Are you done trying to show off?" Long Chen asked with a slight smile. "But even if you aren't, it is my time to show off now!"

The moment that Long Chen was done speaking, he went on to release his aura.

All of a sudden, the monsters seemed to have forgotten to breathe. No, it's more like, Long Chen deprived them of the air in their surroundings. Every single monster fell to their knees, feeling their heartbeats slow down at the same time. The tables were turned in that very second. It was the monsters' time to endure the terrifying aura of their opponent.

The Monster Kings stood from afar watching their army fall. Strangely enough, they couldn't feel the slightest bit of aura. Unbeknownst to the kings, Long Chen didn't target them. Monster Emperor Taras merely watched the struggle of his minions, his face heating up from the anger that rose from the pit of its stomach. He wanted to scare Long Chen by using his aura but Long Chen wasn't affected in the least. Instead, the man used his move against him. He felt ashamed that Long Chen was able to make all his army drop to their knees with just his aura.

"You're a good kid! Why don't you use that aura on me as well? I want to experience its strength as well!" Monster Emperor Taras said as he stared at Long Chen. He knew that Long Chen didn't use his aura on him since he wouldn't even feel the slightest bit of it.

"I didn't use it on you and those little guys. You might be wondering for what reason, right? It's because I didn't want you and your people to be scared of facing me. I want to slaughter you when you're at your best, not when you're scared." Long Chen replied to Taras, concurrently pointing his finger at the Monster Kings.

"You bastard! After killing the Tiger King when he wasn't paying attention, you think you can kill us as well? You think we'll be scared of you?" The Bull King roared, unable to stop himself from being angered.

'Hmmph, He is so deceitful! He must know that his little aura is only slightly strong and can't affect me and those little guys. To not get found out, he didn't use it on us and still refuses to use it on us.' Monster Emperor Taras said to himself.

"Do you want to die or watch your army be slaughtered first?" Long Chen said playfully. Once his attention shifted from Taras to the Bull King, his expression became serious.

"You have a really big mouth, haven't you? You think you can kill everyone here, including me?" The Bull King laughed, outraged all the while glaring at Long Chen.

"I can, but my time would be wasted on worthless creatures like." Long Chen replied casually as he looked at the Bull King.

The man didn't want to wait for the Bull King's reply. Thus, for a second time, he scanned the entirety of the Monster Kings with his gaze before speaking up again.

"Enough talking. I don't have much time to waste. I think I'll finish you guys first and then move on to the two big ones after."

"You are all not worthy enough to confront 'that' sword. I'll just use this one." Long Chen muttered as he held Mountain Destroyer in his hand. It was the same spirit grade weapon that he had received from the Long clan.

"I'll see how you kill me!! Give me my sword!" The Bull King roared.

In an instant, two monsters, carrying a heavy sword in their hands conjointly, could be seen running towards their king.

"Here, master!" One of the two monsters said as they gave this sword to Bull King.

The sword appeared to be over one and a half meters tall and forty centimeters wide. It also had a thickness of approximately five centimeters.

The Bull King picked the sword up effortlessly. He then held the sword with both of his hands. The monsters, who had carried the sword for the Bull King, were amazed when they saw their master picking the heavy sword up so easily. It was because they knew that it weighed roughly a thousand kilograms. It just showed how strong their master was.

"Can you hurry up? I want to end you as soon as possible, since that guy might be waiting for you in hell. I don't want to keep him waiting for long." Long Chen said as he pointed at Tiger King's dead body.

"You..." The Bull King felt like coughing up a mouthful of blood all the while he was listening to Long Chen. Fuming with anger, he started to run towards Long Chen.

He used his Law of Strength at the start of his attack along with his sword. However, the sword didn't even make contact with Long Chen. It just swung down an empty space.

The Bull King realized that Long Chen had slightly moved and his sword only hit the man's after image. He immediately turned back thinking that Long Chen would appear behind him to retaliate. But there was no one behind him. He looked around the area, yet he couldn't see anyone.

"Stop hiding you coward!" The Bull King roared in anger. Once more, he roamed his gaze in his surroundings and finally, he noticed that everyone else was looking at him from the ground. He went ahead and looked up, only to see a sword coming down at him. It penetrated his head at the very center. Just like that, he died without believing how easily he was killed.

Long Chen was up in the air, looking like a demonic angel with his black and golden wings. He then took his bloodied sword out from the Bull King's head. Following that, he diverted his attention to the appalled Monster Kings.

After seeing their comrade die in an instant, the Skeleton King felt the most afraid for its life. Still, it wanted to instill in the minds of the other kings how powerful their enemy was. With that in mind, the Skeleton King shouted to make himself heard.

"Everyone! He is a tricky one! We need to attack him together so that we don't fall for his tricks!!"


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